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Travel Tipping Guide

Tipping is a tricky subject.

It's not always clear how much to tip, especially when travelling.

It's hard to tell how much tip is fair, so some people tip too much, others tip poorly, but most people try to tip somewhere in between.

In this article, we'll discuss fair tipping to make your travels even more enjoyable for you and the people involved!

How Much Should You Tip A Shuttle Driver?

As much as possible, you should tip your drivers when they do a great job.

After all, they kept you safe and sound until you reached your destination. At times they even try to make the ride enjoyable.

They also work hard to get you to your destination as promptly as possible by using their knowledge of the fastest routes and driving skills. 

They will appreciate your gratitude, and who knows, maybe you even make a connection, and they may offer to be your personal driver for the rest of your stay in the area with a special deal.

Airport Shuttle Driver

Airport Shuttle Driver

Airport shuttles drive you to different parts of airports, even hotels.

There's no standard for tipping Airport Shuttle Drivers.

If the ride is complimentary, a good rule of thumb is to tip one dollar per bag or one dollar per person if you're travelling in groups.

If you're paying for the ride, the usual 15 to 20% tip for service or rides is acceptable here too.  

Of course, you can add more to show your appreciation if you think their service deserves it. 

Hotel Shuttle Driver

A hotel shuttle driver's job is to drive people to and from hotels. 

Most hotel shuttle rides are acts of courtesy from the hotel. 

Like other shuttle rides, there are no standards for tipping hotel shuttle drivers. 

The one dollar per bag or one dollar per person base tip is also a good practice for tipping hotel shuttle drivers - and more if you think they went above and beyond for you. 

Tour Shuttle Bus Driver

The Tour Shuttle Bus Driver is responsible for driving a shuttle bus between hotels, airports, and different locations included in the tour. 

If your shuttle bus driver doubles as your guide for a day tour, a dollar per person in the group is acceptable.

If your shuttle bus driver solely drives for multiple days of touring, five to ten dollars per day will do. 

Taxi or Cab Driver 

Taxi or cab drivers are different from other drivers mentioned because they are not tied to establishments such as airports or hotels.

 The 15 to 20% tipping standard works well for taxi rides. 

Other Travel Service Providers

Other Travel Service Providers

Tour Guide

Tour guides lead groups of tourists through cities and attractions, giving them information about the history, culture, national parks, and architecture of the area. They may also provide tours of museums, art galleries, and historic sites.

As mentioned above, if your shuttle bus driver doubles as your guide for a day tour, a dollar per person in the group is acceptable.

If not, a dollar per day per person or five to ten dollars per day will do. 

Hotel Porters And Doormen

A hotel porter is a person who carries luggage and packages for guests at hotels up to their rooms.

Doormen are people who work at the front doors of buildings. They greet guests, answer questions, and direct them to the right place. They also assist guests in getting rides and with their baggage. 

Hotel porters and doormen are one of the service workers that work for tips. 

An acceptable base tip for hotel porters and doormen is one to two dollars per bag.

If you think your pieces of luggage are heavier, then giving more tips is ideal. 

Hotel Concierge

The Hotel Concierge is responsible for providing exceptional service to guests at hotels.

The Hotel Concierges work closely with the front desk staff, housekeeping, restaurant staff, and spa service staff. They may be required to assist with reservations and general guest services throughout their stay.

If you opt to use the concierge's helpful service, you can leave them a two to ten dollar tip, depending on the level of services they did for you and how helpful you thought they were. 

For quick questions like asking for directions or restaurant recommendations, it's okay if you don't tip.

For requests like getting tickets and making reservations for you, two to five dollars will do.

If they went the extra mile to get your hard-to-get tickets and got you a short-notice reservation in a famous restaurant, consider giving them a ten to twenty dollar tip.

Hotel Maids Or Housekeeping Staff

Hotel maids are responsible for keeping the room pristine and protecting your property and privacy while doing so. 

The unofficial standard for tipping housekeeping personnel is one to ten dollars per day of your stay that they cleaned. 

You don't have to tip on the days you put up the Do Not Disturb sign, and they didn't clean. 

Final Words

Tipping is a personal act of showing appreciation for a job well done, so give what you can.

You can give more or less; there's no standard anyway.

We all have budgets, especially when away on vacation, so it's okay if you can't give as much as others.

There are even some establishments that don't allow monetary tips but allow in-kind gifts.

Sometimes, a heartfelt "thank you" may even be worth more than any tip.

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