Can I Take My Phone Charger In My Hand Luggage?

Travelling can be a stressful time. There is so much you need to think about and remember. With all the regulations and checks at the airport its hard to know what you can and can’t take with you. If you’re not used to travelling, its just impossible to know what the necessary precautions are. And sometimes, even if you are a keen traveller, the rules change so much, it can be quite daunting when you get to the airport.

There are lots of rules and regulations nowadays that mean you have to be careful with what you pack. As long as you keep yourself clued up on what you can bring in your hand luggage and follow the guidelines, you really don’t have anything to worry about.

Many people nowadays opt for going with hand luggage only. A lot of airlines are now charging so much for checked baggage that it not worth it if you are only taking a short flight, or if you travel lightly. With some airlines charging up to £35 per bag per journey, you’re really breaking the bank just to carry a few extra belongings.

For me, my 55 x 40 x 25cm hand luggage suitcase can easily see me through for a week, or two weeks at a push. The only problem then is restrictions on what I can take with me.

Well you’ll be pleased to know that you can definitely take your phone charger with you. In fact, its probably best you do, seeing as now we’re in the age of everything mobile, you’re likely to have your boarding pass on your phone, or even your bank details set up so you can pay on your phone. Most of us nowadays also carry a portable charger, so if there isn’t a place to charge your phone, we can just charge it out of our pockets.

Nowadays our phones are really an extension of ourselves, if you run out of battery mid way through the day and aren’t able to charge it, well you’re kind of in big trouble. It is a kind of sad but also realistic part of our lives, that we are really pretty dependant on technology! We are the future after all!

I’ve taken countless amounts of wires and chargers and headphones and leads on flights with me before. Usually unnecessarily as well. It is also recommended by the TSA and other security associations, that you do not pack your portable chargers in your hold luggage. These count as batteries, and due to varying conditions in the hold of the plane, it is unsafe to have them in there. Always keep portable chargers in your hand luggage, if you do pack it in your checked luggage, you can risk your luggage being stopped and searched, which can lead to delays and problems, which everyone wants to avoid.

Also, the way I see it, you should keep your chargers for your various items, as close to the item as possible. If your phone charging lead is in your suitcase in the hold, and your suitcase gets misplaced, you’re going to end up with a dead phone. And missing luggage and a working phone is better than missing luggage and a not working phone?!

Same goes for camera chargers, kindle chargers and any other electrical chargers you might have. They are all allowed in your hand luggage. If the security officers have any problems with what if in your hand luggage at the X-ray stage, they will simply ask to look through your luggage, and make sure everything is fine.

Where you want to definitely make sure you have your chargers and fully charged appliances. You may be asked to switch on a laptop, or you could run the risk of having it taken away from you. In this case, its always best to keep your charger close by!

Restrictions on carrying large phones, laptops, tablets and accessories into the cabin of UK bound flights from Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, JordanLebanon and Tunisia were introduced in March. However, after working with the aviation industry and international partners to introduce tough additional security measures, the UK government has begun lifting these restrictions on some UK-bound flights.

So, when it comes to travelling with your phone charger in your hand luggage, you’re definitely 100% fine to do this. If you’re travelling with loose wires and some suspicious looking liquids, then, you may not be so fine. Remember, even if you’ve got absolutely nothing to hide, the security officers are working in our best interests, and to keep the public as safe as possible. They are just doing their job, and I happen to think they’re doing fantastic job at that!

It is always best to double check with every airline exactly what you can and can’t bring. For most flights out of the UK, the rules are the same, and if you adhere to them, I assure you, you will have a smooth journey with as little delays as possible!

Safe travels!

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