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Best Travel Luggage For Business Trips - Long Or Short!

Top Choice
Status Roller 42 Litre + Carry On Trolley, Suitcase
  • Price varies by fabric
  • Legal Carry On size (most airlines)
  • Expansion panel adds 15 liters (900 cu. in.)
  • Exterior pocket with padded 17" laptop sleeve. Molded cup rest
  • Made of high-quality Recycled Polyester fabric. Sustainable product, respectful with the environment.
Runner Up
TydeCkare 20 Inch Carry On Luggage for Business Trips, Dark Green
  • FRONT Zipper Pocket: It is design specially for easily accessing electronics. Suggested laptop 15.6 inch or Ipad, etc. 
  • Silent Wheels & Smooth Handle: With soft TPU and lubricating balls inside wheels, luggage adapt to various ground and moves very silent and smoothly in 360°. 
  • Convenient & Functional: Top-mounted TSA locks act to deter theft, ensuring that only you or a TSA agent have easy access to your belongings when traveling.
Kono 24 Inch Hard Shell Luggage Lightweight ABS with 4 Spinner Wheels Business Trip
  • SIZE: 24inch - Height: 65cm, Length: 42cm, Width: 26cm. (25.6”*16.5”*10.2”) Weight: 3.2kg, Capacity:61 litres.
  • MATERIAL: Made of lightweight and durable ABS material, provides long-lasting usage and safety. 
  • HANDLE & LOCK: Adjustable 3-step telescoping handle system and top&side carry handles offers effortless movement during travel. 
  • WHEELS: 4 quiet and solid spinner wheels with 360 degree, easy moving, anti fall ultra-silence and heavy duty wheels. 
  • FEATURE: This fashion strip design is classical. 

When traveling for work or business, carry-on luggage can be difficult to shop for. You need to pack essentials like clothes, but also documents for work.

What is the best travel luggage for business? Four-wheel luggage and rolling suitcases are best in our opinion, but all forms of baggage have their pros and cons.


  • Status Roller 42 Litre + Carry On Trolley, Suitcase

Larger luggage is almost a necessity when it comes to working travel. Various luggage brands make big cases for extra storage space. 

However, large amounts of space don't always mean you can get past airport weight restrictions. So in fact, larger luggage could just weigh you down more. 

A number of luggage evaluations have to be done to decide what will work best for you, especially when deciding between checked-in bags and carry-on luggage. 


  • TydeCkare 20 Inch Carry On Luggage with Front Zipper Pocket, 45L, Convenient for Business Trips, Dark Green

You need durable materials to protect valuable work material and maybe a laptop. You need a 10-year warranty to protect against the constant use of the case. 

You need something distinctive to spot to avoid lines at baggage claim, but at the same time professional enough to be seen in an office. 

Finding the right cabin luggage can be difficult, which is why we are here to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Luggage brands that offer the perfect balance of size and convenience.

So what are our luggage picks? Let's take a look at the different bags you may choose to take, and the brands that make them viable choices. 

Suitcases for Business

When you think travel, you think suitcase. It's only natural, as the pair go hand-in-hand no matter how hard you try to separate them. 

Pieces of luggage are designed to be packed into a suitcase, but that doesn't mean it is always the best option for business. 

A larger suitcase is often a heavier suitcase. If you have weight restrictions and limits, then a heavier suitcase is something you want to try and avoid. 


  • Kono 24 Inch Hard Shell Luggage Lightweight ABS with 4 Spinner Wheels Business Trip

Smart luggage balances between a larger suitcase, and lightweight materials. Non-leather suitcases, a polycarbonate suitcase, these things don't weigh you down. 

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a suitcase for business travel. First, you'll want to make sure the suitcase is lightweight and easy to carry.

Second, you'll want to choose a suitcase with plenty of compartments and pockets to keep all of your belongings organized.

Third, you'll want to make sure the suitcase is durable and able to withstand being thrown around by baggage handlers.

Finally, you'll want to choose a stylish suitcase that will make you look professional. Although admittedly this is becoming less prominent in a modern work environment. 

Luggage designs are typically marketed towards leisure travel, more so than business. Still, a piece of luggage made for leisure can still be good for work.

The Clifton Cabin from ANTLER is as near to perfection as it gets and is packed with features. It certainly passes all our luggage evaluations.

This sturdy hardshell suitcase will complement any style thanks to being available in several colors, which include pink and black.

Despite its outside dimensions of being a medium size, it fits well in most airplane overhead bins. The TSA-approved combination lock offers a built-in crime deterrent if you decide to check it in.

