Can You Bring Dried Mushrooms On A Plane? Find Out Here!

Are Dried Mushrooms Okay To Bring On A Plane? - Our Guide!

If you're bringing some dried mushrooms from abroad for cooking or maybe as herbal medicine, you might be wondering if dried mushrooms are okay to take on a plane or if will they get confiscated?

Dried mushrooms are normally okay to take in both hand luggage and checked luggage without restrictions as long as they remain in their commercial packages.

We've discussed in more detail below about bringing mushrooms on a plane which foods you can bring on a plane and if shrooms are allowed on a plane. 

Why Are Dried Mushrooms Allowed On A Plane? 

Dried mushrooms and most other dried foods are okay to take on a plane, the restrictions in hand luggage are mostly around liquid foods like yogurt for example which have to be under 100ml.

The only time dried mushrooms might not be allowed on a plane is if they are not in their original packaging.

Can Fresh Mushrooms Be Taken On A Plane?

Regular mushrooms are also okay to take on a plane as long as they remain in their package and are cleaned and free of soil and mushroom matter. 

Still, this might depend on the type of mushroom you are bringing on board, the following types of mushroom might not be permitted on a plane.

  • Amanita phalloides - Also known as the 'death cap', this mushroom has amatoxins inside of it which cause coma or death in over 50% of people who ingest it.
  • Conocybe filaris - This kind of mushroom is often found on lawns and has mycotoxins making it very dangerous and causing stomach distress when consumed and even death in some cases.
  • Galerina marginata - These mushrooms also contain the same amatoxins as death caps, they have been mistaken in the past for being psychedelic mushrooms and edible mushrooms resulting in death.

Which Foods Require A Phytosanitary Certificate For Travel?

If you're planning to travel with some edible plants or other kinds of herbs you might require a Phytosanitary certificate to bring them into another country. 

A phytosanitary certificate is a certificate which shows the plant or food type plant you are bringing into a country has been inspected, in line with EU requirements and free of pests.

The only fruit foods which do not require this certificate are banana, coconut, pineapple, durian and dates.

Which Foods Can I/Cannot Bring On A Plane? 

If you are planning to bring food on the plane for snacks or maybe your favourite treats from abroad as gifts, it's important to know exactly which foods you can or cannot bring on a plane to avoid getting held up at security.

  • Spreadable food - Spreadable food items such as peanut butter and cheese spreads have to be under 3.4 ounces in order to be okay to take on a plane.
  • Cakes and pies - Pies and cakes are okay to take on board a plane even with soft centres.
  • Meat and fish - Meat and fish animal products can be carried on board a plane without restrictions as long as they are packed properly with freezer blocks in order to keep them cool.
  • Can foods - Dips, cans, sauces or chutneys must be stored in under a 3.4-ounce container for them to be allowed in hand luggage or they should be packed in checked luggage.
  • Smelly foods - Do your plane neighbors a favour and keep the tuna sandwich at home to avoid disturbing other passengers with the smell!

Can You Bring Homemade Food Products On A Plane?

As well as mushrooms, you might be wondering if you can take your homemade mushroom meals on a plane like mushroom pate, and mushroom soup? 

Most homemade foods can be taken on a plane but you have to make sure they adhere to the TSA rules, for example, they should be under 3.4 ounces if they contain liquids or spreads.

Are Shrooms Allowed On A Plane?

In regards to dried mushrooms being okay to take on planes, many people wonder if the drug shrooms are also allowed on planes?

Shrooms are not legally allowed on board a plane in most countries like marijuana / associated products and will likely be confiscated if found at airport security. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Bringing Dried Mushrooms On A Plane 

Which species of mushrooms are most common to eat? 

White button species of mushrooms are the most common form of mushroom to eat, brown button mushrooms are also popular.

What is mushroom matter?

Mushroom matter means dirt or soil, mushroom mata is a kind of mushroom curry, if you were to bring this on a plane you will need to make sure it's under 3.4 ounces.

Are milk products okay to bring on a plane?

Milk is okay to bring on a plane but you want to ensure they are packed in under 3.4 ounce containers and have freezer packs to stop them from spoiling.

Can I take fruit seeds on a plane? 

Fruit seeds may be okay to take in hand luggage and checked luggage as long as the seeds are of a permitted database of fruits and inspected, you also have to check the country you are travelling to allows them.

Are edible mushrooms illegal to take in checked luggage? 

Edible mushrooms with psychedelic properties are not okay to take on a plane and are illegal, they will be confiscated and you get into serious trouble if found with them abroad. 

Final Words

Overall, dried mushrooms are okay to bring on a plane as long as they are in their commercial package, you can also pack them in checked luggage. Foods which are liquid need to be under 3.4 ounces if you want to take them in hand luggage. 

Do not try to take shrooms on board a plane since they will likely get confiscated as they are illegal food products/drugs.

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