Can You Take A Ski Helmet As Hand Luggage? Find Out Here!

Is A Ski Helmet Okay To Take In Carry On Luggage?

If you've booked a ski holiday abroad, you might have realized that there's a lot of equipment you need to pack, and with limited hand luggage sizes and hold bag weights on budget airlines, it can make it hard to fit everything in.

Most of the time, you can get away with taking a ski helmet as carry-on luggage on a plane, just make sure it fits within the dimensions of your luggage or you can clip it onto the bag.

Down below, in our guide, we will take you through why we recommend packing ski helmets as carry-on luggage, how to pack a ski helmet in your luggage

Why Should I Pack A Ski Helmet In My Hand Luggage?

Ski helmets can be very fragile and expensive, which is why we recommend packing helmets in your hand luggage, luggage handlers can be rough with ski-hold luggage which could risk your helmet getting damaged.

Although packing your carbon fibre helmet in your hand luggage is a good idea, you need to make sure you have the right-sized hand luggage to fit your helmet in, some airlines have restrictions on hand luggage sizes and the last thing you want is to carry around bulky hand luggage.

If you decide to pack a ski helmet in your hold luggage we then suggest making sure it's wrapped in soft clothing and marking your hold luggage as fragile to be on the safe side.

How To Pack A Ski Helmet In Your Hand Luggage

If your head protection can fit in your hand luggage then we suggest following these tips below to make sure your helmet is packed properly.

  • Wrap it in clothes - We recommend wrapping ski helmets in clothes in your hand luggage to prevent them from being knocked around in the cabin above or below your feet.
  • Check the dimensions - Make sure you check the size of your hand luggage to make sure the helmet can fit inside the bag, budget airlines tend to be more restrictive, and you might struggle to fit the ski boots inside the bag too.

Should I Take A Ski Bag On The Plane?

When travelling on flights many people pack their ski equipment in ski bags for better travel. Ski bags are like large bags which are specifically designed to keep your equipment safe like ski goggles, they allow you to carry ski boots, full-size skis, poles and clothing.

Always choose a padded ski bag with roller wheels for easier travelling.

How To Pack Your Ski Bag?

If you've invested in a ski bag to keep your ski equipment safe we recommend following these packing tips below to pack your ski luggage properly.

  • Put the large equipment in first - Always pack your ski bag with large equipment first since they take up the most space then fill the rest with small items.
  • Lock skis together - To make sure your skis are secure lock them together using the ski brakes, you can lock the ski boots next to them.
  • Secure the poles - After packing your skis we suggest securing your poles next to them with a strong rubber band to prevent them from bumping around.
  • Fill with clothing - Once you've packed all the larger items into your ski bag you can then roll and fill the space with your clothing, you can also use the clothing as extra padding to keep items safe.
  • Take delicate items in hand luggage - Items such as ski goggles we recommend packing into your hand luggage allowance to prevent them from getting damaged.

Can I Take Skis On A Plane?

Skis are very large pieces of sports equipment, they cannot be taken as carry-on luggage inside a plane due to their large size, this goes for ski poles too.

You will have to pack skis as checked luggage or in a dedicated hold bag like ski bags as we mentioned above.

Which Sports Equipment Isn't Allowed On A Plane?

Although you can take lots of sports equipment on a plane, there are some items which are not allowed on board and will need to go in your hold instead.

  • Bats - Bats are not allowed on a plane since they could be used as a weapon, instead, put them in the hold!
  • Ammunition - Ammunition might be able to be packed in your checked luggage but needs to be checked with the airline first.
  • Balls - Footballs and basketballs can be packed in both carry-on and checked luggage.
  • Bowling balls - Bowling balls and other bowling equipment are fine to take on both carry-on and checked luggage.
  • Bows and arrows - Bows and arrows cannot be taken on a plane due to their sharp edges which can be used as a weapon, they need to be packed in your checked luggage.
  • Golf clubs - Golf clubs should be packed in checked luggage, not in carry-on since they can be used as a weapon.

Frequently Asked Questions About Taking A Ski Helmet As Hand Luggage

What are some tips for travelling with ski equipment?

The biggest tip for travelling with ski equipment is to stay minimal, don't take more than you need, you can always rent equipment out there if need be.

How much does a carbon fibre ski helmet cost?

A carbon fibre ski helmet can cost anything between $50 and $150 depending on the quality.

Can I take ski boots on a plane?

Ski boots can be taken in carry-on luggage if you have enough room or might need to be carried in a separate ski boot bag.

Do airlines charge for ski bags?

Airlines might allow you to carry ski bags as part of your checked luggage on a plane or will charge a small fee for the bag in comparison to surfboards and bicycles.

Last Words

To conclude, a ski helmet can be carried as hand luggage on a plane as long as it fits within your hand luggage allowance, it is recommended to pack it in your carry-on since it stops the helmet from getting damaged.

If you do not have room in your hand luggage for a bulky helmet we suggest packing the helmet in a ski bag instead.

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