Are Safety Pins Allowed In Carry On Luggage? Here's What You Need To Know!

Are Safety Pins Allowed On A Plane? - Our Guide

Safety pins are a useful item to carry around with you and take travelling, but you might be wondering if they are okay to take in your carry on? Or will they get removed by security? 

Are Safety Pins Allowed In Carry On Luggage?

Safety pins are indeed okay to take in your carry-on baggage and suitcase with no issues, just remember to take them off when going through security otherwise they can set off the alarm.

Down below we've discussed in further detail why safety pins are okay to take in cabin luggage, if safety pins will set off a metal detector, how to pack decorative safety pins as well as what else you can't pack in your hand luggage.

Why Are Safety Pins Okay To Pack In Hand Luggage? 

Safety pins are okay to pack in cabin baggage since they are not classed as a weapon or sharp item, as they are under 7 inches in size, the same goes for knitting needles and all other pin types such as - 

  • Bobby pins. 
  • Decorative pins. 
  • Lapel pins. 
  • Wraps.

Safety pins are also okay to pop in your checked luggage, most sharp objects can be put into your checked luggage instead of your carry on.

Can I Carry A Sewing Pin/Kit On A Plane?

If you fancy making some adjustments to your clothes or knitting on a plane, you might be tempted to pack a sewing kit too. There's also no issue with taking a sewing pin on a plane, once again, just make sure its packed well to avoid injury to baggage handlers if they check your bag.

The only items to be careful of here is scissors, if larger than 7 inches on the blade, you will then have to pack them in your checked luggage.

Can Safety Pins Set Off A Metal Detector?

If you're travelling through airport security with a piece of clothing pinned, you might be wondering if these pins could potentially set off a metal detector.

Safety pins are typically made out of copper and zinc, however, there are also some made out of magnetic metal like iron, which could potentially set off a metal detector.

How Should I Pack Safety Pins In Cabin Baggage? 

If you do decide to pack safety pins in your cabin bag, you will need to make sure that the metal items are packed well to avoid security hurting themselves when checking your bag or this pins making holes.

You can avoid luggage inspectors hurting themselves by putting the safety pins in protective pouches or keeping them in their packets, always making sure they are in the closed position.

What Else Is Restricted In Cabin Baggage? 

Since safety pins are okay to take in your cabin baggage, you might be wondering what the sharp objects rule is when it comes to hand luggage and what else you can and cannot take in your bag.

What Else Is Restricted In Cabin Baggage? 
  • Rule with liquids - Liquids over 100ml are not allowed to be taken on board in your hand luggage, also powders over 3.4 ounces. You're also not allowed to take drinking water through security and will have to refill your bottle when you reach the other side.
  • Blades over 7 inches - Any tools or sharp items with a blade over 7 inches are not okay to take on a plane since they could be used as a weapon. TSA always has the final decision about any sharp items which you want to take on board.
  • Guns and ammunition - Guns and ammunition are a big no no for your hand luggage, they are usually okay to be packed in your checked bag instead, but with special permission from the airline.
  • Sports equipment - Sports equipment like darts need to be packed in your checked luggage, however, some other equipment such as a parachute are okay, anything which can be used as a weapon is not. We suggest checking with your airline beforehand.
  • Self defense items - Self defense items like pepper spray will not pass through airport security check points and will have to be packed into hand luggage instead.
  • Explosives and flammable items - Explosives, chemicals, toxins and flammable items are not suitable for packing in your carry on bag.

Frequently Asked Questions About Safety Pins & Hand Luggage

Will safety pins set off the security alarm?

Most of the time, safety pins will not set off airport security checkpoints, however, if the pin is very large, your carrying lots of them or they are made out of cheaper magnetic metal, it could be possible.

Can I travel with pins on my backpack?

Yes, pins are okay to travel with through security on your backpack, however due to all the metal items, there is a chance it could set off the alarm, therefore TSA might check your bag further with additional screening.

Could I pack tweezers in my carry on luggage? 

Tweezers are okay to pack in your carry on luggage and checked luggage without any restrictions.

Are razors okay to take in hand luggage? 

Razors are okay to take on a plane, as long as the razor blades are not the removable kind, they should also be fitted with the appropriate cover. You are not allowed to pack disposable razor cartridge heads in your luggage. 

Can I wear safety pins through airport security in UK? 

Yes, you can wear safety pins on your outfit through security, but be mentally prepare they could set off the alarm, this means a TSA officer will have to pat you down and search further.

Could I wear bobby pins through security? 

Bobby pins are okay to wear in your hair through security, but lots of them might set off the alarm, kindly explain to your TSA officer when you are searched so as they can know whats causing the alarm.

Final Words

Overall, safety pins are fine to take in both your carry on luggage and checked luggage with no restrictions, if your carrying lots of safety pins or large types, then it could potentially set off the security alarm which will cause for additional screening. 

Are Safety Pins Allowed In Carry On Luggage?

If your not sure about what items you can and cannot take in your hand luggage, always check with your specific airline beforehand to avoid getting held up at security or having to dispose of the items there and then.

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