Do Airports Scan Checked Luggage For Drugs?

So, you’re thinking about bringing drugs on an airplane, and wondering whether you’ll get away with it, and where the best place to hide it would be. Well, firstly lets assume you’re talking recreational drugs. If you’re thinking of some large scale smuggling operation this is probably not where you’re going to be getting your tips!

Of course the most sensible option here would be, don’t do it. Find a contact while you’re there and avoid any cause for getting in trouble. But for some its not that easy! I know!

Well, let me put your mind at ease and tell you that the TSA or any other security association are NOT looking for drugs. What they are really looking for is weapons or anything that could be deemed explosive. There are hardly any reported arrests for drug related crimes at airports, and when there are they’re for the big stuff!

Of course, right now we’re talking about illegal drugs, but if you were wondering about prescription drugs, or things containing drugs like caffeine or alcohol, these are also fine.

So, do airports scan checked luggage for drugs? The straightforward answer is no. Typically the first security check that your bag goes through will be a CT scanner (computer tomography). the scanner is able to calculate the mass and density of individual objects in your bag based on the tomogram. if an object’s mass/density falls within the range of a dangerous material, the CT scanner warns the operator of a potential hazardous object.

Not every bag gets put through a CT scanner as it can be a long and slow process. Instead of scanning every one, they only scan bags that are flagged as suspicious. For example, if someone was to pay in cash and buy a one way ticket, this would be seen a suspicious, and the bag would be sent to the CT scanner for screening.

As I mentioned before, airport scanners are not looking for drugs. They’ll be looking for weapons and explosives. Of course if you’re not smart, and you do have drugs in your checked luggage that are incredibly obvious, or easy to find, then the chances are you will get caught.

I’d like to reinforce the fact that I am not recommending flying with drugs in your luggage, but I would suggest, if its absolutely necessary, to take them in your carry on suitcase. This way, you eliminate the worry of the entire flight carrying them, and with it in your carry on, you only need to get through security, and have a brief time worrying. Once you’re through security, which will be a quick and easy breeze, you no longer have to worry!

Another thing to suggest is to not carry them on your person, if they’re in your carry on, you’re still able to pass off responsibility, to some degree. There are also hardly ever any sniffer dogs en route to your destination and with some simple tricks and tips, you will definitely make it through X-ray!

Remember, use your packaging strategically. I use these method when carrying a little personal supply in my carry on, they could also definitely work for your checked baggy but again, for me the safest bet is having it with you at all times! You can easily buy a vacuum sealer, which is most often used for food, and package your supply up like that. One way of transporting your goods could be in bags of sweets or candy, a nicely disguised wrapped up bar of chocolate, or any other kind of packaged food! Try and keep the packaging looking as tidy and unopened as possible! Another tip could be that if you’re travelling with a powder, replace something like face setting powder, or baby talc, with whatever drug powder you want to carry. Always remember that you’re not generally allowed to travel with more than 100ml bottles of toiletries though, so just be aware that anything larger and you could be drawing unnecessary attention to your bag.

I would also recommend double bagging, to conceal the scents much as possible, and hiding in places like the bottom of a bottle of over the counter pills or vitamins. Sometimes you may not want to take weed in nugs, so you can grind it up and keep it with some fancy loose leaf tea!

You just have to get creative really, and remember if you’re concealing something in a specific type of container, make sure its not the only one. If you are concealing them in a toiletry bottle, be sure to have other toiletries. Same goes for candy or cosmetics. Just be smart!

You’re definitely allowed to take prescription pills on board with you. So if you’re thinking about taking any kind of pill, like Xanax or Ecstasy, you don’t need to worry about this one. Just simply swap the container out for some over-the-counter generic tablets and you’ll be A-ok!

When it comes to things like acid, you really don’t need to worry. A tiny piece of paper is not going to flag up any alarms. As long as your drugs are in a hiding place that is too small to contain or suggest a weapon, you are totally fine.

One of my main suggestions is don’t keep drugs on your person or think about hiding them anywhere actually inside your person. Accidents can always happen, and it also removes any plausible deniability you have.

Other things I suggest include, be calm! Don’t arouse any suspicion when you travel, don’t draw attention to yourself or cause any trouble. If you follow these tips, honestly, you have nothing to worry about. Just use your brain, be smart and sensible. And also remember I am not recommending you do travel with drugs. But I know there’s some of you out there that won’t be taking no for an answer.

So, happy travelling and be careful!


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