Can You Take A Bottle Opener In Hand Luggage?

Is A Bottle Opener Okay To Take In Carry On Luggage?

To avoid delays at airport security, you need to make sure you know exactly what you should and should not be bringing in your carry-on bags. 

Bottle openers are okay to take in carry-on luggage as long as they have no sharp blade, otherwise, they must be packed in your checked luggage.

We've put together a guide below which will discuss if you can bring a corkscrew on a plane, if bottles are allowed on a plane and if you can take alcohol on a plane. 

Can I Bring A Corkscrew On A Plane? 

A corkscrew is okay to bring in your carry on luggage and checked bag, however, if the type of wine opener has a blade it is not allowed since it is classed as a sharp object. Wine bottle openers with a wine foil cutter are also only allowed in your checked bag or will be confiscated by luggage handlers. 

Can You Take A Bottle Opener In Hand Luggage?

Are Bottles Allowed On A Flight? 

If you're a wine snob and want to bring your bottle of wine onboard a flight, you might be wondering what the rules are relating to bringing bottles in your carry on luggage. 

Well, you cannot bring bottles larger than 100ml on a plane due to the liquids rule, so you can only bring empty bottles in your hand luggage.

Can You Take A Bottle Opener In Hand Luggage?

Can I Take Alcohol On A Plane?

Alcohol can be brought on a plane if brought duty-free, you are allowed to take up to 5 litres in your hand luggage between 25-70%, below this percentage, there is no limit on how much alcohol you bring on board. 

In your checked luggage you can pack as much alcohol as you want as long it is under 140% proof, make sure you pack bottles well, wrapping them in clothes and avoiding them touching one another to stop them from breaking.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bottle Openers & Hand Luggage

Why are some wine bottle openers not allowed in hand luggage? 

Corkscrews without blades and wine bottle foil cutters are okay to bring in carry on, ones which have these are classed as having sharp edges which could be used as a weapon.

Can I take my alcohol on a plane? 

You can only bring alcohol on a plane if it's under 100ml or if you buy it duty-free, larger than this it will need to be packed into your checked baggage instead where restrictions do not apply and carefully wrapped.

Is it okay to take a pocket bottle opener on a plane?

Yes, most pocket bottle openers are okay to take on a plane but they must not have any sharp edges otherwise TSA might confiscate them because they could be used as a weapon.

Can You Take A Bottle Opener In Hand Luggage?

Last Words

Overall, bottle openers are okay to pack in your hand luggage as long as they do not have blades or sharp edges, for wine openers you must make sure they do not have blades and foil cutters, otherwise, they will need to be put in your checked luggage. 

Remember that if you want to bring your alcohol on a plane you must make sure that it's under 100ml or buy it through duty-free.

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