Can You Bring Handcuffs On A Plane? Find Out Here!

Are Handcuffs Okay To Bring On A Plane?

If you are planning to bring handcuffs on a plane, you need to ensure you check with your airline to see if their okay to bring on a plane or if they will be confiscated by TSA?

Handcuffs are okay to bring on a plane as long as they cannot be used as a weapon, it is illegal to carry handcuffs around in most countries if they can be used as a weapon.

We've made a short flight guide below which will discuss why your handcuffs might not be allowed on a plane, other items which are not allowed on a plane, if airlines carry handcuffs on a plane and if handcuffs are illegal in the UK and other countries.

Why Can Handcuffs Be Prohibited On Planes?

Handcuffs may be allowed in checked and carry-on luggage on a plane since they do not have sharp edges, however, they must not be the types of handcuffs which can be used as a weapon with a lock other TSA will likely confiscate them.

If you pack them in your checked luggage then it might raise suspicion and require an extra search.

Which Other Items Are Not Allowed On A Plane?

To prevent a hold up when catching your flight you want to make sure that you are not bringing anything on board a plane which isn't allowed.

We've listed which items you should never bring on a plane below.

  • Lighters - Only one lighter per person is allowed in your hand luggage on a plane.
  • Liquids - Liquids over 100ml cannot be packed in your hand luggage on a plane.
  • E-cigarettes - E-cigarettes might explode on a plane and therefore cannot be taken on board, this goes for vape pens too.
  • Sports equipment - Some sports equipment such as heavy bats, golf clubs and darts cannot be taken on a plane.

Do Airplanes Have Handcuffs On Board?

This depends on the airline, some airlines do carry restraint items on board such as handcuffs in case of an emergency where a passenger needs to be restrained in order to protect the passengers and aircraft safety on board.

They tend to have these on board as more of a precaution.

Can I Carry Self-Defense Items On A Plane?

If you are travelling abroad you might be wanting to pack some self-defence items in your luggage, since most self-defence items could also be used as a weapon, you are better off packing these items in your checked luggage.

We've listed which self-defense items you can pack as checked luggage below.

  • Pepper spray under 118ml. 
  • Stun gun
  • Kubaton. 
  • Knives. 
  • Taser. 
  • Tactical flashlight. 
  • Tactical gloves.

Are Handcuffs Illegal To Carry Around In The UK & Other Countries?

As well as checking with the airline if you can bring your handcuffs on a plane you also need to make sure where you are flying allow's you to carry handcuffs around.

In most countries, carrying handcuffs around isn't illegal but you can get into trouble if you are caught carrying them for the 'wrong reasons' such as carrying them around as a weapon.

Frequently Asked Questions About Carrying Handcuffs On A Plane

Is it legal for civilians to carry handcuffs?

Civilians in most countries are allowed to carry handcuffs around as long as they are not being used as a weapon.

Are toy guns allowed on a plane?

Toy guns are not allowed on a plane as they are a replica of real guns and could be used as a weapon.

What's the maximum size for hand luggage?

The max size for hand luggage changes according to the airline, on average the dimensions will be around 56 cm × 45 cm × 25 cm.

Are restraints allowed on board a plane?

This depends, some kinds of restraints might be allowed on a plane as long as they will not be used as a weapon.

Last Words

To conclude, most of the time handcuffs are okay to bring on planes carry on or checked luggage as long as they cannot be used as a weapon. TSA however have the right to confiscate your cuffs if they sense suspicion so you might be better off packing them in checked luggage.

Always check the rules and regulations of the country you are flying too surrounding restraint items to be on the safe side.

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