How to fold shirts for travel? - Know Here

How to fold shirts for travel?

If you want to have space savings when traveling, you should know how to fold your shirt correctly.

There are many ways of folding a shirt, but the best way is to learn how to do it yourself and save money on laundry services. 

Folding shirts for travel is easy; follow these steps:

1. Fold each shirt into thirds

2. Put one folded side inside out and then fold the other side

3. Roll up the sleeves

4. Fold the collar down and fold the cuffs

5. Turn the shoulders in

6. Tuck the tails under

7. Press flat

8. Fold the shirt in half

9. Fold again

10. Done

Bring your best shirt for travel.

Many people like to bring their favorite shirt or blouse for travel because they feel this will make them look more stylish.

However, if you don't take care of it well, it might get wrinkled during the flight. And you also need to save space for travel.

So, here we give you some tips to help you pack your favorite shirt for travel.

  • First, choose a good-looking shirt. You can wear a plain white t-shirt or a dressy shirt with lovely fabric.
  • Second, try not to wear any jewelry. It's better to put it in a plastic bag before packing.
  • Third, avoid wearing socks. They may be too heavy and cause wrinkles.
  • Fourth, fill in only what you need. If you are going to stay at home for several days, you don't need to bring all your clothes.
  • Fifth, check the size of your suitcase. Try to pack as much as possible without making the suitcase too heavy.

Rolling your shirts, Best shirt secrets for a backpacking trip

The pros of rolling your shirts to save space include:

1. Save time

2. Easier to carry

3. No creases

4. More comfortable to sleep

5. Keeps things neat and clean

Here is a simple step by step guide to rolling your shirts:

  • Method 1: Rolling by hand

Step 1: Lay your shirt flat on the floor.

Step 2: Place your hands on top of the shirt. 

So that the sides of your fingers touch the bottom edge of the shirt, you tend to fold.

Step 3: Bring your thumbs together and roll the shirt between your palms.

Step 4: When you reach the end of the shirt, place the thumb of your left hand over your right hand and continue rolling until the entire length of the shirt has moved.

  • Method 2: Rolling by machine

Step 1: Lay the shirt on the ground.

Step 2: Attach the roller to the shaft of the machine.

Step 3: Start rolling from the center of the shirt.

Step 4: Continue rolling until the entire length has rolled.

The downsides of rolling your shirts

If you roll your shirts, you can get them dirty or wrinkled. 

It may be fine if you are only going to wear them once or twice, but if you plan to wear them more often, this could become a problem. 

  1. Your shirt may become dirty
  2. The edges of the sweater may fray
  3. There may be creases
  4. You may have trouble getting the shirt off when you want to change

How to fold button up shirts for travel

To avoid your shirts having a space for wrinkles, you should follow these steps:

1. Unbutton your shirt

2. Fold the collar down

3. Fold the cuffs down

4. Turn the shoulders inwards

5. Fold the shirt into two halves

Folded back-to-front

This packaging method is suitable for shirts with buttons.

It is straightforward to do.

Just unbutton your shirt, fold the sleeves in half, turn the shoulder inside out, and fold the rest of the shirt into two halves.

Then, wrap the folded part around the middle of the shirt.

You can store it in a plastic bag or even in a suitcase.

Vacuum packing for clothes

The vacuum packing is perfect for hitchhiking trips. It will keep your shirts safe and prevent them from being damaged.

Vacuum packing for clothes means that the clothes are packed in a bag and then sealed using an airtight sealer. This method is to prevent the clothes from getting damaged during transportation.

Many travelers use this kind of packing method because they can save space and weight while traveling.

Bundling clothes method

In this method, you will need to bundle your clothes carefully to fit on your back. It would be best if you used a piece of cloth for each item of clothing.

For example, if you have two shirts, you will need two pieces of cloth. If you have three pairs of pants, you will need three cloth samples.

This method is perfect for bringing your entire shirt collection along with you.

How to pack jeans for travel?

Packing jeans for travel is quite simple. All you need to do is put all of your jeans in one bag and make sure that there is no wrinkle in the jeans.

Packing jeans for travel is also known as "bagging." "bagging" refers to putting all of your items into a single bag.

When packing jeans for travel, you should take into account the following things:

1. Make sure that your jeans are clean before packing them.

2. Wash your jeans thoroughly.

3. Do not forget to dry them properly after washing.

4. Fold it into two halves.

5. Put it in a plastic bag.

The final verdict

Preventing your shirts from becoming wrinkly and dirty is not difficult at all. However, if you want to take care of your shirts, you must invest some time and effort.

So, what are you waiting for then? Go ahead and start folding your shirts now!

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