Can We Carry Artificial Jewellery On A Flight? Find Out Here!

Is It Possible To Carry Artificial Jewellery On A Flight? - Our Guide!

Figuring out what we can and cannot carry on a plane when it comes to jewellery can be confusing, some people recommend wearing important jewellery while others suggest packing it, so you might be wondering is it okay to carry and where should we carry it. 

Artificial jewellery can indeed be carried on in-flight just like regular jewellery, matter of fact it is recommended to be packed in your hand luggage so as you can avoid losing it or items getting broken in your checked bag.

Can We Carry Artificial Jewellery On A Flight?

We've composed an extensive guide below which will cover where to pack your piece of jewelry if your jewellery will set off security checkpoint, which pieces of jewelry are restricted as well as some tips for keeping jewelry safe when flying.

Where Should I Pack My Artificial Jewellery? 

Even if your artificial jewellery isn't as expensive as your real types of jewelry, it's still a good idea to keep pieces of jewellery as safe as you can when flying. 

Therefore, we recommend packing personal jewellery as well as expensive jewellery in your carry-on baggage since this bag stays with you the entire flight, this minimises the chances of your luggage being opened and jewellery being stolen, pieces of jewellery getting lost as well as damaged during baggage handling.

You are allowed to pack jewellery in both checked or carry-on baggage with no rules, but airlines recommend packing them in carry-on bags, packing them in a jewellery pouch can help keep pieces of jewelry separate from the rest of the contents in your bag.

Will Artificial Jewellery Set Off An Airport Metal Detector? 

If you're carrying your pieces of jewelry in your carry-on baggage then you might be wondering if they could set off an airport metal detector. 

Well, this depends on the types of jewelry and amounts of jewelry you carry through security, for example, expensive jewelry made from materials such as gold and sterling silver never typically sets off airport security in small quantities. 

Larger metallic pieces of jewellery like most artificial pieces of jewellry can set off a metal detector, so it's best to keep them in jewellry pouches within your carry on when passing, rather than wearing lots of it when trying to pass through.

Smaller jewellery pieces like rings and bracelets never typically have to be removed before passing through security.

Can I Take Gold Jewellery On A Plane?

Just like artificial and silver jewellery, you can take gold jewellery on a plane, but we would say preferably in your carry on luggage since this type of jewellery is more expensive, in your hold luggage there is always a risk of it getting stolen or lost.

Import regulations might come into place if you're carrying a large quantity of gold jewellery which has a value of over 10,000 euros.

Which Kind Of Jewellery Is Restricted When Flying? 

Since you can take both expensive and artificial jewellery on a plane when flying, you might be wondering about how much you can take to another country and if there are any restrictions. 

For the majority of countries and airlines, you can take as many pieces of jewellery as you like on a plane without having to declare it to customs, but restrictions might apply when the value of the jewellery reaches over a certain limit. 

Can We Carry Artificial Jewellery On A Flight?

As an example, in the EU, if you are carrying over 10,000 euros worth of jewellery then you will need to verbally declare it at customs to be able to legally pass through with it. Different restrictions might apply according to the country you're flying into, so always double-check the rules beforehand.

What Should I Do If Jewellery Gets Stolen While Flying?

If somehow your jewellery gets stolen when flying (this most likely happens in checked luggage) then you need to make sure you make a claim as soon as possible to try and recover your jewellery and get insurance. 

We've listed the following steps to take in case your jewellery gets stolen below. 

  • Report to the airline - First of all, contact your airline about your missing item, they will then guide you to the next steps to take and forms to fill. 
  • Check with lost and found - Every airline should have a lost and found store for missing items from flying, double-check for your item with the airline before moving on to file a claim.
  • File a claim - Now process a report and file a claim to your airline if you still can't find your jewelery.
  • Call the police - If the item stolen from your luggage was very expensive jewellery then call the police in both the country you left from and the country you arrived in, file a police report for this in both places then provide a copy to TSA.
  • Check with insurance - For most jewellery items, homeowner's or renter's insurance will cover the loss of jewellery, this might take a few months to be processed.

Tips For Travelling With Jewellery When Flying 

Whether you are travelling with artificial jewellery or expensive jewelry, you want to make sure you are packing your pieces of jewelry in the best way possible since you don't want to lose your valuable items. 

