Can You Bring Rope On A Plane? Find Out Here!

Are Ropes Okay To Bring On A Plane? - Our Guide

If you are going on an adventurous trip you might be wondering if you can pack your climbing rope or even a jump rope on board for your trip. 

Ropes are allowed in both carry-on and checked luggage on a plane since they are not considered a potential weapon.

In our guide below we will take you through why ropes can be taken on a plane, which climbing gear is and isn't allowed on a plane and what else you can't take on a plane.

Why Are Ropes Allowed On A Plane? 

Ropes of any size are fine to take onto a plane as long as they fit within your luggage allowance and don't make your carry-on gear too bulky.

Ropes are okay to bring on a plane since they can't be used as a weapon, only to tie someone or strangle, it's not considered enough to be a risk to plane safety.

Which Climbing Gear Is Allowed On A Plane? 

A climbing rope isn't the only climbing gear you can take on a plane, you can also take many other items on board past the security checkpoint.

  • Personal protection - Personal equipment like helmets for protection when climbing are okay to take on a plane, you can even clip it on to your carry-on.
  • Quickdraws and carabiners - Quickdraws and other nuts are fine to take on a plane in both carry on and checked luggage, airport security might be suspicious however so expect a delay at security. 
  • Other soft goods - Soft goods such as clothing, shoes, sling and other items are fine to take as a carry on, just check the airline regulations around weight.
  • Crash mat - A crash pad isn't ideal to travel with and can contribute to overweight luggage. It will likely not fit into the dimensions of carry-on items therefore we suggest renting one at your destination.

Which Climbing Gear Can I Not Take On A Plane?

Now we've gone over which gear you take on a plane to a climbing destination, let's discuss which gear you shouldn't take on a plane.

  • Ice climbing gear - Ice climbing equipment like screws or crampons can only be taken in checked luggage because of their sharp edges, this gear can also be heavy so make sure to check the weight of your luggage.
  • White gas canisters - If you want to take a stove with you camping you are not allowed to take any propane gas stoves with you or canisters. Instead, bring a stove without fuel.
  • Cooking knives - Knives, axes and any other saws are not allowed to be taken on a plane since they could be used as a weapon.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bringing Ropes On Planes

What is considered dangerous items to take on a plane?

Some dangerous items to take on a plane are weapons, sharp items, compressed gases, explosives and flammable liquids, they will be confiscated by security.

How much should carry-on baggage weigh?

Carry-on luggage will have different weight restrictions according to the airlines, on average hand luggage has a restricted weight of 6-8kg.

Can resistance bands be taken on a plane?

Resistance bands are fine to take on a plane for working out with no restrictions.

Are skipping ropes okay to bring on a plane?

Skipping ropes are okay to pack in both checked and hand luggage since they are not classed as a weapon.

Which rock climbing gear can I bring on a plane?

Harnesses, ropes, helmets and climbing shoes are all okay to bring on a plane, just make sure they fit in your carry on bag.

Final Words

Overall, you can bring a rope on a plane with no restrictions whether in hand or checked luggage. Any sharp climbing gear might not be allowed in your carry on luggage therefore pack in your checked luggage when in doubt, however most gears such as harnesses, shoes and ropes are fine to bring on a plane.

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