Can You Pack Shampoo In Checked Luggage? Read Here!

Is It Possible To Pack Shampoo In Your Checked Luggage?

If you're planning to travel with your toiletries like shampoo for a long holiday or maybe you need to bring your favourite hair products with you, you might be wondering if you can pack shampoo into your checked luggage. 

Can You Pack Shampoo In Checked Luggage?

You can pack shampoo in your checked luggage with no restrictions, but make sure it's packed well to avoid leakage, avoid packing your shampoo in your hand luggage since you are limited to 3.4 ounces. 

We've put together a short guide below which will cover how to pack shampoo in your checked luggage if you can bring dry shampoo on a plane as well as some tips for packing liquids in your checked luggage.

How Do You Pack Shampoo In Your Checked Luggage? 

Since there is no problem packing shampoo in your checked luggage, you still need to be making sure you pack this liquid properly to avoid leakage in the luggage.

To pack your shampoo properly in your suitcase we suggest taping the lid or putting it in a sealed plastic bag to avoid it popping from the air pressure. 

You could also empty the shampoo into other leak-proof containers or a plastic bag inside of a water bottle which can be sealed well.

Can I Take Shampoo In My Hand Luggage? 

You can take shampoo in your hand luggage, but since there is a liquid toiletries allowance you will need to make sure that you do not bring a full-size shampoo on board, it will instead need to be in 3.4-ounce containers. 

If you want to avoid the 3.4-ounce rule you could try bringing a shampoo bar onboard instead in your toiletry kit.

Can I Take Dry Shampoo On A Flight? 

If you're on the plane for hours and want to feel refreshed when you get to your destination, you might want to bring some dry shampoo on board with you to avoid washing your hair. 

Can You Pack Shampoo In Checked Luggage?

You can take dry shampoo in your suitcase and hand luggage, however, for hand luggage powder rules it must be under 340 grams, otherwise, it will be confiscated by airport security.

Tips For Packing Liquids In Checked Luggage

For people who have a lot of toiletries and bottles of shampoo to pack in their bag, you need to make sure you're packing the liquids well to keep luggage clean and ensure nothing gets broken. 

We've listed our top tips for packing liquids in your luggage below.

  • Only bring the essential items - As tempting as it can be to bring all your toiletries when flying, being a minimalist is key. Stick to the essentials like shampoo and conditioner, and maybe leave the hair spray at home, it all depends on which products are most important to you. 
  • Try two in one option - A great way to save space when packing toiletries is by using two in one product, for example, you can now find two in one shampoo and conditions and bars to wash your body and face by using suitable cleanser or facewash rather than carrying separate washes. 
  • Look for a solid version - Nowadays you can find that most liquids come in solid versions, whether that's a solid shampoos bar or even a makeup remover bar, this allows you to minimise the chances of something leaking in your bag or even taking it in your carry on luggage instead. 
  • Transfer them to leak-proof containers - To ensure that you keep your luggage clean, it might be best to transfer your liquid toiletries over into leak-proof containers. Yes, this is time-consuming, but less time consuming than cleaning out your whole bag. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Flying With Shampoo 

Why do liquids leak during plane travel?

Liquids leak in your luggage due to the pressure changing in the aircraft, causing them to explode, it's always best to tape your bottle lids to be on the safe side.

What size bottle of shampoo can I take in my carry on? 

You will have to take a special shampoo under 3.4 ounces on a plane or try solid toiletries like shampoo bars. All liquids must be under 3.4 ounces and fit within a quart-sized bag in your carry on luggage.

Which size liquid items can I take in my checked luggage?

In your checked bag you can take full-sized liquids, there are no restrictions or allowances when it comes to liquids.

What toiletries can I pack in my carry on luggage?

In your hand luggage, it's best to pack essentials only to save space, but if you are wondering what you can bring on board, follow this list; any liquids under 3.4 ounces in a quart-sized bag, solid toiletries, powders under 340g.

Can You Pack Shampoo In Checked Luggage?

Last Words

Overall, you can pack shampoo in your checked luggage with no restrictions, just make sure the toiletries are packed well with the lid taped or even consider switching it over to a leak-proof container.

Don't try to pack full-sized shampoo into your hand luggage since there is a liquid rule of 3.4 ounces, instead pack a travel-sized shampoo or a solid shampoo bar which will not be restricted. 

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