Can You Put A Weed Grinder In Your Checked Luggage?

Is It Possible To Carry A Weed Grinder In My Checked Luggage?

Nowadays, with marijuana rules changing daily, you might be wondering about how strict the rules are when it comes to flying with weed and accessories like weed grinders in particular, can you pack them in your checked luggage? 

Can You Put A Weed Grinder In Your Checked Luggage?

You can indeed take a weed grinder on a flight, in both your carry-on luggage and checked luggage, but you must make sure that the weed grinder has no weed left inside, you will likely have to take the grinder out to show airport security.

Down below in our guide, we will discuss if you can take weed on a plane, what happens if airport security finds marijuana, where to pack a weed grinder, other accessories you can take as well as some tips for packing weed accessories for your flight.

Can I Take Weed On A Plane?

First of all, now we know you can take a weed grinder on a plane, you might be wondering about weed itself and if you can pack it through airport security scanners. 

The rules surrounding TSA and marijuana laws can be confusing, but most of the time, unless your packing medical marijuana with a prescription we would avoid risking it, this is because you might be travelling to a state or country where possession of marijuana is not legal. 

You are also not allowed to bring marijuana products like CBD oil which contain more than 0.3% THC inside or that are not approved by the FDA.

What Happens If Airport Security Finds Marijuana In My Checked Bag? 

If airport security searches manage to find weed in your checked luggage then they cannot technically do anything themselves, but it is up to them if they want to report you to local authorities or police officers or just simply confiscate the weed from the bag. 

TSA does not actively search checked luggage for weed products, however.

Where Should I Pack A Weed Grinder?

If you are going to take a weed grinder on the flight then we suggest packing the grinder in your carry-on bag, this is to avoid TSA opening your checked luggage if they think there is anything suspicious about the checked luggage. 

It's better to take your weed grinder in your carry-on where you can present it to security and show it has no marijuana inside.

What Other Weed Accessories Can I Take On A Flight?

If you're allowed to carry a weed grinder on the plane, you might be curious as to if you can carry other products like a vape or bong. 

Can You Put A Weed Grinder In Your Checked Luggage?

We've listed what you can and cannot bring on a plane below.

  • Pipe - You can indeed bring a pipe on a plane as long as it is intended for tobacco use and has no weed resin left inside of it. 
  • Weed vape - As long as your vape has no marijuana left inside and you're not travelling with any, you can bring it in your carry on only on the plane. 
  • Rizla - Rizla and papers are fine to take on a plane with no issues, both checked and carried on luggage is fine. 
  • Weed bong - A weed bong might be slightly more difficult to take on a plane, you might be able to get away with this accessory if it's intended for use with tobacco and has no traces of weed, but there is a likely chance it will be confiscated.

Tips For Bringing A Weed Grinder On Flight

If you are planning to pack a type of marijuana grinder on the plane with you, we've got some tips and tricks for having a smooth airport experience below. 

  • Clean it well - There is nothing wrong with taking a weed grinder through security as long as the grinder is clean. Soaking your grinder in isopropyl alcohol can help with this then using a swab to get the remainder of the weed off the grinder. 
  • Don't try to hide it - Airport x-ray scanners will be able to pick up your weed grinder no matter what so don't try to conceal the grinder as it's made out of metal, hiding the grinder will only make you look more suspicious. 
  • Disassemble it - An airport security scanner image is much less likely to flag up your grinder if it's disassembled into its components since the metal will be distributed.

Can I Take A Weed Grinder On A International Flight? 

We would be careful about taking weed grinders on international flights depending on how strict the laws are on marijuana where you are flying to.

Most of the time, it should be fine to travel with a weed grinder in your luggage as long as it is sparkling clean, any traces of weed then the grinder could be confiscated.

Do TSA Search Checked Luggage For Drugs? 

The aim of TSA checking and searching bags is not to find illegal drugs, TSA only look through bags to find threats and dangerous items which could be of use to hurt other passengers or people. 

However, if security officers come across narcotic drug types they have every reason to confiscate them and report them to the police.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weed Grinders & Checked Luggage 

Why are there sometimes dogs at airport screening?

You might have seen dogs at airport security before, these are used to sniff packages and luggage in case something suspicious is reported, you might even see the dogs get brought on the plane to sniff carry-on luggage in some instances. Such as handcuffs, security tools, knives for fruits cutting, and

What do I need to take medical weed onboard a plane? 

To take medical marijuana on a plane medical card and prescription to verify the usage purposes, without this the weed can be confiscated.

How can I get rid of built-up weed in a grinder? 

To get rid of the built-up weed on a grinder we recommend soaking it in alcohol then hot water and using a cotton bud to get into all of the crevices and remove weed pieces.

Can I get jail time for taking weed on a plane? 

This entirely depends on where you are when the marijuana gets found, the country's laws and how much weed you are carrying. For large amounts, it is very possible you could end up doing jail time when reported to the police.

What are airline rules for carrying a weed vape pen on a plane? 

You can take a weed vape pen on a plane with no issues as long as the vape pen is entirely free from cannabis residue. You must also make sure that the weed vape is stored only in your carry on luggage.

Last Words 

To conclude, you can bring a weed grinder in both hand and checked luggage, although hand luggage is preferable since you can present the weed grinder to airport security staff with ease rather than the, going through your checked luggage. 

Can You Put A Weed Grinder In Your Checked Luggage?

Always make sure that your weed grinder is free of all cannabis residue and never try to conceal the grinder since x-rays will detect the metal with ease.

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