Even if you don't check in this bag, however, it works comfortably s carry-on luggage. Although the 360-degree spinner wheels will take up some cabin space. 

Navigating tight spaces can always be hard with a rolling bag, but a telescopic handle and 360-degree dual-spinner wheels make the Clifton Cabin from ANTLER easy to work with. 

Other Rolling Case Suggestions

The 2-way carry style of the Aerolite Rolling Case, which is made of durable materials, has a shedload of interior organization.

It may be carried by the handles, rolled on four wheels, and fits comfortably in most cabins. It has top carry handles as well as padded laptop compartment to prevent your valuables being damaged.

Organizational compartments make the Aerolite suitcase model a stylish and practical option for those trying to look professional at all times of the day.

For more intense flights and long stays, a case, like the Status Roller 42 liter, is a fantastic option.

It doesn't fit neatly into bigger pieces of baggage or the compartments of suitcases, but it is the perfect choice for someone who frequently brings extra items home.

This rolling case, in contrast to the majority of others on the market, is ideal for business travelers who want to use everyday products rather than luxury products for travel.

You won't need to bring an additional briefcase or bag while traveling because it has a very simple suitcase design. Pockets on the front, interior, and straps to keep everything in place.

Electronics are additionally protected by nylon inner and water-resistant materials. You can safely secure all manner of valuable items in this beast of a bag.

Seven color options, featuring black, camo, and caramel, make it simple to match with any outfit. Bold color choices for those working in design industries are welcome.

However, timeless colors like black and navy blue remain professional in all industries. Solid colors or bright colors, the choice is yours.

Backpacks for Business

For fitting into tight spaces with carry-on luggage, a backpack is a way to go. Less cumbersome than four-wheel luggage, they still offer plenty of internal luggage space. 

Larger luggage be damned! Hardside luggage is a struggle to get into an overhead cabin, so perhaps a backpack is better than larger luggage cases. 

Four-wheel luggage, especially cheaper options, is also hard to move sometimes. We've all had someone driving their four-wheel luggage over some toes at the airport, right?

Backpacks aren't the first idea that comes to mind when you think about luggage for business travelers. However, for many, it is a luggage specialty. 

Since a larger suitcase is a heavier suitcase, using the clever packing compartments of a backpack can maximize the use of space efficiently. 

Lots of compartments can be found in any hard-side suitcase pockets, but functional compartments? How about a laptop dedicated compartment?

Clever packing compartments make a backpack a top choice over a more durable hardshell suitcase, even if they are more for adventurous leisure travelers

Briefcases for Business

When it comes to product development for business, nothing is more classy than the briefcase. Something of a luxury product nowadays, the briefcase is synonymous with business. 

Not so much a must-have travel accessory, but for short flights across state, a briefcase can be all you need to get by for business. 

With double leather handles and solid colors, it might not be the types of travel gear you are used to. Still, it more than fits airline bag-size regulations. 

Airline weight limits are usually well above the weight of a briefcase, and you won't get any funny looks from airline personnel. Unlike using a duffel bag. 

A briefcase offers plenty of space for business trips and can hold important documents behind a coded lock. Although it won't give you liters of storage space. 

If you need extra space, then take a bag or a case with you. However, if you know you won't be staying long or have amenities already provided then a simple briefcase goes a long way. 

Airline personnel can help you get it through airline weight limits, and the internal compartment may be more than enough to serve as a laptop compartment as well depending on its size. 

While a suitcase or a backpack offers lots of compartments, a single functional compartment makes packing a briefcase very easy. 

You can avoid full-size suitcases, meaning a heavier suitcase won't be weighing you down as you board your flight. 

A larger suitcase or a heavier suitcase may be more durable, but locked briefcases are far more secure than any 8.1-pound suitcase you can buy today. 

Duffel Bags for Business

If you're not impressed by a telescopic handle or four-wheel luggage, then you want something simple for your carry-on luggage. 

For a short-stay trip, you can't do much better than a basic duffel bag. Cheap, effective, and usually designed to look professional. 

While they won't have an internal pocket like a backpack or a telescopic handle like rolling cases, this soft fabric luggage weighs basically nothing. 

This helps you avoid heavier luggage options on the market right now, as hardside luggage can leave a large dent in your weight allowance. 

Soft fabric luggage is rarely durable luggage, but provided you use a duffel for weekend trips and not every single day of the week, it will last you a long time. 

Duffels provide ample space and can be slung over your shoulder to distribute the weight more evenly. This makes even larger luggage feel light. 

Certainly less flashy than a polycarbonate spinner case, a few days of travel can be easily sorted with a duffel bag. However, they are not often seen as overly professional. 

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