How Many Suitcases Can You Take On A Plane? Find Out Here!

How Many Suitcases Can You Bring On A Plane?

You might think that your suitcase limit is only two, but that assumption isn't true at all! There are actually several categories where you can fly without paying any extra fees. Here are four of those categories:

1. Hand Bags

2. Small Carry-On Luggage

3. Personal Electronics

4. Large and Extra-Large Checked Baggage

If you're already familiar with all of those, then congratulations! But there's still another category that we haven't talked about yet.

That category is hand luggage. Because most airlines charge extra fees for checked baggage, not everyone knows that they can fly with carry-ons and still save money.

Alaska Airlines

For most travellers planning to fly Alaska Airlines, there's no baggage fee on this budget airline. However, if you plan to carry items weighing at least 10 pounds, there are certain exceptions.

Here are the specific rules about checking luggage on Alaska Airlines:

  • First-class passengers may carry two pieces of cabin baggage per trip, including personal effects
  • Business class passengers, may carry four pieces of cabin baggage per flight, including personal effects and checked bags
  • All economy passengers may carry only one piece of cabin baggage per flight.

There is no additional weight allowance for checked baggage. To save time, check your airline's website to find out whether you should pack light or heavy.

Allegiant Air

Most airlines charge luggage fees at the airport. While those fees vary depending upon the airline and where you fly, on domestic flights or international flights, most require a fee for checked baggage and sometimes carry-ons.

When flying domestically, there are rules regarding how many carry-on items passengers can pack. Most major airlines limit passengers to 2 carry-on bags and 1 personal item - no additional suitcases allowed. S

Some airlines permit 3 small carry-on bags, but Allegiant allows 4 bags total.

American Airlines

American Airlines allows travellers to travel with two checked bags plus a personal item for free.

However, if you want to add additional luggage to your carry-on bag, it will cost $25 per bag. So, depending on where you're flying, you may need to decide between bringing multiple suitcases or only checking one large suitcase.

Cape Air

Your Cape Air tickets include a checked baggage allowance for your extra luggage space. That means that you can carry any combination of luggage, including more than 1 suitcase per person for allowable luggage weight.

You may, however, only carry handbags or small personal items, such as laptops, tablets, umbrellas, etc.

Airlines sometimes charge additional fees if you decide to fly with more than 1 suitcase. Each carrier sets its own rules regarding suitcases, and they vary depending on the airline.

Check with your airline to find out whether or not you'll be permitted to bring a second suitcase on board. If you are allowed, you should count on being able to pack at least 2 suitcases in your bag.

If you travel frequently between the US and Europe, consider buying a flexible soft-sided suitcase, such as those made by Samsonite, Tumi or Everlost.

These types of bags come in various sizes, from 13 inches wide to 22 inches wide, making them ideal for packing multiple pieces of clothing.

Delta Air Lines

Delta Airlines is known for being one of the most trusted airlines. They offer great deals on airfare and other services, making them a must-have airline for frequent travellers.

One of Delta’s best perks involves no baggage fee at all. Whether you travel domestically or internationally, there’s nothing stopping you from bringing as much luggage as you want, absolutely free of charge.

You might think that means you can carry whatever you want in your suitcase, but there are certain restrictions.

First off, there’s only one bag per person allowed to fly for free. After that, you’ll still need to pay the regularly checked bag fee (typically $25), plus any unexpected luggage fees for oversized items.

However, once you reach the weight limit of 100 pounds, you won’t have to worry about anything else.

Frontier Airlines

If you want to travel light, there's no better airline than Frontier Airlines. Their luggage policy makes flying easier and more convenient, especially for those travelling with lots of baggage.

While most airlines charge an additional fee for checking a bag, Frontier charges nothing at all.

Suitcase sizes vary depending on the airline, but most standard-sized planes won't let you carry more than two 20-inch suitcases.

However, if you fly with Frontier Airlines, you can bring as many items as you'd like, including larger suitcases!

