Can You Pack A Stun Gun In Your Checked Luggage? Let's Find Out!

Could I Carry A Stun Gun In My Checked Luggage? - Our Guide

Many travellers look to pack self-defence items in their luggage when travelling, but in order to have a smooth airport experience and prevent baggage delays, you need to make sure you are packing only approved defence items in your luggage. 

Can You Pack A Stun Gun In Your Checked Luggage?

In your checked luggage, you can pack a stun gun, other self defence items and tools as long as the gun could not have accidental discharge or cause harm during transit, you should note that you might not be able to have this weapon abroad depending on the legality of stun guns.

We've put together a clear informative guide below explaining which items you can take in your bag, which items are not allowed and more about weapons and flying to give you clarity before you travel.

Which Self Defense Items Can I Pack In My Checked Luggage? 

You can take a surprising amount of self defense items in your checked luggage when travelling as long as they are packed well to avoid harming officers during the inspection and can't explode during the flight. 

We've listed which self defense items TSA approves for travel in your checked luggage down below. 

  • Pepper spray under 118ml. 
  • Stun gun. 
  • Kubaton. 
  • Knives. 
  • Taser. 
  • Tactical flashlight
  • Tactical gloves.

It should be noted that rules surrounding these stun devices can change according to different countries' airlines, for example, Hawaiian airlines prohibit all kinds of stunning devices to be brought in both checked and hand luggage and you could get fined if found with them.

While United airline on the other hand prefers stun guns to be in hand luggage due to many of these devices containing batteries, always check with your airline beforehand.

Can You Pack A Stun Gun In Your Checked Luggage?

Can I Pack A Stun Gun In My Hand Luggage? 

No, you cannot pack any self defense items in your hand luggage, since they could potentially be used as a weapon by other passengers.

What you can and cannot carry in your carry-on luggage is much more restrictive, so make sure to double-check the rules to avoid delays at routine X-ray screening. 

The only potential self defense weapons you could pack in your carry-on baggage are - 

  • Tools with no sharp edges under 7 inches.
  • Tactical pens.
  • Tactical chain. 
  • Belt. 
  • Umbrella. 
  • Steel bracelet.

Which Weapons Are Not Allowed On A Plane? 

Although some self defense weapons can be packed into your checked luggage, there are some other items which are no-gos and will be removed upon secondary inspection. 

We've listed which weapons to avoid packing in both carry-on and checked baggage below. 

  • Replica guns - Replica guns cannot be carried in your carry on luggage, only in checked, for replica explosives like grenades that are not to be carried in both luggage types under any circumstances. 
  • Weapons which can explode untouched - Any weapons which can explode without human touch like fuel, dynamite or blasting caps and some aerosols are not to be carried in both hands and checked luggage.
  • Firearms - To carry a firearm in checked luggage you must be law enforcement or you will have to declare it when checking in. For firearms they must be unloaded and locked in a case, the security officer must have a way of opening this case to inspect the gun. Do not store ammunition in magazines.

What Other Items Are Not Allowed In Checked Luggage? 

Most items can be packed into checked luggage, but there are some surprising ones which can catch you out and cause your luggage to get delayed and manually inspected. 

We've listed which items to avoid packing into your checked luggage below.

  • Alcohol over 140 proof - Alcohol over 140 proof is not allowed in your checked luggage and will be confiscated. 
  • Lighters - Many electronic lighters are not allowed in checked luggage due to them being a fire hazard, such as e-lighters and even vape pens of electronic cigarettes
  • Loose lithium-ion batteries - Spare lithium-ion batteries are not allowed in your checked luggage due to them being a potential fire hazard, they will instead need to be carried in carrying on baggage.
Can You Pack A Stun Gun In Your Checked Luggage?

Last Words

Overall, for most airlines you can pack a stun gun in your checked luggage, but not in your hand luggage, to be on the safe side we would always contact your airline beforehand to check the rules surrounding self-defense items. 

Avoid packing any self defense items in your hand luggage since they will be removed as they could be used as a potential weapon to other passengers on the plane.

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