Can You Bring Jam On A Plane? Why Not? Explained Here!

Is Jam Considered Liquid?

The main reason we even ask if a nonthreatening jar of jam is allowed on planes is the special rules for liquid in flights.

It's not really a flowy liquid, but a jar of jam is subject to the liquids rule because it is spreadable and could be gel-like - consistencies which are considered in the liquid rule.

Why Can't You Bring Jam On A Plane?

Why Can't You Bring Jam On A Plane?

You may be wondering, why do airlines regulate how you can carry jam? It's such a harmless thing!

Well, anything could be harmful when in the wrong hands. 

Airlines introduced restrictions on how many, how much, and how to carry liquids on flights after an incident where terrorists concealed chemicals in seemingly harmless items.

Dangerous chemicals can be disguised as other liquids.

If any of these chemicals make their way on a plane, terrorists can use them to create explosives or poisons that can endanger the flight and the lives of everyone in it. 

That makes an inspection of a simple jar of jam very much reasonable. 

So, Can You Bring Jam On A Plane?

Yes, you can bring jam on your flights. After all, actual regular jams are harmless.

The real question is how and where you can pack them.

Does Jam Go In Checked Or Carry On Luggage?

You can pack your jam in both checked and carry-on luggage.

Although the quantity and the packaging needed for them will differ on where you decide to pack them.

How To Put Jam In Your Checked Baggage

How To Put Jam In Your Checked Baggage?

You can pack jam in your checked baggage.

In fact, you can pack as much jam as you want in checked baggage as long as you secure them.

The only risk in taking a jam on your flight this way is the container leaking or breaking, causing a mess in your baggage.

Rules for checked baggage are laxer than for carry-on bags.

After all, the risks of anyone using anything that is on a piece of checked baggage to endanger others are close to none because passengers don't get access to these pieces of luggage after they're checked in. 

How To Put Jam In Your Carry-On Baggage

Jams are subject to the liquid rule, so the amount and how you can take it with you to the cabin are regulated. 

The TSA 3-1-1 Liquid Rule:

3 - 3 oz containers and amount limit per liquid product. That's about 100 ml.

1 - one transparent and resealable quart-sized plastic bag. You can bring as many 3oz or 100ml containers as you can fit in your quart-sized bag.

- You can only bring one quart-sized bag.

So, if you want to take jam, or any liquid, with you to the cabin, you need to have or put the jam in containers that are 100ml or 3 oz or less.

Any liquid, including a jar of jam, may be subject to security checkpoint inspection.

How To Pack Jam Properly For Your Flight?

Carry On Baggage

We already know that if you're carrying jam with you to the cabin, it should follow the 3-1-1 liquid rule. 

If you can find and buy travel-sized containers of jam, that'd be ideal.

But, if you're carrying a homemade jar, you can get mini jars pr any suitable containers that are up to 100ml and pack your jam in those. 

Although your jar will be with you for the flight, there's no harm in securing the jar with resealable plastic bags to ensure that no jam will leak into your other things. 

Checked In Baggage

The rules are laxer for check baggage, but the packaging isn't.

You can put conventional jam containers in your check-in luggage without restriction, but you should take all the necessary measures to ensure your other checked-in items will safely arrive at your destination. 

You should pack your checked-in items securely, especially fragile and sticky things like a jar of jam that can potentially ruin the other items in your baggage.

Tips In Packing Jars For Checked-In Baggage

Wrap each jar individually with sealable plastic bags or even just grocery plastic bags as long as you can waterproof and seal it to protect your other items from leaks.

If available, use bubble wrap to cushion your jars, but if not, you can use other soft items like clothes to wrap the jar. Again, make sure to cover the jar with waterproof material such as plastic to avoid ruining other items in case the jar, unfortunately, leaks or breaks. 

Next, place your jars away from other jars, other fragile containers and items, hard items, and the sides of the baggage. This is to prevent them from crashing and breaking. In short, place your jars in the middle of your baggage.

If available, you can also place your jam containers in another larger container and fill the gaps with more products so the jam doesn't move around. 



You can take jams in carry-on baggage as long as they follow the special rules for liquids. 

You can pack jams in your checked-in luggage without restriction; just pack them securely to avoid a sticky mess. 

We hope you and your jam are safe in your travels.

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