Can You Bring A Baseball Bat On A Plane?

Can You Travel With A Baseball Bat On A Plane?

‍Baseball bats may be an unlikely choice of travel companion, as they can also double as a potential weapon, but you’d be surprised at the number of baseball fans who choose to take their trusty corked companion on the road with them.

However, bringing a baseball bat on a plane is not always that straightforward, especially facing airport security with one. The answers will vary depending on which airport you’re flying from and to, and also which airline you are flying with.

Some airlines have stricter rules than others when it comes to checking in luggage as well as what sort of belongings you can bring onboard and it's also worth keeping in mind that some airports have different safety restrictions too.

Checked Bags

This is the first point to consider if you want to bring your baseball bat on the plane. If you are checking in your bags then this is where the tarmac ends for baseball bats. You can only bring your bag as checked luggage if it is within the size restrictions; these vary from airline to airline.

If your bag is over the size restrictions, you will have no option but to leave your baseball bat behind. Most airlines allow you to check up to 2 bags per person. Some airlines also charge extra if you want to check in a bag that is over 50 lbs.

You should check the airline’s website for more information on baggage policies. If your bag is over the size restrictions, you can still check it in as long as you are willing to pay extra for the larger bag. If you are only traveling with a carry-on bag, then your baseball bat can travel with you.

Carry on

If you are only traveling with carry-on luggage, then your baseball bat can travel with you. This is the best option for bringing your baseball bat along with you. There are no size restrictions when it comes to your carry-on or checked baggage, so you can bring all the gear you need.

You don’t have to leave your baseball bat behind and you don’t have to pay an extra luggage fee for your oversized luggage. The only thing to keep in mind is that you have to take care of your baseball bat when you are traveling.

For example, if you are in a rush and you don’t have time to repack your bag, you can always use a bag with additional compartments or a special sports bag; this will let you move your baseball bat around the airport without having to worry about it getting damaged.

The important thing to remember is that you have to take care of your baseball bat like you might take care of any other fragile luggage. This means making sure it is placed in your bag as neatly and securely as possible, preferably wrapped with bubble wrap, so it doesn’t get damaged.

How Should A Baseball Bat Be Packed On A Plane?

How Should A Baseball Bat Be Packed On A Plane

If you are planning on bringing your baseball bat on the plane with you, then it is best to pack it properly. Baseball bats are notoriously fragile - even the most well-made baseball bats will break on occasion, and they won’t break while they are in your bag.

You have to be careful when packing your baseball bat to ensure that it is not smashed or broken before it even gets on the plane.

The best way to protect your bat is to use some protective gear -many types of baseball bat bags and sleeves are designed to keep your bat safe while you are traveling.

You can use a sports bag or any other sturdy bag that will protect your bat while you are on the move; you can also use a small towel or cloth or bubble wrap to wrap around the bat. This will help keep it safe and secure while it is in your bag.

Baseball Equipment Allowed In Carry-on Bags 

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has adopted a relaxed stance on sports equipment as long as it is packed in your checked luggage.

Baseball bats and protective gear for baseball are allowed by airport employees in carry-on bags, but gloves, headgear, and other athletic equipment may not be. As with all other sporting goods, baseballs and bats must be packed in your checked baggage if you’re traveling internationally.

Baseballs will also need to meet certain size requirements for airline travel.

Some baseball organizations are taking steps to change the rules regarding bat length and cylinder diameter, so check with your league before packing.
If you don't have checked luggage, store your bat inside a soft-sided bag or case to prevent damage.

Baseball Equipment Permitted In Checked Luggage

Baseball equipment bags are permitted in checked luggage. The following items are allowed in your checked bag:

  1. Baseball bats
  2. Baseball balls
  3. Bats and balls for other sports
  4. Catch equipment
  5. Fielding gloves, chest protectors, and leg guards
  6. Gloves of any kind (except batting gloves)
  7. Baseball bat sleeves, baseball helmets, and other basic baseball equipment (to be carried in an all-in-one baseball bag).

Are Metal Baseball Bats Allowed On Planes?

The use of metal bats in baseball is a controversial topic. Some people argue that metal baseball bats should be banned because they are dangerous and can cause injuries to players and spectators. Others claim that banning these bats would violate the game’s tradition and history.

Some airlines have been known to refuse passengers from boarding with a metal baseball bat for security concerns, but this may not apply to all airlines. The issue is further complicated by the fact that some cases of metal bats being allowed on planes have been reported.


A baseball game is a popular sport, and baseball equipment is one of the most iconic sports equipment in the world.

They are also, however, surprisingly delicate, and this is why you should be careful when bringing one on a plane. These sporting tools can easily break if not packed or handled correctly, and if this happens, you’ll be left with nothing more than a clunky piece of wood.

With this in mind, we hope that you have found this blog post helpful!

We have explained the difference between checked and carry-on baggage, as well as the difference between each airline’s rules by answering the question “can you bring a baseball bat on a plane?”

We hope that you have learned a lot from this blog post, and we hope that you can put this information to good use in the future!

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