Can I Put Scissors In Checked Luggage? Read Here!

Yes, you can put scissors in checked luggage. However, they must be packed in a Ziploc bag and placed inside the suitcase's main compartment.

If you place them in a separate pocket, they may be confiscated at a security checkpoint.

Can You Bring Scissors On a Plane?

You can bring scissors on a plane. But you should check if they are allowed. Also, you should make sure that your scissors are not too sharp. Sharp scissors could harm others.

You may take scissors as long as they are small enough to fit into carry-on baggage. Any scissors over four inches from the pivot point must be put in checked baggage.

Travel scissors work great for cutting paper, cardboard, fabric, leather, etc. They also make great office scissors.

TSA Scissors Rules

If you have any questions about TSA scissors rules, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll help you find out what is allowed and what is not.

The TSA does allow you to travel with scissors. However, they must meet certain requirements.

The TSA allows you to travel sharp items no longer than 4 inches from the pivot point.

The TSA requires that scissors be smaller than 4 inches from the point where the blades attach to the handle to ensure safety.

The TSA recommends packing scissors in a Ziploc plastic bag to avoid injury or damage. This way, the scissors won't scratch other items in your luggage.

Scissors In Checked Luggage

You can pack any scissors in checked luggage, but make sure they're wrapped up well and don't get damaged by baggage handlers. 

All types of scissors should be permitted in carry-on bags. Scissors in checked baggage are a bit trickier.

Scissors in checked baggage are permitted as long as they are under four inches from the pivot.

This rule applies to all kinds of scissors, including crafts, hobbies, and office supplies.

Scissors in handbags and purses are prohibited.

Scissors larger than four inches from the pivot cannot be carried on board.

Scissors In CarryOn Luggage

Carry-on scissors on a plane are permitted so long as they are less than four inches from the point where they connect to the handle.

A scissors in a carry-on can be made out of any material. It doesn't matter whether it's metal, wood, plastic, or anything else.

However, scissors longer than four inches from the handle cannot be taken through airport security checkpoints.

All these items are dangerous. You should be careful when using them. Please don't use any of these tools unless you know how to use them safely.

Hair-cutting scissor is not allowed in your carry-on luggage. It would be best if you used regular scissors or nail clippers instead.

Where To Pack Your Scissors When Flying?

Scissors should be packed efficiently when traveling. A scissors sheath or a holder is recommended. This is especially important when traveling with multiple scissors or scissors with more than three inches blades.

We recommend packing scissors in a ziplock plastic bag. This way, they won't scratch other items inside your luggage.

If you want to pack scissors in your carry-on, then you need to keep them within the following dimensions:

  • Length: 3cm (1 inch)
  • Width: 2cm (3/4 inch)
  • Height: 1cm (3/8 inch)

If you're worried about losing your scissors, you can always buy a new pair at your destination. 

How Do I Pack My Scissors?

When packing scissors, keep these tips in mind:

  • Pack scissors in a ziplock plastic bag
  • Place scissors in the main compartment of your suitcase
  • Don't put scissors in a separate pocket
  • Make sure the scissors don't touch each other
  • Make sure the scissors aren't too sharp
  • Put the scissors in an upright position

Last words

You can bring scissors in your carry-on baggage as long as they are short enough to fit into your hand luggage. Longer scissors must be checked in.

You should always check your scissors before flying because you never know what might happen.

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