Can You Check In Your Luggage The Night Before? Which Airlines Allow This?

Is It Possible To Check Your Luggage In The Night Before?

If you have an early check-in for your flight in the morning or you want to avoid baggage check-in queues the next day, you might be wondering if you can check your suitcase in the night before you fly? 

Numerous airports allow you to check your bag the night before depending on the airline, this is helpful if you are staying at airport hotels nearby and want plenty of time for sleep the next morning. 

We have gone into some more details about the airlines which let you use this evening check-in service below and what you need to do, as well as some more information about how to save time checking your bags in at the airport. 

Which Airlines Let Me Check My Luggage The Night Before? 

As we mentioned above, some airports allow you to check your luggage in the evening before according to the airline you are flying with, some notable airlines are Aer Lingus which allow you to check your baggage between 5 pm and 8 pm for a flight that leaves between 6 am and 8 am in advance. 

You must have a valid passport to check bags in advance. 

Another airline is Ryan Air which allows you to check your bags in after 8 pm.

How To Save Time Checking Your Bag At The Airport 

If your airline does not allow you to check your bags the night before then you might be wondering if there is another way to avoid lengthy baggage queues. 

The best way to save time at the airport is by checking in online beforehand with all your passport requirements, this allows you to just head straight to baggage drop off areas and print your baggage receipts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Checking Luggage Early 

Do British Airways let you drop your bag the night before? 

It is said that British Airways offers this night before dropping off service but only from Heathrow airport terminal 5.

How long do most airlines let you drop your bag before a flight? 

Most airlines let you drop your bags around 4 hours before a flight but this changes according to each airline you travel with. 

Can I drop off my bags for the whole family before a flight?

You can drop your bags for the whole family before you fly as long as you have all the passports and documents for each member that is flying with you. 

Final Words

Overall, checking in your luggage the night before is a great option if you want to avoid the stress of baggage lines and you have an early morning flight the next day providing you live close to the airport or are staying at an airport hotel. 

Always remember to drop off your bags with the documents of each person you are flying with and ensure you know the packing rules and weight allowances so the process cannot be delayed. 

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