Bringing Condoms On A Plane - All You Need To Know!

Can You Take Condoms On A Plane?

You don't only have to have a safe flight to enjoy your vacation. 

There are many ways you can enjoy your trip to the fullest, and a condom can help.

But airport securities are strict when it comes to things you can and can't take to your flight. 

And because of the "taboo" nature of condoms and sex objects in general, they're not mentioned in the guidelines. 

But don't fret - we're here to finally give you an answer!

Are You Allowed To Travel With Condoms?

Are You Allowed To Travel With Condoms?

Absolutely! You're allowed to travel with condoms. 

Having safe intimacy is encouraged and banning people from bringing condoms impedes that. 

Although they are lubricated, which means they have a gel-like substance, it's too little to be included in the liquid rule.

There are no specific regulations about condoms. 

You can pack your condoms in your checked-in and/or carry-on luggage. 

Now that we've established that let's talk about the more important things. 

How To Pack A Condom For Flights

How To Pack A Condom For Flights?

Condoms are performance-based products, meaning they need to be in perfect condition.

It's not a secret that travelling, flying included, can be harsh not only for people but for objects as well. 

And you have to protect your protection, so it effectively protects you later.

In Checked Luggage 

Packing condoms in checked luggage may be a better idea to avoid setting alarms in airport security and potential teasing if your baggage gets inspected.

Still, you need to know that it's not the perfect way to carry your condoms. 

Condoms can be sensitive to changes in temperatures, and it can affect their effectiveness. 

Cargo holds and cabins have the same air pressure, but their temperature can differ. 

Although insulated, cargo holds are more exposed to the elements and have temperature fluctuations that are less or more than the recommended storage temperature for condoms. 

Your condoms will be fine for a short flight, but an international flight with a change in seasons or climates will be riskier.

The thing with condoms is it could be tricky to check their condition (if you even get the chance to.)

In Carry-On

When it comes to safety, bringing condoms with you in your carry-on baggage is ideal than in checked-in baggage.

You can ensure that the condoms aren't harmed in any way if they're near you. 

Also, the average temperature in the cabin is strictly regulated, and thus it has a more constant temperature than in the cargo hold. That eliminates the worries about temperature variations.

You don't have to worry about being embarrassed if airport security needs to inspect your carry-on items for any reason.

In fact, be proud that you're responsible and are using protection!

Still, if you want to keep things a secret, you can request a private security screening. It will take longer than regular screening, but it's an option you can take if you need it.

How Many Condoms Can You Bring In A Flight?

Again, there are no specific regulations about condoms for flights.

That means there are no limits to how many condoms you can bring.

You can bring however many you can fit in your luggage and still meet the size and weight restrictions on your pieces of luggage.  

Bring one or a hundred - the choice is yours!

Although, a huge box of condoms may get inspected to make sure that that box is indeed full or purely condoms. 

Can You Bring Lube On A Plane?

Lube is a different matter because it's liquid or gel, which are strictly regulated in carry-on baggage.

You can bring lube with you in checked-in or carry-on baggage.

However, carrying lubes in carry-on baggage is subject to the liquids rules.

The Liquids Rule:

3 - Each passenger is allowed to bring only 3 oz or 100ml per item of liquid

1 - Those 3 ozs or 100ml containers should be inside a clear quart-sized plastic bag. You can bring as many containers as you can fit in one quart-sized plastic bag.

- Each passenger can only bring one quart-sized plastic bag with them.

Prohibited Items In Flight

For more information, here's a list of generally prohibited items. 

As you can see, no condoms on the list!

  • Explosives of any kind, even replicas and toys
  • Sharp objects
  • Weapons
  • Corrosives
  • Non-rechargeable lithium batteries with more than 2 grams of lithium
  • Harmful and toxic chemicals
  • Radioactive materials
  • Infectious substances
  • Flammable gasses and liquids
  • Heavily magnetized materials
  • Oxidizing materials
  • And other items deemed as security hazards 

Please remember that different airlines and countries can have different rules, restrictions, and laws.

Final Words

There are no specific restrictions or regulations about condoms, so you can bring them with you on your trip.

Just remember to pack them in your carry-on baggage to ensure they're protected, so you become protected later on. 

Safe travels, and see you in another article!

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