Can You Take A Ski Helmet As Hand Luggage? Find Out Here!

Can A Ski Helmet Go In Hand Luggage?

Yes, ski helmets do go in hand luggage, but they must be packed separately from other items in your bag. Ski helmets should always be packed separately from other personal belongings to avoid damage during transport.

If you're flying, check with your airline for specific requirements. Most airlines must that skis be packed in a box or container that has been designed for transporting skis.

Airlines need that the helmet fit within the dimensions of the overhead compartment. The TSA allows a ski helmet to be carried aboard an airplane as long as it fits within its overhead bin.

There aren't any additional restrictions as long as it is within these two areas. For these requirements to be met, the helmet must be in a bag or box within the cabin baggage allowance.

Can You Carry A Ski Helmet On An Airplane?

Yes, you can carry a ski helmet on an airplane. You need to take care of the helmet so that it can't break wherever you travel.

You need to look at the airline's requirements for what is permitted as a carry-on bag or hand luggage. Many budget airlines will allow a helmet to be taken in the cabin, but only if it is softshell.

The best way to protect yourself when traveling with a ski helmet is to put it into a protective case. This way, you can keep your helmet safe during flight and avoid damaging it.

Airlines have baggage rules to follow, but there's no need to bring luggage allowance for your ski helmet. If you're a skier, you know that you want to get your gear from the mountain to the slopes and back safely.

But, traveling with your gear is a bit of a challenge. Ski boots can be tough to pack, but ski helmets present a different challenge.

Fortunately, you can travel with your helmet with care without worrying about hurting your travel plans.

Why Should Ski Helmets Go In Hand Luggage?

Here is the reason why ski helmets should go in hand luggage.

1. For safety

When traveling in airplanes, safety is always a priority. Although they are not allowed to bring ski helmets into the plane, they enable hand luggage, including skis.

It is why ski helmets go inside the suitcase. If they were in carry-on bags, passengers could remove them from the plane and use them for other purposes such as weapons.

It would be dangerous, especially for children. But, if the helmet goes through security, it cannot be removed by passengers.

2. To avoid damaging the ski helmet

If you want to bring your ski equipment with you when traveling, consider bringing along a protective case. This way, you won't worry about your skis getting damaged while in your luggage.

To avoid damaging the ski helmet, you should pack it in hand luggage rather than carry it in the ski hold luggage.

3. To prevent injury

The main reason you should pack your ski helmet is to protect yourself from head injuries. You can also prevent injuring other passengers and airline staff members.

If you decide to bring your helmet into the cabin, remember to put it inside the overhead compartment.

How To Pack A Ski Helmet?

When traveling in airplanes, it's essential to pack your ski helmet. You can't take a ski helmet in cabin baggage unless you secure it in your regular luggage.

If you decide to bring a ski helmet;

  • It would be best to always secure the ski helmet in a piece of luggage.
  • Make sure that it is not packed in a way that will injure an airline staff member or any passenger.
  • Try to keep it organized and safe. Make sure you pack it in your hand luggage to avoid any delays at security.
  • It is recommended to pack a ski helmet in a hard shell, a form-fitting bag that can be accessible. 

Last Words

Ski helmets nowadays are very light and do not take up too much space in your suitcase. So, they are safer and more comfortable than ever.

I hope this article helped you better understand what you can and cannot carry on a commercial flight. Please feel free to check out other travel topics we've covered below.

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