Can You Take Electric Cigarettes In Hand Luggage? Find Out Here!

Can I Pack E-Cigarettes In My Hand Luggage?

As electronic cigarette devices and vape pens are becoming more and more popular, you might be wondering what the rules and regulations are about taking these devices on board the plane with you. 

You can indeed pack your vape in carry-on luggage or your electronic cigarette device without any issues, however by no means are you allowed to do any smoking on board with them or in airport terminals, there might be some restrictions on your vape juice or e-cig liquids too. 

So as you can avoid any delays at your departure airport and take your e-cig/vape through security with ease, we have composed a fool-proof guide below with everything you need to know about taking your vape pen, e-cigs and vape accessories on the plane with you.

Should I Pack My E-Cigarettes In My Hand Luggage Or Hold Luggage?

It is recommended by nearly every popular airline to pack your e-cigarettes or vaping pens into your carry-on luggage, this is because the e-cig devices and vapes contain lithium-ion batteries which are prohibited to pack in your checked luggage. 

When e-cigs were allowed in your checked bags long ago, there were reports of small explosions occurring in the hold due to the lithium-ion batteries inside of the device overheating, however, the chances of this happening are very low as cabin conditions are controlled. 

Any spare batteries on board for your e-cigs should also be packed into your hand luggage so as they can be double-checked by normal security rules. 

As we mentioned the chances of your e-cig exploding in your luggage is low, as would only occur from a few different causes such as - 

  • Using the wrong charger. 
  • Overcharging your e-cig (which you are not meant to do on the flight anyway). 
  • Overheating is very unlikely in-cabin controlled conditions unless down to a fault of the device itself. 

Restrictions For E-Cigarettes In Hand Luggage 

Although it is recommended to carry e-cigs in your carry-on luggage, this does not mean you can vape carry without any restrictions. 

Always ensure you carry vape juice or an electronic cigarette with refills in 100ml per bottle, this is the rule for a variety of liquid types in your carry on bags, the liquids for the vape and e-cig should additionally be kept in a quart-size plastic bag with the top sealed so as it can pass through security. 

You also need to ensure that your vape tanks are empty before travelling and any vape batteries are removed to travel from airports. As there is a limit of 100ml, it is a good idea to only take what you need for your e-cig liquid otherwise it will leave little space for your other toiletries.

Can I Use My E-Cigarette At The Airport? 

As e-cigs, vaping and smoking, in general, is strictly prohibited on the plane and board toilets, many wonder if you can use devices inside airport terminals. 

Most UK airports such as Bristol airport and Birmingham airport all prohibit the use of these devices inside unless you are in a dedicated smoking area inside the airport or outside of the terminals, failure to do so could lead to a fine similar to actually smoking inside of the airport. 

It's best to avoid using your e-cig in high traffic areas like you would with normal cigarettes out of politeness. 

E-Cigarette Restrictions For Different Countries 

As well as understanding the rules on how to carry your expensive vape pen/e-cig (hookah?) in your hand luggage you should also make sure that you are aware of any e-cig laws in the countries you are flying to when taking an international flight. 

For example, carrying e-cigarettes onboard to places like Qatar and Singapore is not allowed as they are banned for use in the country and it is illegal to import them, so make sure to check places that have stricter rules and ask the airline you are travelling with for guidance.

You should consider if you are flying to a country where vaping is not approved of then you will have to carry all of the e-cig liquid or vape juice that you need so as you can not run out while you are on holiday.

Can I Carry My Weed Vape On a Plane? 

There is no reason as to why you can't fly with your weed vape on a plane as long as the vape does not have marijuana and you aren't carrying any weed with it, TSA is likely to just confiscate marijuana if found rather than call authorities, but it's still not worth the risk. 

Weed vapes should be packed the same way e-cigs are as they contain lithium-ion battery parts which could potentially explode in your checked luggage, so they must be carried in your carry-on at all times along with the charger for the device.

Frequently Asked Questions About E-Cigarettes In Hand Luggage 

Can I take normal cigarettes in my carry on luggage? 

Yes, you can take normal cigarettes in your carry-on luggage as long as they do not exceed the duty-free limit according to the country you are flying into, for example, in the UK you are permitted to fly in with no more than 200 cigarettes.

Are E-Cigs illegal in some countries? 

Yes, some countries such as a Singapore and Qatar do not approve of the use of e-cigs in their country and a British Airways flight attendant was once detained by Qatar for importing one.

Can I take my vape juice on a plane? 

Feel free to pack your vape juice or e-cig liquid in your carry on bag as long as it is a size of 100ml and no more, all of your vape liquids should fit into a plastic quart-sized bag that can be sealed for carrying.

Ensure you bring enough vape liquids for your trip as buying them abroad might not be easy depending on your final destination.

Should an e-cig be turned off during a flight? 

Yes, under no circumstances should you turn your e-cig on during a flight or even charge the device, in the best scenario the battery should be taken out of the device altogether to prevent it from accidentally being turned on during the flight.

If caught using your e-cig on the flight you can be fined the same way for smoking, so don't do it.

Where can I vape at the airport?

Vaping inside the airport is not allowed just like normal smoking isn't, you should only vape in designated areas in the airport for smoking or outside the terminals away from people traffic.

Why should you empty your vape tank before flying?

When flying with your vape tank full, the device is likely to leak everywhere and make a mess due to air pressure change, this is why it's best to empty your tank beforehand when flying.

To be on the safe side you should put your device inside a plastic bag with a seal on top too as you do with your liquids.

Last Words 

Overall, you can take e-cigs in your hand luggage on the plane with no security issues and the same goes for vaping devices, you should avoid packing them at all costs into your checked luggage however as it is against airline rules due to them containing lithium-ion batteries. 

Never smoke your e-cig on a plane otherwise you will be fined the same way for smoking normal cigarettes on board, you should also ensure that your e-cig liquid is no more than 100ml for carrying on and check the country you are flying to so as you can see the rules for using e-cigs abroad.

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