Hawaiian Airlines

You should try flying Hawaiian airlines whenever possible. This airline offers some of the most convenient travel because of its including in the low-cost airlines. Not only does their flight service include frequent routes between major cities throughout the US, but they also have a lot of Hawaii flights.

Another great difference between Hawaiian Airlines is that their international flights require no additional baggage fees and they have special airline membership which includes basic economy flights, which makes them exceptional from other expensive flights do not bring fragile items to this service airline to avoid any hustling damage.

There are two types of baggage fees: checked and carry-on baggage. Depending on where you fly, you'll either be required to pre-check or pre-pay for your luggage at the airport for your overweight luggage.

For regular passengers, the fee can range from $25-$75 depending on whether you buy tickets online or through a travel agent. However, if you book directly with Hawaiian Airlines, there is no charge for carry-on baggage.


The rulebook states that if you have checked baggage, you can carry two carry-ons and one personal item per passenger.

However, JetBlue Airways allows passengers to carry four additional items total per flight, including laptop cases and briefcases. As long as you meet weight requirements, you should be able to travel with a variety of items.

Once you determine that you'll be allowed to pack more than two suitcases, start planning accordingly. Choose carefully and decide which items you absolutely must bring with you, versus those you'd rather leave behind.

Do you really need that heavy bag you won't be able to check? Or do you prefer to wait until you arrive at your destination to unpack and store your belongings safely? Think through every aspect of your trip before booking tickets and packing. You'll save yourself plenty of aggravation later.

Silver Airways

You can bring two pieces of luggage and one carry-on suitcase onto Silver Airways flights. However, there is no limit on the weight that you can carry. If you want to bring more luggage with you, you'll need to pay additional baggage fees.

The most common type of aircraft used by airlines is called the Boeing 777. It's a widebody jet airliner that seats anywhere from 400 to 500 passengers.

These planes tend to be less expensive to operate than narrowbodies, which means you're probably going to save money if you decide to fly with Silver Airways.

The best part of flying with Silver Airways is that you can bring more luggage without paying extra fees. 

Southwest Airlines

You can only carry one piece of checked baggage per person on Southwest Airlines flights. However, there are exceptions to this rule. If you travel frequently, you should purchase additional luggage tags for $9.95-$39.95 per tag.

These tags let you board your flight with multiple pieces of luggage. You'll receive a separate boarding pass for each bag, allowing you to enter and exit the airport without hassle. There are no restrictions when travelling internationally. What does this mean?

There are several reasons why airlines charge passengers for carrying multiple pieces of checked baggage.

First off, carrying multiple pieces of checked luggage is dangerous. Since most airports require travellers to wait in long lines at ticket counters and security checkpoints, it can be difficult to find time to unpack and repack your suitcase.

This makes it hard to quickly catch your connecting flight. Moreover, there is a risk of losing checked baggage, which adds cost to the airline. Another reason is that many airports limit the total weight of all checked baggage allowed aboard a plane.

Overweight bags can cause damage to planes because they tend to weigh down the seats and cargo hold. Lastly, carrying heavy baggage increases fuel consumption, thus adding costs to the airline.

Spirit Airlines

Airlines typically charge fees for checked luggage. However, Spirit Airlines allows passengers to carry up to two personal items for free. While travelling domestically, travellers may choose between two types of bags; standard-sized and large.

Standard-sized bags cost $25 per bag, whereas large bags cost $100. Passengers who purchase tickets at least 24 hours prior to travel are eligible for free baggage allowance.

Passengers can only carry two bags, regardless of size. Be aware that there may be additional charges for oversized luggage if it weighs more than 50 pounds.

Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country Airlines offers great deals on airfare, making it easier than ever to fly domestically. Plus, Sun Country gives travellers a lot more flexibility when booking travel plans.

Some airlines charge you extra fees for bringing additional luggage onto the plane, but not SUN COUNTRY! So long as you spend at least $99.95 + tax on your flight, you won't be charged anything extra for checking in baggage.

