Can A Jansport Backpack Be Washed? Find Out Here!

If you've recently bought a Jansport backpack, you'll know that this collection of backpacks is one of the most durable backpack types you can buy on the market, but with everyday outdoor use, dirt builds up first which begs the question, is this backpack washable? 

A Jansport backpack can indeed either be washed or you can remove stains with their stain remover, machine washing is not suggested but can also be done on a gentle cycle to clean the bag.

We've composed a short informational guide below which will take you through how long Jansport backpacks last, how to clean your backpack properly and some tips for taking care of it to keep it in the best shape possible.

How Long Do Jansport Backpacks Last?

Out of all the backpack brands, Jansport backpacks are truly made to last a lifetime and are a very durable brand of a backpack to use. This is because these backpacks are made out of high-quality raw materials, allowing them to have a defence against the outdoor elements.

Nearly all of the backpacks from this brand come with a lifetime warranty until they get worn out.

How To Clean Your Jansport Backpack

Cleaning your Jansport backpack is easier than you think, but care should be taken in order to not damage the material and keep it in the best condition possible. 

We've listed the best steps to cleaning your backpack down below.

Remove Stains 

If your Jansport backpack is made from 600 Denier polyester and Cordura you can use a backpack stain remover first to clean the bag before fully washing it.

  1.  Simply take the backpack stain remover and spray it onto a wet cloth, wipe away excess moisture and allow it to dry.

Handwash Your Jansport Backpack

  1. First of all empty all the contents out of your backpack, place them into a basin of cold water and wash them, or simply take a cloth with some cool water and wipe down the exterior. 
  2. Hang the bag up to air dry well.

Machine Wash Your Jansport Backpack

  1. Empty the contents of your Jansport backpack then put the bag into a pillowcase then into the washing machine with a very mild detergent or none. 
  2. Wash on a gentle cycle to get the backpack clean.
  3. Allow to air dry properly. 

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Jansport Backpack

Jansport backpacks do not come cheap but they are made to last you a lifetime as long as you are taking care of them properly. 

We've listed some proper tips for taking care of your bag down below and keeping it in the best shape possible.

  • Loosen the shoulder strap when storing - When using your Jansport backpack for long periods of time, the curve will get strained. As soon as you store your backpack we recommend loosening the shoulder strap and hip strap to help it last longer.
  • Use a rain cover - Even when it's sunny, try to use a rain cover on your bag, this helps protect the water repellent layer and stops it from wearing down due to sunlight, two is even better than one for extra protection.
  • Store it back-side up - The most important parts of a backpack are the padding on the back for comfort and the shoulder strap, in order to keep these parts lasting a long time, try to put it down with the front facing the floor.

Last Words

Overall, Jansport backpacks are made to last a very long time and can be washed, however, the manufacturer recommends simply washing them in cool water, wiping down the exterior or using their backpack stain remover.

Always make sure you allow your Jansport backpack to dry properly after the washing process to prevent mold or mildew from building up inside of the bag and causing bad odors, you can air dry it on the washing line or in front of a fan to help with the airflow.

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