Can You Pack A Stun Gun In Your Checked Luggage? Let's Find Out!

Yes, you can pack a stun gun in checked luggage. However, TSA regulations state that you cannot carry any weapon through security checkpoints.

If you decide to bring a stun gun into the airport, be prepared for some extra airport security checkpoints.

You will need to check with your airline about whether or not they allow stun guns on board their flights.

It is also important to know if there are any restrictions on where you can store your stun gun during your flight.

Some airlines may restrict the location of self-defense weapons, while others may require them to be stored in an approved container.

Some airports have specific rules regarding how long a stun gun needs to stay in its case. For example, at Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD), stun guns must remain in their cases for no longer than three hours.

At Denver International Airport (DEN), stun guns must be kept in their cases for no more than two hours.

Therefore, when packing your taser for travel, please keep it in its original packaging to remain safe until it reaches its destination.

Can You Take A Taser On A Plane?

Tasers are legal to fly with as long as you follow the weapon laws. You must be 18 years old or older and have a valid license to carry firearms at airport security.

You may not use your taser if there is any possibility of injury to another person.

You cannot discharge your taser inside a building or vehicle. You may not use it while intoxicated. And you must never point your electro-shock weapons at someone unless you intend to fire them.

You also need to know that airport law enforcement will inspect every piece of checked luggage before it's loaded onto an airplane.

TSA detects loaded firearms, weapons, explosives, drugs, and anything else they deem suspicious.

So even though you can pack in your checked bag, you might still get pulled aside by a TSA agent who doesn't like what he sees.

TSA Stun Gun Rules

TSA says that you should not bring your self-defense weapons onboard an airplane because it could be dangerous.

Self-defense weapons and replica firearms are considered a firearm under federal law. It would be treated like a real firearm under firearm policy.

The agency recommends that you check with local authorities whether carrying a stun gun is legal in your area.

But if you want to travel with one, here are the rules:

• Your stun gun must be unloaded and stored in its original packaging.

• It must fit easily within a small pocket or purse.

• It must be carried in a closed case.

• It must remain out of sight until you reach the gate.

• You must declare it when going through security.

• You must remove it from your case before boarding.

• You must keep it locked up during flights.

• You must store it in your checked baggage.

• You must show your airline ticket and ID to prove you're allowed to carry it. 

Bringing A Taser In Carry-On Bags

There are no restrictions on bringing a stun gun in carry-on baggage. However, you'll have to pay a fee for checked bags.

For example, Delta charges $25 per bag. American Airlines charges $30. Southwest charges $20.

Some airlines allow travelers to check their guns free of charge. Others require a separate fee.

When you arrive at your destination, you'll have to unload your gun and place it in a safe location. Then you'll need to find a way to transport it back home safely.

Bringing A Taser In Checked Luggage

You can bring a taser on a plane in checked luggage if you follow the special rules. Tasers, stun guns, and electro-shock weapons (conducted electrical weapons) must be transported to render them inoperable from accidental discharge. Many tasers contain Lithium Batteries, and these are a potential safety hazard.

Tasers are dangerous weapons that should never be brought into an airport. You may be arrested if you bring them into an airport. Check your state laws before bringing a taser into an airport.

Last words

I don't recommend packing a taser in your checked luggage. If you decide to bring one, make sure you follow all the rules.

Most airports have a list of prohibited items that include firearms, ammunition, explosives, etc. But the TSA does not recognize tasers as being part of this list.

So if you're planning to fly with a taser, make sure you comply with all the rules.

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