If you have just started planning your holiday, or perhaps you travel regularly for business, then one thing that you will definitely need is a quality trolley suitcase. These suitcases are designed to be compact but big enough to carry all of your essentials.

If you have already started searching for a trolley suitcase, then you will probably be well aware that there are a lot of brands out there to choose from. To help you make a decision, we have tested and reviewed some of our favourites.

The one that we will be reviewing today is this Dunlop trolley suitcase. Dunlop has a great reputation, so we couldn’t wait to test it out. Please read on below to see what we thought.

Features: 22L Capacity – 2 External Compartments – Inner Mesh Compartment – 2 Wheels – Telescopic Handle – Soft Shell – 66 x 42 x 25cm – 3kg


  • Very sturdy suitcase that doesn’t wobble when being wheeled around.
  • The two front pockets are ideal for documents and notepads.
  • The mesh compartment inside is very big.
  • The 22L capacity is more than enough to store everything needed.
  • The telescopic handle is strong.


  • It could benefit from a TSA lock.

The Review

As we have already mentioned above, we knew that Dunlop is a very reputable brand so we knew that we would be pleased with it. However, this trolley suitcase actually surpassed our expectations. There were so many positive points and very little to complain about.

First of all, let’s take a look at the design. This is a soft shell trolley suitcase made out of durable polyester. A quick look over the outside of the case and it is very easy to tell that the polyester is of a high quality.

On the front of the case there are two front pockets that are able to be locked. These are very good for storing documents and notepads or anything else that you might need easy access to in a hurry. The fact that these compartments can be locked adds to the professional look and feel of this case.

This case has two very sturdy wheels and a telescopic handle. We found that the wheels were very smooth indeed and the telescopic handle was very durable too. We didn’t notice any wobbling or unsteadiness when we were wheeling the case through the airport.

One thing that really impressed us with this trolley suitcase is the capacity. It has a 22L capacity on the inside which we found was more than enough to store everything necessary for a weekend trip away, whether for business or pleasure.

Something else that we liked about the inside of this case was the mesh compartment. This was plenty big enough to store electronics or anything else that you might want to store separately from your clothing.

The one thing that we felt that this trolley suitcase was missing was a TSA lock. We felt that this extra layer of security would have really completed the design. However, this is a minor niggle when you consider all of the positive aspects.

Overall, we would say that this trolly suitcase is perfect for those who just need something with enough capacity for a few days. If you are looking for high quality and affordability then this is definitely a case to consider.