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Top 3 Luggage Sets Compared


Whilst travelling comes with lots of unpredictability and you cannot control delayed flights or unpleasant airline food, there are some things that you can make sure of.

Ensuring that your luggage is well protected is one job that is in your hands. Nobody wants to arrive on holiday to find that their favourite summer dress or shorts have been damaged, and that’s why buying the right suitcases should be at the top of your pre-travel to do list.

Yes, you could waste time trawling the internet for individual cases that meet your needs, but why would you want to do that? Instead – save time and buy a luggage set!

Luggage sets make it easier to pack all of the things that you need in one go. Buying items as a set, can also be cost effective as it is often to cheaper to buy multiple items together than individually. Not only will you save time and money, but you will look great with matching, stylish cases.

There are an increasing number of luggage sets available on the market from a wide range of retailers – both in store and online. They come in a variety of designs to suit any needs and any traveller's budget.

Have a look at some of the top luggage sets currently available, that you could buy today!


Aerolite Super Lightweight 3 Piece Luggage Set Review - Our Number 1

Aerolite Super Lightweight 3 Piece Luggage SetThe Aerolite Super Lightweight 3 Piece Luggage Set (CHECK PRICE!) is currently one of the market leaders. It’s clear to see that this excellent, yet affordable luggage set has been designed with the keen traveller in mind.

Although lightweight, these cases are durable and will protect your luggage through even the most rigorous bumps and knocks along the way.

The set includes: one 21 inch travel case, with outer dimensions 55 x 35 x 20 cm and weighing 1.85kg; one 26 inch travel case, with outer dimensions 72 x 42 x 26 cm and weighing 2.35 kgs; one 29 inch travel case, with outer dimensions 81 x 48 x 30 cm and weighing 2.95 kgs.Aerolite Super Lightweight 3 Piece Luggage Set Review

Each case boasts a range of features, such as:

  • Lightweight, durable design made from rip-resistant polyester to ensure your luggage is well protected.
  • Large front zip pocket and smaller top pocket so you can quickly find your essentials with ease.
  • Four spinner wheels with multi-directional movement ability to ensure that carrying your luggage is effortless.
  • Interior packing straps and strong zips to make sure that your belongings stay put.
  • 3-digit combination padlock for maximum, added security!

Aerolite have not failed in their mission to create the most lightweight cases without compromising on durability. Buying this luggage set is buying security for your belongings.

Not only this, but the four spinner wheels will make the journey from the airport to your hotel a total breeze.

What are you waiting for? Buy the Aerolite Super Lightweight 3 Piece Luggage Set today.


Features: Lightweight and durable – 2 Large pockets – Four spinner wheels with 360-degree movement – Interior packing straps and zips – 3-digit padlock.

Pricing: Affordable.





Fochier Luggage 3 Piece Set Review - Number 2

Fochier Luggage 3 Piece SetFochier promote themselves as a young, new and fashionable brand. Their 3 Piece Luggage set lives up to this promise and can be purchased in a range of stylish colours.

The innovative design of these cases will ensure a pleasurable travel experience. They come in three varied sizes: the largest is 28 inches, the medium is 24 inches and the smallest of the cases is 20 inches in size.

Here are some of the features that make the Fochier Luggage 3 Piece Set an essential buy for the avid traveller:Fochier Luggage 3 Piece Set Review

  • Durability is ensured through the hard shell case made of strong, water-proof material.
  • 360-degree double spinner wheels ensure that cases glide across the floor with ease.
  • Interior mesh zip pocket for all your toiletries and travel essentials as well as packing straps to keep your items safe.
  • 2-year warranty for any unlikely issues – that’s a lot of travelling!

Although fairly new in comparison to some other brands, Fochier have now been in the luggage market for more than eight years. Their success is not without reason and they are known for delivering high quality products.

The 2-year warranty provided with this luggage set is extra assurance that you will get good, long-lasting value for money. If you’re looking for an affordable, stylish and sturdy 3 piece set then Fochier is the brand for you.


Features: Hard shell is waterproof and strong – 360-degree double spinner wheels – Interior mesh zip pocket and packing straps – 2-year warranty.

Pricing: Affordable.





VonHaus Luggage Set of 3 Review - Number 3

VonHaus Luggage Set of 3It’s no doubt that the VonHaus Luggage Set of 3 is an excellent buy for any traveller. Though VonHaus is not the most recognised name in the luggage industry, it is definitely up there with the best, in terms of product quality.

This 3 piece luggage set is very reasonably priced and the practical, yet stylish design makes these cases the ideal travel companions. The cases come in three different sizes – 55cm, 65.5cm and 75cm (in length.)VonHaus Luggage Set of 3 Review

Some of the most convenient features offered by this product include:

  • Light-weight but strong ABS plastic shell to ensure maximum durability and protection of your most loved items.
  • Four 360-degree spinner wheels so moving these cases is nothing but simple.
  • Integrated combination lock for extra security so you can really enjoy the trip worry-free!
  • Extendable handle making these cases easy to push and pull along.
  • A clip-in divider and mesh pocket to keep your luggage organised and secure.
  • 2-year warranty for total customer assurance.

Whether you are a regular traveller or just looking for a one time use, these cases are affordable and reliable and will ensure your trip runs smoothly – quite literally!

It comes with a range of practical features that make the VonHaus luggage set highly recommended.


Features: Hard ABS plastic shell – Four 360-degree double spinner wheels – Integrated combination lock – Extendable handle – Divider and mesh pocket – 2-year warranty.

Pricing: Affordable.





Travelling can be stressful but finding the right cases can make the world of difference. If you want to save time and money, then investing in a high-quality luggage set is the way to go.

Whilst it’s clear that all three items are both affordable and fit for purpose, the Aerolight Super Lightweight 3 Piece Luggage Set stands out from the rest. It’s lightweight yet durable design ensures maximum luggage protection and the multi-directional wheels make carrying your case a breeze.

What are you waiting for? Buy the Aerolight luggage set today and the world will be your oyster.


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