Can You Bring Spices On A Plane? Find Out Here!

Can You Bring Spices On A Plane? A complete Guide

Is it possible to carry spices on a plane? Are there different regulations for flights inside the country vs those between countries? And how long will spices keep in your suitcase before they go bad? Take a look below for the solutions.

This is due to the fact that a large jar of spices might impede clean pictures on the x-ray machine, making it more difficult for TSA inspectors to examine bags for harmful materials. To facilitate further screening by TSA personnel, please remove any spices in containers bigger than 12 oz. A 12-ounce jar of spices is a substantial amount. Pre-packaged spices from companies like McCormick often come in tiny jars that hold little more than 2 ounces. That means you may relax at the airport security checkpoint unless you happen to be carrying an exceptionally big number of spices onto the aircraft. Do not worry about checking the spices back into your checked luggage.

Putting big spice jars in checked baggage might save you time at the airport security checkpoint. But if the possible delay is OK with you, there's no need to!

The TSA does not allow you to bring wet spices like curry paste through security. Your liquids, gels, and aerosols must all weigh less than or equal to 3.4 ounces and fit within your quart-size carry-on bag.

It's also OK to bring fresh spices with you on the plane.

Carry-on baggage restrictions do not apply to any solid foods. The contents of your quart-sized bag should only include liquids, pastes, and other easily spreadable items.

What is the best way to transport spices?

Labeling the containers in which the spices are stored is a crucial initial step. Instead of bottles or glass, use tiny plastic containers for storage.

This is due to the fact that bringing spices on an airplane in glass or plastic bottles might pose problems due to their weight.

When traveling by air, can you carry spices in your checked luggage?

Dry spices and herbs are permitted in carry-on luggage according to the TSA. If the spices are not already packaged, you should keep them in a container or bag that has the ability to have a secure closure placed on it. On domestic flights, you can specify spices with your carrier.

In your carry-on, you are only allowed to bring a maximum of 12 ounces (350 ml) of any ground spices or seasonings. This includes salt, pepper, Cajun seasoning, chili powder, and curry powder. Since ground spices are considered to be powder-like materials by the Transportation Security Administration, passengers who carry more than 12 ounces of ground spices (about equivalent to the size of a standard soda can) may be denied passage through the security checkpoint.

Can you bring spices and seasonings on a plane?

The TSA does accept dry spices and herbs in carry-on bags. Spices should be stored in a container or bag that can be tightly sealed if they are not already packed.

What specific herbs and spices are not permitted on airplanes?

To answer your question, yes, most dried spices are permitted entry into the United States for international visitors traveling by plane. Spices are generally allowed, although those with citrus leaves or seeds are an exception to this rule.

Pack Your Spices In Your Luggage

You may include as many spices as you want in your checked baggage; this is not a restricted item.
You may avoid any hassle by packing your spices away in your checked luggage instead of bringing them on board.
For the most part, you won't have to worry about their shape, but also because carrying a lot of spices, particularly powders, may raise some red flags at the security checkpoint.

You can bring some food in your hand carry but keep in mind do not cross the limit of rules.

Add Some Flavor To Your International Flights With Spices

For noncommercial passengers, there are no prohibitions on bringing spices for culinary purposes on foreign flights.

However, the Kava kava plant is permitted in the UK due to different import restrictions than the United States.

Standard spices are permitted on board international flights to the United Kingdom, Europe, and Canada.

The best course of action, regardless of the size of your cash haul, is to get in touch with your airline or the government website of the country you're visiting.

Like any other commodity, there will be limits on bringing in large quantities and you'll have to disclose them at customs.


May I check a bag containing powder?

If a dispute over a powder-like material in a passenger's carry-on bag arises at the central checkpoint and cannot be resolved, the item will be discarded. It's recommended that you pack any powders in your suitcase. You can also take your personal grooming things like shampoo, cream, cleanser, and face powder.

Can I bring a water bottle on board?

If you're thirsty on your flight, know that you can't carry a full bottle of water through security, but you may bring an empty bottle and fill it up after you've passed inspection. To top it all off, doing so will help you save money. You can also bring dairy products, fish products, gel products, herbal products, specific liquid products, meat products, plant products, and wildlife products on domestic and international flights according to the rules.


In conclusion, spices are allowed in both carry-on and checked luggage while traveling by air.

Wet or liquid spices must adhere to the TSA 3-1-1 liquid guideline while traveling in a carry-on, with no more than 3.4 OZ / 100 ml for each bottle put in your toiletry bag.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience.

Have a safe trip.

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