Can We Carry Artificial Jewellery On A Flight? Find Out Here!

Can You Take Jewellery On Your Flight? 

Found a gorgeous piece of jewellry in one of your travels? Or maybe you're taking some of your favorite jewelry from home so you can level up your outfit for the day?

Bringing and wearing a piece of jewellry is always magical. 

So, the question is, can you take jewellery on a flight?

And, the answer is absolutely! 

You can take jewellery on a flight. It doesn't matter if you're carrying authentic jewellery or artificial jewellery.

Although there's is no limit or restrictions, there are still a lot of things to think of when traveling with jewellry.

Things To Keep In Mind

Carry-On VS Checked-In

You can pack jewellry pieces in both carry-on and checked-in baggage. But you shouldn't.

It would be best for you and your pieces of jewellry if you packed them in your carry-on baggage. 

Packing jewelry in carry-on luggage means your valuable jewelry pieces will be with you throughout the flight. They will never be unattended. 

Jewelleries, authentic or artificial, will attract both positive and negative attention. So, it's best to keep them safe. And the safest option is to pack them in your carry-on. 

Placing your valuable pieces of jewellry in checked-in baggage is more worrisome. After you've checked in your baggage, the next time, you see it is at your destination. What happens to it during the duration of your flight will be out of your control.

Your suitcase may be handled roughly, and your delicate jewelry may break. Or worse, your suitcase may be opened, and your jewelry may be stolen. 

Is There A Limit?

Also, even if there is no quantity limit on the volume or amounts of jewelry you bring, the price of your jewelry may be noticed. 

For example, you must report (at least orally) to the airport security staff and/ or customs that you're carrying jewellery worth 10,000 euros or more (if you are).

Some countries gave a limit on the price of jewels you can carry with you. If you go over the allowed allowance, you will have to pay customs duties.

If you're traveling with personal jewelry, you generally don't have to register your pieces (again, unless they're extremely expensive).

However, if you're carrying so much, you may be questioned. The customs might suspect smuggling.

To avoid this, it's best to prepare the receipt of your pieces to prove that each piece is a personal item.

Jewellry Through Airport Security

Also, keep in mind that although gold, platinum, sterling silver, and other fine jewelry usually don't set the metal detector, they can sometimes do.

If so, airport security staff might ask you to remove the jewelry you're wearing and you will be subject to additional inspection, which is usually a pat-down. 

You generally don't need to take off your jewellery when going through security checkpoints. But if you wear larger pieces of jewellery, you should remove them before going through security checks.

Larger metal jewellery and belts should also be removed.

Anything that may set off the alarm at security should be removed. If the metal detector goes off, you will have to be inspected again, and that means delay.

You can ask the airport security personnel to screen you in private if you're worried about thieves noticing your jewelry.

Do You Have To Declare Jewellery To Customs?

You must register jewellery worth more than 10,000 euros. For jewellery worth less than 10,000 euros, a declaration is enough.

You must declare any jewellery worth more than €10,000 when entering or leaving the EU. 

Personal jewellery should be declared when traveling abroad. You need to show a receipt proving where you bought it. Customs officials may ask you questions about your jewellery. Don't lie!

German customs recommend that you declare your valuable items as returned goods – to ensure that you pay tax on them when returning to another country. This applies to any EU country.

You need to declare jewellery you've bought in a third country when bringing it into the EU. Customs officials may check your jewellery to make sure it complies with any restrictions.

You need to clear your jewellery through customs when traveling within the European Union.

Always check the import regulations on your destination.

How To Travel With Jewellry?

Travel jewelry cases are great for packing jewelry for travel. They keep things organized and safe. They also zip close, making them easy to carry around. Their dedicated space makes them perfect for storing different types of jewelry.

Travel jewelry cases are great for packing your jewelry. You can use them as a stand-alone item or add other items to make them more useful.

Jewelry cases should be versatile enough to hold many different types of jewelry but keep them safe from scratches or any damage. 

You should choose jewelry that works well with the clothes you plan to wear while traveling. Also, make sure your jewelry isn't getting damaged or lost. 

You can also use a pillbox. A seven-day pillbox serves a great double purpose as an ideal jewelry carrier. Ideal for individual earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

Listing your jewelry before leaving home is very important. Take pictures or videos of your jewelry. You should also keep a copy of your list with you.

When traveling by plane, you should pack your jewelry in carry-on luggage. If you carry valuable or sentimental items, it is even more critical not to keep them in your checked baggage.

Checked bags are much more likely to be lost, so you must be careful about what you put in there.

You should keep your jewelry with you when you travel. Don't leave your jewelry in an unguarded car or suitcase. 

Take only what you need, and do not bring any extra jewelry. Pack lightly and take only the jewelry that you'll be wearing during your trip. Don't take expensive jewelry with you. If available leave your jewelry bag in the vault provided by your accommodation. 

Jewelry should be kept out of sight while traveling. Don't wear expensive jewelry or anything that can be easily stolen. 

Bring some simple jewelry that will go with everything.

Leave your engagement ring at home when you go on vacation. Your wedding ring can also get stolen or lost while doing activities. You should buy a replacement cheaper wedding band before going on vacation if you still want to wear something to show that you're married.

Consider Jewelry Insurance Coverage

Jewelry insurance should be discussed with your insurance agent before you travel. You might also consider buying a separate jewelry insurance policy for your jewelry.

Jewelry should be photographed before traveling. Images can be saved on phones, computers, or online storage services. This will make finding lost items easier.

Keep Your Jewelry Secure After Arriving

When you're on a trip, it's always smart to keep your jewelry safe. Your hotel may offer a hotel safe or safe-deposit box for storing valuables while you're away. You should take advantage of this service if available. 

Keep your jewelry out of sight when you're not wearing it.

You should contact your hotel before you travel with expensive items. Some hotels offer a safe deposit box service, and some even provide safes in your room. You should consider contacting your hotel ahead of your trip to ask about these services.

How Do You Travel With Expensive Jewelry?

Avoid traveling with expensive jewelry in the first place. But if you can't help it, don't be flashy about your valuables when you're out and about.

Traveling with expensive jewelry makes you a target for thieves. Keep your jewelry in a money belt or carry it in your hand luggage.

Be careful when you're using public transportation. When you're not wearing your jewelry, lock it up in a travel jewelry case.

Jewelry should be insured. You'll need to take photos of your jewelry before you bring it with you. Keep it secure. 

Can You Wear Jewelry On A Plane?

Of course! Wear small, non-metallic jewelry and pass through security checks just fine!

Keep everything else in your travel jewelry case, or swap out what you're wearing for something more exciting once you arrive at your terminal.

Final Thoughts

Travelling equals lots of pictures. Lots of pictures mean you should always look good. And jewelry is something that always levels up your look. So, taking some jewelry with you on your vacations is ideal. 

However, it comes with some risks. Traveling can sometimes be dangerous, and meaningful jewelry loss is devastating.

To minimize or eliminate such risk, you must be smart and vigilant about traveling with your jewelleries, and all of your valuables in general. 

A safe trip and enjoyable trip should be in conjunction!

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