Can I Take A Coffee Machine In My Hand Luggage?

Is It Possible To Pack A Coffee Machine In Hand Luggage? - Our Guide

If you are a coffee lover and want to make your favourite cappuccinos on holiday, or maybe you've been gifted a coffee machine on your travels, you might be wondering if you can take one of these coffee makers in your luggage. 

Can I Take A Coffee Machine In My Hand Luggage?

You can indeed take a coffee machine in your hand luggage without any issues as long as fits within the dimensions and weight rules required by your airline, we would also suggest packing it well to prevent it from getting broken.

To find out more about travelling with your coffee machine, we've composed a short guide below, covering where to pack your machine, how to pack it, taking coffee accessories and if you can take coffee on a flight with you.

Where Should I Pack My Coffee Machine? 

If you are planning to bring your coffee maker in your luggage with you, you might be wondering whether packing it in your hand luggage or main suitcase is better. 

Well, both have their pros and cons. Packing your coffee maker in your hand luggage stops it from getting damaged during baggage handling if you have a fragile coffee maker which is valuable and also stops TSA from opening your main bag if your machine flags up security. 

However, packing your coffee machine in your checked luggage gives you more room, you also might have to do this if your coffee machine has blades like a coffee grinder, since blades and sharp objects are not allowed in your carry on luggage.

How Should I Pack My Coffee Machine In My Luggage? 

No matter if you decide to pack your coffee machine in your hand luggage or main suitcase, we recommend keeping the coffee machine in its original box to help it travel safely, this also makes it look less suspicious to TSA when travelling through the x-ray. 

Try to pack it as securely as you can in your checked luggage to stop it from shaking around too much.

Can I Take Coffee Pods In My Hand Luggage? 

Now we know you can happily take your coffee machine in your hand luggage, you might be wondering if you can pack your favourite coffee pods and coffee capsules too. 

You can take coffee on board with no issues as long as the pods just contain coffee, you might run into some issues if you decide to pack a lot of milk pods in your carry on luggage since they will need to adhere to liquid rule carry-on baggage allowance. 

We would suggest packing your coffee pods in your checked luggage when possible to avoid strict rules around liquids. 

Can I Pack A Coffee Grinder In My Hand Luggage? 

If you're wondering where to pack your coffee grinder, this depends on the type of grinder that you have.

For coffee grinders which don't have removable blades they can be happily packed in your carry on luggage, but for grinders with removable blades, they will need to go in your checked luggage since they could potentially be used as weapons. 

Make sure you wrap your coffee grinder blades well to avoid baggage handlers getting hurt when inspecting your luggage.

How Should I Pack Coffee Beans & Ground Coffee In My Luggage?

Bringing your regular coffee on the plane is allowed, whether you pack coffee grounds or coffee beans in your hand and check luggage.

Can I Take A Coffee Machine In My Hand Luggage?

If you are bringing large quantities of ground coffee powder then expect a second inspection of your checked bag since the powder might raise alarm bells, never pack more than 340g of ground coffee beans in your carry-on piece of luggage since this will have to be removed.

Tips For Packing Your Coffee Machine In Your Luggage

If you're packing a valuable coffee maker in checked-in or your hand luggage then you want to make sure your coffee machine doesn't get damaged during the travel process. 

We've listed our best tips for packing your maker down below.

  • Make sure it's dry - Make sure your coffee machine is completely dry and clean when packing to avoid leakages in your luggage when travelling.
  • Keep it packaged and padded - To avoid suspicion, keep your coffee maker packaged in its original package and padded well to stop it from moving around too much in your bag.
  • Make sure ground coffee is sealed - If you are packing a large quantity of coffee powder in your checked luggage then double-check to make sure it's sealed, the last thing you want is coffee going all over your luggage.
  • Try the local coffee - Why not leave the coffee maker at home and give the local coffee shops a try in your new destination? Who knows you might like it more than your coffee from home.
  • Consider a portable coffee machine maker - Nowadays you can find a great travel-sized type coffee maker which is easier to pack and carry if you travel often, allowing you to have your favourite coffee wherever you go.
  • Check the airline luggage size before - So as you can check your luggage with ease always check your airline's size requirements before flying, most airlines allow you to have one carry on bag and a personal item, but you will need to make sure your coffee machine fits in the hold above or under the seat.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coffee Machines & Hand Luggage

Should I take a coffee maker in my luggage?

Since some types of coffee makers can be rather larger, it's important to consider if it's worth bringing one travelling with you, for portable travel coffee makers you'll have an easier time packing them.

How should I pack fragile coffee mugs? 

If you have a very valuable coffee mug, we suggest taking it in your hand luggage to be on the safe side, for packing it in checked make sure it's well wrapped in multiple layers of packing paper without mugs touching each other, sandwich them in between clothes to reduce shaking.

Can I bring cold brew coffee through airport security? 

Unfortunately no, you cannot bring drinks through security, but you can bring an empty coffee cup and fill it up from the coffee shop on the other side.

Will I be able to pack preground coffee in my hand luggage? 

Yes, under the 340g limit you can pack pre-ground coffee in your hand luggage without any issues, make sure it's sealed well to keep it fresh.

Last Words

To conclude, you can take a coffee machine or maker in your hand luggage without any trouble on a flight as long as it fits within the size requirements of your airline. Be careful when packing coffee accessories like coffee grinders, if they have removable blades they will need to go in your checked luggage.

Can I Take A Coffee Machine In My Hand Luggage?

For packing ground coffee and coffee beans they can go in both you are checked and hand luggage, but only under a 340g quantity in your hand luggage. 

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