Are Pencils Allowed In Hand Luggage? Let's Find Out!

Can I Bring Pencils In My Carry-On Luggage?

Understanding all the rules about what you should and should not bring in your hand luggage can be very confusing, TSA does not allow sharp objects in your hand luggage, but what about pencils? 

Pencils, pens and sharpeners are okay to pack in your carry on luggage and checked luggage without restrictions since they do not pose to be a threat.

We've gone into some further detail below about what art supplies you can bring on a plane and the types of pencils and pens which aren't allowed on a plane. 

What Types Of Pencils Can I Bring On a Plane? 

If you are an artist and want to do some sketching while you fly or maybe you want to keep your art supplies with you if they are fragile, you might be wondering if all kinds of pencils are okay to take on a plane? 

  • Colored pencils - Colored pencils are fine to take on board a plane without any restrictions at all and could be a great option for keeping your kids entertained during the flight!
  • Apples pencils - Apple pencils can be taken in your carry-on bag but their battery must be 100Wh or less.
  • Eyeliner pencils - Eyeliner pencils are also fine to take through airport security since they are not liquid.
  • Tactical pencils - Tactical pencils like tactical pens are not allowed in your carry-on bag and might be taken at airport security.
  • Mechanical pencil - Mechanical pencil types are okay to bring on board.

Other Art Supplies Which Are Allowed On A Plane

If you are looking to bring all your art supplies through the airport security checkpoint it's important to know what you can and cannot bring to avoid hold-ups at the security checkpoint. 

  • Pencil sharpeners - Pencil sharpeners are okay to take in your carry-on baggage since the blade is too small to do any harm.
  • Solvent - Solvent should not be flammable, and in individual containers under 100ml.
  • Paint - Prohibited toxic paint-based items might not be allowed in your carry on, if you bring natural paints these need to be within liquid limits under 100ml.
  • Sketchbook - A sketchbook is more than okay to be carried in your hand luggage.
  • Gel pens - Gel pens despite containing some liquid are okay to bring in your carry-on through security with no restrictions.
  • Markers - Markers fall under the pen category and are okay to bring with your colored pencils on board.

Which Types Of Pencils & Pens Are Not Allowed In Carry On?

As we touched on briefly above, tactical pens and pencils are not allowed in carry-on baggage since they can be used as a weapon in self-defence for striking or stabbing someone.

They can be packed in your checked luggage, however.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pencils & Carry On Luggage 

What personal items often get confiscated at airport security? 

Anything surprising like peanut butter (if over the required amount), toy guns, anything sharp and too many powders.

How many normal pencils can I take in my hand luggage? 

Enough to be regarded as a personal amount, taking too many might alert customs that you could be trying to sell pencils abroad. If you want to take let's say a multi-pack of pencils we would suggest doing so in your checked luggage.

What is not allowed in your carry-on baggage?

The main items which are not allowed in your carry on are; firearms, sharp objects like knives, self-defense weapons, liquids over 100ml and dry cell batteries. Some aerosols and sprays might not be allowed too.

Final Words 

Overall, pencils are fine to take in your carry-on baggage or checked luggage with no restrictions. Make sure you consider art supplies like paints which might not be within your liquids rule or allowed through security. 

Tactical types of pencils and pens are not allowed in carry on and must be stored in checked luggage instead.

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