Our Top Guide To Planning The Best Weekend Singles Trip!

If you've decided you require some 'me time' or maybe you want to put yourself out there and meet new people or explore new cultures, you might be tempted to take a weekend trip solo. 

Some of the best destinations for single weekend trips range from beautiful beaches in Ibiza, Spain to taking a longer city trip to Paris, France to check out the Eiffel Tower, the world is truly your oyster! 

To help you brainstorm some ideas for your next solo weekend trip and plan the perfect holiday, we've got an extensive guide for you to check out below with all the tips and tricks you need.

Why Travel Single? 

Before we dig into our guide about the ideal destination for a single weekend trip, let's talk about why travelling alone is such a good idea to calm any of your pre-travel trip nerves.

  • It's all about you - Travelling single means your travel itinerary is up to you and you only, allowing you to choose the outdoor activity you want or hotel you want without having to take other people's preferences into account, so go be selfish!
  • It takes you out of your comfort zone - If you've recently got out of a relationship or you have never travelled much out of the area of your home, taking a single trip will allow you to learn more about yourself and build character.
  • You meet new people - Since your travelling single with no companion, this forces you to put yourself out there and meet new people, allowing you to engage with the locals or anyone else at your singles resorts, building new relationships.
  • Expands your outlook - Whether you're planning to travel within the United States or go international, putting yourself in a different place allows you to experience the world outside of your norm, build resilience and have the ultimate adventure travel experience.

Top Destinations For Singles Weekend Trips 

Now we've convinced you that a single weekend trip is 100% a good idea, let's explore the best destinations you can choose for a weekend getaway, we'll cover both city breaks, beach breaks and destinations within the US depending on where you are based.

Best City Destinations For Weekend Single Breaks 

Dublin, Ireland

Ireland is a go-to destination if you're after a green countryside weekend break, from taking a tour around the Guinness breweries or hiking around the misty hills, it's an ideal destination for those looking to learn more about themselves.

New York

Depending on how far you are, NY is a great city break to take, the vibrant city full of lights and excitement is perfect for a single traveller and you will be sure to meet friends in the downtown bars and special events.

NY is also the perfect destination to shop till you drop!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Walking through the winding streets or pondering down the canals, Amsterdam is the perfect destination for a solo city break. You can often find adults-only hotels or hostels to meet new people.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a safe and charming city for solo travellers with its cobblestone streets and it has some of the best bars known in Europe, meaning you won't have any trouble meeting people.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is full of singles resorts and isn't far from the sandy beach too, if you're a foodie or nightlife lover then this destination can offer both kinds of fun too for a fun chilled weekend.

Paris, France

Paris is very overrated for romantic weekend getaways, but there's a reason why you just can't get bored in this city! It's great for foodies, meeting people, shopping and chilling in cute cafes. 

Best Beach Destinations For Weekend Breaks

Goa, India 

This holiday destination might be a little bit further away but its pristine beaches are worth the trip. Whether you take long walks along the stretch of the beach or go mountain biking in the countryside.

Obonjan, Croatia 

With open-air clubs and music festivals, Obonjan Croatia is known as the new Ibiza of Croatia and is the perfect single weekend break for people who want to have more of a party and meet new people.

Ibiza, Spain

If you love the sunshine and parties, Ibiza is a no-fail destination for a long weekend, despite being known for the wild nightlife you can also simply relax by the beaches and enjoy the food!

Top Destinations In America

Park City, Utah

If you fancy a skiing trip, Park City Utah is a great choice and is well known in the United States for being a great place to meet people from all over the world. There are lots of bars and nightclubs and cheap foods for a great budget weekend getaway. 

New Orleans, Louisana

Although a boozy destination, there are also plenty of historic sites to see in New Orleans, and you will most defiantly make new friends in the local bars!

Santa Barbra, California 

For a single weekend, Santa Barbra known as the American Riviera is a perfect choice, whether you want to check out historic sites such as the Santa Barbara Mission or hike up mountains like the 7 falls.

Bend, Oregon

The mountain town has nearly every activity you can think of, whether you want to go hiking, canoeing, or tubing, you will be sure to make adventure buddies along the way.

Thanks to the temperature in Bend, Oregon you can go for a weekend activity any season of the year here.

San Diego, California

If you can't decide between a city or beach break in the United States then San Diego is a perfect single-weekend getaway. 

Explore the historic towns, lay on the beach or watch a baseball game, you will not feel bored here!

Best Weekend Trip Ideas For Solo Travellers 

You might have an idea about the single weekend destination you want to travel to, but what should you do?

This can also determine the destination that you choose, for example, a relaxing yoga holiday might not be suited to a city nightlife destination. 

We've listed some ideas for weekend trips down below. 

Go On A Foodie Getaway 

If you're a foodie, why not pick a great destination known for its food and plan to eat at all of the best restaurants? You can also take some cooking classes and get to know how to cook the local cuisine.

