Can You Carry Chocolate In Hand Luggage?

Mmmmm…… Chocolate.  Ahhhh……Holidays. Are there really two better things in the world?

Travelling with hand luggage can be a bit of a tricky task, especially if you’re not a seasoned traveller. I have had my fair share of hand luggage only, short-haul flights. And I know how important it is to know what I can and can’t carry with me on the plane. If you know what to do, travelling can be a breeze, so make sure to clue yourself up before going to the airport, to avoid delays at security.

Now, chocolate. Well it’s quite a specific request. But let me put your mind at ease and tell you that when travelling between EU countries, as long as its not a liquid, you can basically take anything on the plane with you.

In some countries, there may be customs restrictions as to what you can actually take into a country. For example, Australia. There are really only a handful of things you can take through customs when entering Australia, and since chocolate falls into the dairy category, i’m afraid you probably can’t bring it through! Whatever you do decide to take through, you must declare. That way you can be safe, and if its not allowed, they will just throw it away. There is more information on the Australian Customs website for more specific information on what you can and can’t bring. By all means you can eat your chocolate on the long haul flight though!

Trust me, I’ve been in the situation before, where I’m in a rush, travelling somewhere for a birthday or occasion, and I’m thinking about what I can pick up as a gift. Chocolate is definitely the most fool proof gift out there. Everyone loves it, and everyone appreciates it. You really can’t go wrong. I have picked up a lovely box of chocolates on my way to the airport, and I have gone through security with no trouble at all. Even the liquid filled ones, theres not enough liquid in there to cause a problem at security, unless you’re taking tonnes and tonnes of it! If in doubt, put them with your liquids!

There is also the question of taking chocolate in your hand luggage, for what other reason, than to eat it on the plane! You’re allowed to indulge in as much chocolate as you like! As long as its solid! The same with any other food item, if its a liquid or gel like food, it must be under 100ml, and stored in a plastic zip-lock bag, and presented at security. Otherwise, pop it in your checked bag!

Chocolate products that you couldn’t take in your hand luggage would be, hot chocolate, chocolate spread, chocolate milkshake or chocolate flavoured liquors. Just remember you’re not allowed pastes, spreads, liquids or gels!

The TSA which have guidelines that really outline the travelling policies of most airlines, and they state that you can really carry almost any food with you. As long as its solid or doesn’t have a high liquid content. You can carry cakes, fruit, vegetables, sandwiches and all solid goods in your hand luggage. When it comes to things like jams, soups or sauces is where you would either have to have them in a container of less than 100ml, and stored in a plastic zip lock bag. Also remember the container can not exceed 100ml even if the amount contained inside is noticeably less. When you go through security you just have to get the bag out before they scan your luggage! Make sure you’re clued up so as to avoid any delays!

You can’t take drinks, with some exceptions made for young babies. With baby food, you are allowed to take enough baby food for the flight, although it doesn’t specify anywhere how much this is. So just make a sensible decision on this. You don’t need to put this in your zip-lock bag if its over 100ml, just present it to security staff and let them know you have it. The same rules apply for formula, juice and breastmilk.

I absolutely love chocolate, and especially when I travel to countries like Switzerland or Belgium, I know I’m going to want to bring a whole load of that back, not only for myself but for my friends and family to experience too! So, of course check the country you’re flying to, but really, chocolate is always fine!

I remember once flying back from Italy, and we had bought so much food in the supermarket, that we didn’t want to go to waste. So we just popped it in some containers and brought it on the flight with us. We couldn’t bring the olives in their brine, but drained, they were fine. We had all sorts, like ham and cheeses, it was all okay! You don’t need to worry, and the worst that will happen at security is it will get thrown in the bin. You’re not going to be escorted away or arrested for trying to have a snack on the plane!

So, before your flight it’s definitely best to research and be clued up on everything, as no-one wants to get delayed at the airport. Just remember, solids - fine, liquids, Travelling can be stressful enough!

And remember, although I try to be as accurate and informative as possible, the final decision will always rest with the airport security officer. It really isn’t worth arguing with their decision, and if you always approach these situations with a smile and a friendly attitude, things might just go a little more in your favour.

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