And that doesn't mean there's any limit on how many bags you can bring - as long as you purchase a ticket within 30 days of flying, you'll be able to bring as many bags as you'd like.

United Airlines

There are rules regarding the number of suitcases that can be carried onto planes at no charge. These rules are posted on United Airlines' website, but sometimes travellers forget to look there. So, it pays to keep tabs on this rule yourself.

United Airlines allows passengers to carry two pieces of luggage per person for free. However, if you want to bring any additional items, you'll be charged $25 for every 20 pounds of cargo.

You may not realize that you should be charging baggage fees until you start checking online. United Airlines offers online services, including online check-in and boarding passes, so you can avoid waiting in long lines and paying exorbitant baggage fees.

Size Limits For Carry-on Bags Per Airline

There are certain limits that apply to the sizes of carry-on bags per airline. These include the dimensions of the bags themselves, as well as the width of the space available for passengers' carry-ons.

Since there are only a limited number of spaces available for passengers' carry-on items, travellers should look carefully at the size requirements of every airline in order to avoid being charged extra baggage fees. Some airlines charge additional fees for large carry-on bags.

Some airlines permit travellers to pack larger bags if necessary, provided that the total weight does not exceed 50lbs. Be prepared to pay any extra charges for oversized carry-on baggage. Luggage Limit.

What Size Luggage Can I Bring On An International Flight?

Airlines usually charge extra fees if travellers bring oversized luggage onto flights. Most airlines require travellers to pack at least 50% of their carry-on bags inside the overhead compartment.

However, the international airline industry has adopted a 62-inch rule where only luggage that measures less than 62 inches by 14 inches can fit in the overhead compartment. There are exceptions though, such as medical supplies or infant equipment.

For domestic travel, most airports will not charge any extra fees for oversized baggage. But if you plan on flying internationally, you should watch out for extra charges.

Some carriers charge extra fees for checked bags, even if those bags are under 62 inches long and 12 inches wide.

And there might be restrictions on the number of pieces of checked luggage passengers can take onboard. So, when planning on travelling internationally, keep all of this in mind!

Do International Flights Have Any Restrictions On What I Can Bring In Checked Luggage?

When travelling internationally, there are certain items that you should not bring into the country. These include weapons, illegal drugs, and ammunition.

However, many airlines now allow small amounts of carry-on luggage, including personal hygiene products, baby supplies, medications, sports equipment, and gifts.

Depending on where you are going, you might be able to bring in a lot of things without incurring extra fees.

However, if you plan to travel internationally, you'll probably want to pack light. There are no restrictions on the size of checked baggage you can take with you.

You don't want to weigh yourself down when flying long distances. Carry-on luggage typically allows for more storage space. So, it makes sense to prioritize bringing only the essentials.

What Are The Special Luggage Regulations?

You may think that you can bring whatever you'd like onto an aeroplane, but you actually cannot. Every piece of luggage must fit within certain dimensions and weight restrictions.

For instance, most airlines limit the number of bags to two per passenger. Here are the specific rules for what you can and cannot carry on board an aeroplane:

  • Each traveller may only bring two pieces of checked baggage and a personal item on board.
  • All luggage needs to measure less than 158cm (62 inches) wide, 56cm (22 inches) deep, and 45kg (100 pounds) in total.
  • Travellers may not exceed 50kg (110 pounds) if travelling internationally.

As long as you comply with airline baggage policies, you should never face any problems flying with your luggage.

However, if you try to sneak anything extra through security, you might find yourself getting fined or banned from flying all together!

What Alternatives Exist To Checking Extra Luggage?

There are several alternatives available if you want to avoid checking extra baggage. One option is to purchase a checked bag online through the airline website.

Another alternative is to pay extra to check luggage at the airport. However, another option is to buy an oversized suitcase and pack it with your belongings. While many airlines restrict the maximum weight of checked bags, most airlines still allow oversized suitcases.

You can also request a carry-on-only ticket instead of checking baggage. However, many airports require that you carry on at least half of your luggage due to security concerns.

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