Can You Take Aftershave In Hand Luggage? Let's Find Out!

Aftershave can be a very important bit of kit in a man's grooming routine. Soothing the skin after a close shave, stopping a bumpy texture developing and preventing your skin growing tight and irritable. So, can you take it on the plane with you?

Can you take aftershave in hand luggage? Yes! However, aftershave is counted as a liquid and will be subject to the same rules by any security check. Airport security staff will not allow you to take more than 100ml individual containers, fitting into a quart sized bag.

Can You Take Aftershave In Hand Luggage?

While some liquids may have special restrictions lifted in your baggage allowance, such as baby milk, liquid medicines, and some liquid make up like lip gloss, aftershave does not. This is to prevet the transport of toxic substances and bomb making materials onto an aircraft. 

Similar restrictions apply to other items during air travel. Electronic devices, carry on liquids, food items, and medical equipment can all vary depending on security concerns. Liquids in containers have been attempted to be used for explosive devices in the past, as well as stunning devices. 

Aftershave, Perfume, and Cologne

When it comes to air travel, hand luggage is designed for you to carry personal items for grooming and self care. Containers larger than 100ml pack liquids are therefore security concerns, and deemed unreasonably large to pass through a security checkpoint.

This applies to a perfume bottle, a bottle of cologne, and aftershave bottles. However, you may be curious to know how you can transport a bottle of cologne or aftershave bottles, as these are common items to bring back home on an international flight. 

Depending on the volume you are returning with, these fragrant products can be classed as duty free liquids. This means you will not have to pay an extensive customs fee when bringing it through a border, or security checkpoint. 

However this will likely be done in checked luggage rather than your 100ml containers. Liquid containers in hand luggage limit what you can carry to 100ml bottles, and 3.4 ounce containers. Every passenger only gets one quart sized, clear plastic bag each. So you better make yours count.

Does Aftershave Count as a Liquid?

Aftershave and cologne (eau de toillette) both count as liquids. This makes it difficult for them to get past TSA. Other liquids you should be looking out for may also surprise you, and you may not even consider all of them liquids. These are TSA guide lines:

  • Liquids like gels, aerosols, creams, and pastes must be in containers no more than 3.4 ounces (100 millilitres). 
  • All containers must fit in a one-quart plastic zip-top bag.
  • One quart bag per passenger.
  • Luggage plastic or vinyl and must be clear.
  • The rules apply to all liquids, including:
    •  Gels (such as the 2.5kg dry ice per person limit on most airlines)
    • Aftershave
    • Bottles of perfume 
    • Lotions
    • Water liquid or semi liquid food (such as baby food)
    • Cream
    • Oils
    • Pastes
    • Powders (such as baby formula)
    • Sprays
    • Aerosols (such as spray deodorants or hairspray)
    • Ointments
    • Souvenir items
    • Syrups and other similar products
Does Aftershave Count as a Liquid?

Flammable substances like alcohol and lighter fluid can be difficult to bring on the plane as hand luggage as well, and often times you will be better off leaving liquids in checked baggage. Legal restrictions like these also make otherwise innocent products a security risk. 

Baby food for example, or talcum powders to leave your skin soft. Having the 100ml limit applied to these makes them sound dangerous, and facing the same level of security risk as martial arts equipment of razor blades. 

The quantity limit can be managed subject to operator approval, for items such as essential medicines. However, if you're looking to have the limit waived for pepper spray or containers of breast milk, you will not have too much luck. 

Other Shaving Equipment

With resealable plastic, you should be find carrying most liquids through the restrictions. Carrying a fragrance like Armani Code or Calvin Klein through as hand luggage is difficult, but not impossible. At least when you compare it to actually dangerous items, like box cutters or a nail gun.

Duty free items are always popular to bring back home with you, and airlines know this. As such, many airlines actually sell cologne and aftershave on the flight. Ryan Air for example fly with several duty free items, including fragrances and tobacco. 

Electrical items for shaving, such as an electric razor, are best left in checked luggage. Electronic items and fragile items may not survive the flight if placed in the cabin, and leaks of batteries can cause fires and the spread of acid. Very dangerous!

Airport Security and Checked Luggage

solid foods can be taken on board, but if you can't eat them solid for medical reasons then let cabin crew know. They may be able to help, or the operator may waive some of your allowance for your dietary requirements. 

Baggage requirements are more designed to help airport staff stop plastic explosives and inappropriate content from passing through. Unless you're packing particularly problematic items like an imitation explosive or an electronic cigarette, airport staff are unlikely to stop you. 

The rule for liquids is designed with your safety in mind, and the safety of everyone else flying with you. Check baggage will allow you to transport any volume of liquid, and extra baggage is commonly available for purchase. 

Airport Security and Checked Luggage

So if you can't fit something in your carry on baggage, make sure you are only packing what you absolutely need. 100ml of liquid is not a lot, and airport security departments are unlikely to bend the rules for you without valid reason. 

Personal care products, medicines, and toiletries are best taken as carry on baggage. Anything else, including aftershave, should be put into check baggage. The rules for liquid content apply to every flight, and it may surprise you what exactly is counted as a liquid by the TSA. 

Essential medication and medication requirements can always be catered to, so be sure to inform your flight provider or airport security of your medication requirements in advance of flying. This can be done during check in, but prior to this can also give them more time to prepare for your needs. 

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