Laptop In Hand Luggage - All You Need To Know!

What To Know About Putting Your Laptop in Checked Luggage

With this laptop ban lurking over our heads many of us are forced to pack our laptops in our check-in baggage but you will find that the best advice given by many is to not pack your laptop in your checked luggage, I think we need to dig a little deeper as to why this isn’t such a good idea.

What Are You Thinking?

Well, what are you thinking this is the main question you’d be asked by a few when you tell them you’re packing your laptop into your checked luggage. It is understandable considering we have a ban that could possibly be increased to more international airports but for the time being, we all seem to be in the clear. So another question would simply be why don’t you just put it in your hand luggage? It is less of a hassle to have your laptop in your hand luggage rather than in your checked luggage and I'll tell you why.

Safety: Think about how much movement your suitcase goes through, that is also going to impact your laptop. Having it in your hand luggage will ensure that you keep tabs on how it is placed at all times.

Tip: If you’re looking to pack it in your checked luggage do keep it nicely padded as it will go through a tumble or two.

Protection: Believe it or not, people can be evil, they want to take something that doesn’t belong to them having your laptop packed in your check-in can result in theft.

Tip: If you purchase security approved locks for your suitcase you can deter those sticky fingers.

Data Protection: Along with theft, you could risk your whole entire system being wiped out. All that hard work or preparation for a meeting gone with a click on a button. This can also happen before if you are using your laptop within the airport.

Tip: If possible use a data stick with your own internet source, many airport WiFi sources are not secure enough. Remember to back up all your important info, encrypt personal files and set an extremely hard; yet memorable password to stop those hackers fishing around.

Travel Ban - Explained

UK flight restrictions have changed recently due to a foiled terrorist bomb plot. Many things could be removed from hand luggage including powders unless they are under 12 ounces.

This is alongside the USA and Australia, who both declared this new rule after a failed terrorist attack occurred on an Etihad plane in Sydney in 2016. It is all very confusing but it is best to check the government website for any changes and also contact your airport and the people you’re flying with.

We do have a wide choice of electronics we are allowed to take with us in our hand luggage and hold luggage but it depends on where. Flyers heading to Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia have different restrictions. The airports state that electrical devices larger than 16cm x 9.3cm x 1.5cm are not permitted in hand luggage. This basically means most laptops have to be put into your hold luggage. This even includes items you have bought in duty-free.

So if you’ve booked your ticket and what to take your laptop pack it securely in your check-in.

Fly Away

So if you’re packing your laptop in your checked luggage many would say don’t do it because of the risk involved. So many things could go wrong, but if you are forced to pack it in your luggage because of where you’re flying to always think about the different ways you can prevent the worst happening.

Wrap it up, back it up and lock it up then fly away.

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