We've put together a list of our best tips for travelling with jewellery down below. 

  • Make an inventory - When carrying your favourite jewelry pieces make sure to have a list or inventory of every piece that you have, this helps you remember what you did and did not take as well as proves ownership in case of an incident, pictures can also be a great way to document things like engagement rings. 
  • Have insurance - If you are travelling with precious stones or some expensive jewellry then you might want to get some insurance on your belonging for backup to incase of any unfortunate loss or theft.
  • Leave the expensive ones at home - For really valuable large pieces of jewelry or very expensive personal jewellery we recommend leaving them at home, sometimes carrying expensive gold jewellery around isn't worth the risk.
  • Don't flash it around - Although you might love your favorite jewelry, wearing it around when travelling might not be a wise choice. This can make you an unknown target without you knowing.
  • Keep it safe - If you are travelling with expensive wedding rings or other valuable jewellry then make sure to store it safely in a safe within your hotel rather than carrying large pieces around with you.

Our Best Tips For Packing Your Jewellery 

Packing jewellery can be difficult to keep it separate, with necklaces getting intertwined and rings getting lost. 

We've listed some great hacks and tips for packing your jewellery down below. 

  • Try straws - Straws are an excellent hack for keeping jewellery like necklaces tangle-free, simply thread the jewellery through the straw then close the clasp up at the ends, this can also be done with toilet rolls but is bigger to carry.
  • Use a jewellery case - For people who travel often, investing in some jewelry pouches can be ideal since they have individual compartments and stop jewelery from getting tangled. 
  • Index cards - You know how we often buy jewelry attached to cards? Well, you can recreate keeping your jewelry organised by using index cards, simply pierce them with a safety pin then use these holes to thread jewellery through.
  • Pillboxes - Daily pill boxes are great for storing small jewellery like earrings in and can keep them organised while travelling.
  • Utilise little plastic bags - If your jewellery comes in small plastic bags then consider saving them for next time you fly and storing your favourite pieces of jewellery inside like earrings, this helps keep them all separate.
  • Use buttons - Got any spare buttons on hand? Simply clasp your earrings through the holes and do them up on the other side. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Jewellery & Flying 

Can gold jewelry be taken by customs? 

Gold jewelery can have rules according to customs in different countries, expensive items like jewellery can have to be checked by customs if they reach over a certain allowance, for example, in India if your travelling with a large amount of gold jewellery going out of the country you will then have to pay customs when entering back into India unless you have an export certificate.

Does jewelry need a security check? 

Most metal items like artificial jewellery or expensive items like gold/silver will not need an extra security check when passing through the airport, however, spot checks can occasionally happen.

Should I put my artificial jewellery in my checked or carry-on baggage? 

This depends, if your artificial jewellery is valuable to you and expensive, we would suggest always keeping it in your carry on luggage to reduce the risk of it getting stolen or lost in your checked luggage.

Do German customs require you to declare jewellery? 

German customs have the same rules as the rest of the EU when it comes to jewelry, if you are carrying jewelery with a value of more than 10,000 euros then you will need to declare it at customs before entering the country.

Will I have to remove my jewellery for a security check? 

Most small jewellery items are fine to wear through airport security but in excess or for large pieces you might have to remove the jewelry before passing through the scanner.

How can I organise jewelry in my carry on luggage?

Some great ways to organise jewlerry in your carry on is by using straws and threading them through, putting them in pill boxes or even buying specific jewelery boxes for travelling which allows you to separate them into different compartments.

Can artificial jewellery set off the alarm at security?

Artificial jewellery can set off an airport security alarm since it's made out of metal, not gold or silver. In large quantities, it might be best to remove some before passing through airport security.

Last Words 

Overall, artificial jewellery is fine to carry on a plane, but we recommend carrying it in your hand luggage to avoid it getting lost or stolen in your checked luggage. It should be noted that it's more likely for your artificial jewellery to set off the airport alarm since it's not made out of gold or silver. 

Can We Carry Artificial Jewellery On A Flight?

For a hassle-free flight, we suggest taking off excessive jewellery and organising it in your carry on jewelry pouches to keep things fuss free and tidy when passing through.

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