Can You Take Glassware On A Plane? Find Out Here!

Can You Bring Glassware On A Plane?

Whether you're traveling domestically or internationally, you can bring almost any glassware on board. Just keep in mind that you must remove any sharp objects from your bag before checking in. And remember to pack your glassware properly. Otherwise, you risk damaging it during transport!"

There are certain types of glass items that you should not carry onto planes. These include knives, scissors, razors, and any sharp object that could cause harm if broken. However, there are plenty of other glass items that you can bring on board without worrying about being denied entry.

For instance, you can bring glass wine bottles, champagne flutes, stemless wine glasses, beer mugs, coffee cups, teacups, and glass waterbottles. There are no restrictions on bringing food containers, including plastic bags, paper plates, and Styrofoam boxes.

Some airlines may refuse to let you fly with glass wares like glass bottles, glass vases, glass picture frames, glass jars, glass gifts, glass bowls, glass coverings, etc.

If this happens, you'll need to either remove the item from your luggage or leave it behind. Don't worry though; you won't lose any points for leaving it behind. Instead, you'll receive a refund for the cost of the item.

TSA Glass Rules

You may not realize it, but there are rules regarding what you can and cannot carry onto airplanes. Most airlines require passengers to remove any sharp objects from their bags before checking in. Some airlines also require passengers to remove certain types of liquids from their luggage.

There are certain rules regarding carry-ons and checked luggage at airports. One of those special rules is that glass containers cannot exceed 1 quart in volume. However, TSA regulations state that if you are traveling within the United States, you may bring glass containers that hold less than 3 ounces of liquid through security checkpoints.

Carry On Luggage

You can bring glass on a flight in your carry-on so far as long as it isn't sharp or very heavy. You can't bring a glass knife for instance or anything that could be potentially dangerous.

And you can't bring any extremely heavy glass objects that could cause a concussion should you start whacking people in the head with it.

So, if you're planning on bringing a glass sculpture on a flight, make sure it's not sharp or very heavy and that it won't cause a lot of trouble if you accidentally break it.

Checked Baggage

If you are planning on checking any glass items in your carry-on bag, then you should probably avoid doing so. Not only does it risk getting damaged during travel, but it may also cause problems at security checkpoints.

You should consider packing glass items in your checked bag instead. Wrap and package your glass item very carefully, especially if you are traveling with alcohol.

There is nothing to stop you from packing glass items in your carry-on bag, but you should still try to avoid it. Pack your glass items in your checked luggage so you can take care of them and make sure nothing gets damaged.

How To Carry Glassware On A Plane Securely

Glassware needs to be securely carried on planes. Otherwise, it may break and cause injury to passengers.

To prevent this from happening, surround the container holding your glassware with a bunch of soft clothes and towels.

Place the glassware in the center of the luggage compartment where there is room for it. Then, layer the other side of the luggage compartment with soft items like clothes.

Packing Your Glassware

Glassware needs to be securely packed so that it doesn't break during travel. One of the easiest ways to secure your glassware is to surround it with soft items.

Place your glassware inside a suitcase that already has soft items like a bunch of clothes on either side. Then, add additional soft items on top of the glassware.

Another option is to use a luggage bag that has a zipper cover. Layering the glassware between two layers of clothes and placing it in the center of the luggage bag makes it easier to protect the glassware from being damaged.

Personal Item

My biggest bit of advice would be to place your glass objects in your item if you can. For example, when I travel with glass objects, I wrap them sufficiently in newspapers, clothing items, or another type of padded wrap depending upon how fragile they are.

If you don't have a personal item, try packing your glassware in a separate bag. Just make sure that it fits comfortably in your backpack. Also, make sure that you label the bag clearly so that you can easily identify it later.


You'll want to pack your glass carefully if you plan on flying with it. There are several steps you should take to avoid any damage to your glass. First, you'll want to remove the packing material from around the glass. Then, you'll want to wrap the glass tightly in plastic wrap. Finally, you'll want to tape down the edges of the glass to prevent it from bouncing around inside your bag.

Checked Baggage

You may not realize it, but there are certain rules regarding transporting glass in your checked baggage. Here are the guidelines:

  • Pack glass in a box or container that is larger than the object itself.
  • Place the box inside another box or container that is bigger than the glass.
  • Secure the boxes using tape or strapping.
  • Do not pack fragile glass items in your checked luggage.
  • Keep the contents of your checked bags under control.
  • Never leave anything unattended in your checked bags.
  • Always keep your checked bags out of reach of passengers.
  • Be aware of any restrictions on carrying liquids in your checked bags. Some airlines prohibit the transportation of liquid containers in checked baggage.
  • Ensure that your checked bags arrive safely at your destination.
  • Follow airline regulations regarding the weight of your checked bags.
  • Avoid placing heavy items in your checked bags. If you must travel with heavier items, consider shipping them instead.
  • Remember that if you are flying internationally, you may be subject to additional security measures.
  • If you are traveling with children, be sure to pack age-appropriate safety equipment.
  • If you are traveling by car, remember to bring along a cooler and ice packs.

How To Secure Your Glassware

Glassware needs to be securely stored during travel. Securing your glassware ensures that it doesn't break when it hits other hard items.

A great way to secure your glassware is to surround it with soft items. Layering the bottom half of your luggage with soft items makes it easier to protect your glassware from getting damaged.

You can also layer the top half of your luggage with softer items. This helps prevent any glassware from hitting anything hard.

Some special luggage bags add extra security and durability for delicate items by using memory foam. These can cost a bit more, but they are worth every penny.

Tips For Bringing Specific Glassware On A Plane

Drinking glasses

You can bring drinking glasses on a plane if you pack them properly. First, fill the well of the drinking glass with paper or bubble wrap. Then wrap the glass with several sheets of bubble wrap. Finally, place the glass inside a box with a cardboard divider.

Some types of glasses are a bit trickier to transport. Flutes and wine glasses require extra layers of bubble wrap to keep them safe during travel. Also, you may need a larger box to hold multiple flutes or wine glasses.

So when transporting drinking glasses, be aware of how much space you'll need to store them safely. You might struggle to find enough room in your suitcase to carry all of your drinking glasses.

Shot glasses

You can easily pack small items like shot glasses in your carry-on luggage if you plan. Just make sure that you pack enough bubble wrap to protect them during travel.

For example, I once stuffed something like twenty-four shot glasses in my checked bag when returning from Australia. All of them survived! It was pretty amazing. I had no idea that I could fit so many shot glasses in my suitcase without any problems at all.

Nowadays, airlines usually charge $25 per pound for checked baggage. So, if you're packing a lot of glassware, you might want to consider checking it instead.

Just remember to pack plenty of bubble wrap to protect your belongings during travel.

Does Glassware Explode On Planes?

Glassware does not explode on planes. However, if you find your piece of glass broken during a flight, there are several reasons why it may happen.

  • It could be due to movement in the plane's hold or poor baggage handling.
  • If the bottle or vase was opened at the airport, then the liquid inside will evaporate and leave behind air pockets. These air pockets can cause the glass to break.

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