Top Travel Gadgets For Backpackers – Our Handy Guide!

Adventures of a Vacation When going on holiday you pack for as many stared rated hotel / package you can afford which then hopefully leads to a relaxing, leisurely vacation that will leave you with memorable moment for the rest of your life. Backpacking Versus All-Inclusive Five Star However when backpacking luxuries aren’t prioritised and […]

Perfume and Electric Toothbrush in Hand Luggage – Are These Allowed?

What a nightmare, you’ve strategically packed forgetting you should’ve done it weeks ago and you’re ready to chill on a beach or heat yourself up on a ski trip. You’re thinking about what is going into your hand luggage when you spot your perfume bottle sitting on the side, your electric toothbrush along the way […]

Is It Safe To Travel To The Maldives? Find Out Here!

The Maldives is a sought out destination for many. Whether its a honeymoon or vacation spot, the white sand, and blue waters are what makes this country highlighted bright and bold on your bucket list. Where Oh Where? Officially called the Republic of Maldives, the Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean which sits southwest […]