Can You Take Hair Straighteners In Hand Luggage? Find Out Here!

Is It Possible To Pack Hair Straighteners In My Hand Luggage Or Only My Checked?

Bringing a huge suitcase on holiday can seem unnecessary if you are simply going on a one or two-night trip, and as you want to look presentable when you get there, you might be questioning whether or not you will be able to pack your hair straighteners in your carry-on. 

Among the electrical items you can pack in your carry-on bag, flat irons are one of them as long as they are powered via a plug and socket, same goes for hairdryers and hair curlers too. 

To find out more about the rules of bringing your hair straighteners on holiday, whether you can pack them in your checked luggage too and how to pack cordless models, we have composed a small guide below to help you out. 

Can I Pack My Hair Straighteners In My Hold Luggage Too? 

You might be wondering if you are bringing a suitcase if you are able to pack these electric hair straighteners into your luggage, and the answer is yes, straighteners, curlers, hairdryers and even electric shavers are all fine to take in your carry-on or hold as long as they work via a plug. 

We would recommend if you are taking a carry-on and a suitcase to pack them in your hold luggage so as you can save space when it comes to weight restrictions. 

If you are using your straighteners near to the time of your flight, we would suggest waiting until they cool down so as they don't burn through your other clothes, if you are in a hurry then wrap them in something to avoid contact with other items. 

Are Butane Hair Straighteners Okay To Pack In My Carry-On? 

If your hair straighteners are cordless and run with butane then the rules are slightly different than when it comes to packing electrical equipment on board.

Airline to airline will recommend that you pack your butane hair straighteners only in your carry-on luggage allowance and avoid packing them into your checked otherwise it will likely get removed by airport staff.

You are additionally only allowed to have one gas equipment per person too, so more than one set of cordless appliances or an extra set will not pass through the airport after security.

To pack your gas hair straighteners in your carry-on luggage they would need to be fitted with a safety cover at all times and you should refrain from bringing any spare gas cartridges with you as an airport official will have to confiscate them before you fly.

Will My Hair Straighteners Work Internationally?

Now you know that it's fine to be packing your hair straighteners in your hold and carry-on luggage as long as they are electrical, you need to consider the destination you are flying to and whether or not they actually work there. 

For example, UK sockets might not fit US sockets, so you would likely need specialist equipment such as a travel adaptor to be able to use your straighteners abroad, you should also check the voltage of your device in advance, many straighteners are now designed to be used with any voltage but some are still not and using them with a different voltage could be potentially dangerous.

What's Not Allowed In Your Carry-On 

So as you cannot get held up at security with your hand luggage, it's worth knowing some more about the restrictions of what you can't and can pack in your bag.

We have listed the main items which are restricted or prohibited to pack in your hand luggage so as you can avoid them. 

  • Sharp objects - Any sharp objects such as knives are not allowed to be packed in your hand luggage, this goes for scissors with blades too, you might be able to travel with knitting needles but check with the airline in advance.
  • Musical instrument types - This item you can bring as a carry-on but it has to fit certain dimensions of the airline so as it can be stowed safely away, some airlines even recommend buying an extra seat for your instrument if it is too large.
  • Sports equipment - That's right, baseball bats, hockey sticks and other types of sports equipment can sadly not be carried on board a plane as they could be used as a potential weapon when flying.
  • Liquids over 100ml - For your carry on luggage there is a liquid restriction to be aware of, you are not allowed to bring any liquids over 100ml on the plane and they all have to fit into one quart-sized plastic bag which can be sealed up. The exception to this rule might be if you have to carry milk for babies or you need essential medicine and you have supporting documents.
  • Creamy food or syrup type - Most food items can be carried in your hand luggage as long as the food product is solid foods, unfortunately, semi-liquid foods such as honey will not be allowed in your carry-on unless they are under 100ml.
  • More than one lighter - You are only allowed one disposable lighter per person in your carry-on bag or a box of safety matches.

Frequently Asked Questions About Packing Hair Straighteners In Hand Luggage 

Can I pack a travel iron in my carry-on bag? 

Yes, a travel iron is fine to pack in your hand luggage, if the device is gas-powered then it must not be packed in your checked luggage under any circumstances.

Where do I pack my gas-powered straighteners? 

Gas-powered straighteners should only be packed in your hand luggage and not your checked, you should not bring any spare gas cartridges either.

Can I pack hair spray in my hand luggage? 

Yes, but the container of hairspray would have to be under 100ml, otherwise, it should go in your checked luggage.

Is dry shampoo okay to pack in my hand luggage? 

Yes, dry shampoo containers should be under the 100ml rule, however.

How big should my hand luggage be? 

The size limit of your carry-on bag will vary from airline to airline but weight-wise it should typically not be over 10kg.

Can I pack razor blades in my hand luggage?

Only razor blades that are fixed to disposable razors can be carried on a plane, safety razors or refillable razor blades are not allowed on board.

Final Words 

Overall, hair straighteners are fine to pack in your carry-on bag as long as they are electrical, gas straighteners should also be packed in your carry-on bag and not your checked bag. 

Always remember to check the country you are flying to so as you can see whether or not you need to pack an adaptor for your straighteners and if the voltage will be okay to use abroad and check with the airport in advance if you are not sure about where to pack your other electrical devices. 

Happy travels!

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