A Yoga Detox Trip 

Not only is a yoga detox trip a great excuse to get away to a place, but it's also very relaxing and a chance to learn new yoga skills for personal development. You can find loads of yoga retreat destinations for a weekend trip across the world.

Meditation Retreat

There are meditation retreats all over the world for a weekend trip, this will push you out of your comfort zone, teach you breath work and allow you to meet like-minded people who are also interested in meditation.

Which Are The Best Singles Resorts?

If you can't decide on a destination as a single traveller, you can always look for the best singles hotels and resorts instead within the United States and beyond to give you a better chance of meeting people and making new friends. 

We've listed some of the best singles resorts known below. 

Acre Resort, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

A puppy rescue on the property, treehouses in the jungle and long walks, this resort in Mexico allows you as a solo traveller to be at one with your thoughts, you can also be social here thanks to the communal table where you can eat the farm food.

El Mangroove, Papagayo, Costa Rica

An all-inclusive dream on the coasts of Costa Rica, El Mangroove is the perfect spot for solo travellers who want an extended weekend break. Plenty of activities will keep you busy here such as stand-up paddle boarding, the free bar or exploring the coral reefs.

L’Auberge Del Mar, Del Mar, California

If you want to work on your weekend getaway, why not try the L'Auberge Del Mar hotel, this place allows you to choose their work getaway packages which give you beverage credits and daily food at a discount. You can also bring your dog!

Mdului Safari Lodge, Kruger, South Africa

Have you been dreaming of going on a safari? Why not go solo and stay at the Mdului lodge? Wake up and have a coffee with the buffalo while watching the spectacle with other guests, and bond over sun downers.

Mirador Del Lago, El Calafate, Argentina

Overlooking the Argentina river, hang out at the Mirafor Del Lago and try the local Picanto with a glass of wine and get social with other travellers.

Which Tour Company Should I Choose As A Solo Traveller? 

If you're nervous about travelling solo, why not try some adventure travel companies so you can travel in a group? This will automatically put you in a group with like-minded travellers so you can explore together and make long-life friends!

G Adventures 

G Adventure is very well-known in the solo travel industry, it's sustainable, works with local hotels and can be tailored according to your interests, for example, yoga centre itineraries or historical visits. 

You're often paired with other solo travellers between the ages of 18-35.

Exodus Travel 

You can choose from self-guided and guided excursions with Exodus travel, whether after a walking or wine holiday, their shorter itineraries are great for a long weekend break and are geared towards 30-40-year-olds for a more laid-back style of travel. 

Wild Women Expeditions 

If you are travelling as a single woman, Wild Women expeditions might be the perfect choice for you, featuring a female leader as a guide and small group sizes of around 14. 

Intrepid Travel

If you're a single parent travelling with your child Intrepid travel is an excellent choice, featuring destinations in the United States and beyond, allowing you to travel in set itineraries with like-minded travellers.

Is It Safe To Travel Single?

If it's your first time taking a travel trip alone you might be a little nervous and wonder how safe it is to travel without a companion? 

Travelling alone is safe with most destinations being easy to navigate and welcoming for single travellers, however, there are some tips and tricks to teach you what to look out for. 

  • Try to arrive during the day - Arriving during the day at your destination allows you to get used to your surroundings and avoid any last-minute scams or bad accommodation if you are in a rush.
  • Research before - Research your destination well beforehand, we would avoid travelling to destinations which have ongoing conflict, political votes or protests going on during your preferred dates of travel
  • Keep in touch with loved ones - Always check in with people back home when possible and share your travel plans with loved ones, this allows them to keep track of where you are in case anything goes wrong. 
  • Don't drink too much - By all means, have fun on your weekend single trip, but we do recommend drinking in moderation around strangers to protect yourself.
  • Trust your gut - If something doesn't feel right, chances are it isn't right, if you have an instinct about someone or a situation, best follow your gut and leave immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions Asked Questions About Solo Weekend Trips 

What are some essential tips for solo travel?

Taking a single trip alone can be overwhelming, our top tips to remember are; to share your travel plans with friends, research your destination, try to do activities and book accommodation beforehand.

How do I enjoy a single vacation? 

To enjoy a single vacation, we would suggest planning some activities and things to see, but remain flexible in case you meet people, take your time and be present, go for nice dinners and indulge in self-care!

What is the safest place to travel alone? 

Some well-known safe destinations are; Iceland, Denmark, Canada, and New Zealand.

Last Words

Overall, if you're looking to take a weekend trip single, there are plenty of destinations which are solo travel friendly. We recommend deciding first whether you want a city break or beach break, then narrowing down destinations from there. 

When travelling single we recommend joining agencies if you would like to meet other travellers easily and following our top tips above for keeping your safety and enjoying your time!

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