Why Wash Bags Are A Key Item To Take Everywhere!

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Toiletry Bags And Their Uses

It wasn’t too long ago that discussions of wash bags were largely focused around the modern footballer strolling towards the changing room with one propped delicately under their forearm (cast your mind back to the apparent passive-aggressive one-upmanship between Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo over who had the more expensive wash bag). However, despite once being consigned to status symbols amongst self-important footballing superstars, the wash bag has become an absolute must-have accessory for the traveller. Every traveller has a list of items that they wouldn’t dream of being without, whether it’s a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, a neck pillow, or an iPad; soon the humble wash bag will join your list of key items to take everywhere.

Despite it’s relatively small footprint, and the fact that many of its utilitarian functions are performed by other existing methods, the right wash bag will quickly become your most dependable piece of luggage for a number of reasons;


Prime Hide Outback Range Luxury Brown Leather Wash Bag ReviewBy far the most important aspect of the wash bag for the traveller, is the convenience it provides – particularly in airports. It has happened to everyone at some point – you get to the conveyor belt at security, attempt to unpack the necessary items for compliance, only to have them spill out of the tray or, heaven forbid, fall on the floor. Passing through security is already a largely irritating and undignified affair without compounding it by spilling your wash products/ valuables everywhere, or having the attendant tell you that you’ve prepared incorrectly. A well-packed wash bag at the top your suitcase can help alleviate these issues; before arriving at security take a moment to place your metal valuables into your wash bag (along with your liquids, obviously). Then, when you arrive at the conveyor belt, you need only separate your valuables and liquids from the wash bag, and remove your large electronics from your suitcase. It’s still not ideal, but it’s an awful lot better than stressing and fumbling through all of your pockets and luggage.


Discretion is, as they say, the better part of valour. Nowhere is this more true than for the traveller. If you are carrying with you particular items that you would prefer the queuing strangers behind you to not see, it’s much better to have them safely stowed in your wash bag; it is much easier to remove other items from a wash bag whilst concealing the items in question, than it is to do so with a suitcase, for instance. What’s more, the same logic applies when you arrive at your destination. There may be items such as medications that you require to be in easy reach during your stay, but that you don’t want to be visible to anyone else who happens to be in your room. No problem – store them in your wash bag, and keep this in close reach.


The hygienic value of a wash bag cannot be understated. In no other situation, would you allow your toothbrush to stowed with your clothes and shoes before placing it into your mouth, so why would travelling be any different? Your grooming items (toothbrush, razor, clippers etc.) can be safely stowed without fear of contamination from your footwear, or getting covered in fluff etc from your clothes and luggage. This is even more important on your return journey when you will be keeping the aforementioned items separate from soiled garments. In a similar vein, the wash bag also serves as a last line of defence against damaging your clothing should there be an unfortunate leak of your wash products – cue images of Ross Geller from Friends crying “oh no!!… major shampoo explosion!”. Much better to only have to clean out your wash bag than to worry about damage to all of your clothes.


Last but not least is the style that is afforded to the traveller by the right wash bag. As with all fashionable items – particularly those aimed at men – the fashion statement is made best when it is made in an understated way. Think of a nice pair of brogues, a set of silver cufflinks, a slim mechanical watch. All very understated, but make a bold statement about the fashion choices of the owner. The wash bag is of the same genre. A genuine leather wash bag in muted colours, with tasteful fasteners says that the owner is stylish and fashion conscious, and knows quality over ostentatious branding. What’s more, it’s nice to afford yourself a little indulgent luxury every now and then, and what better way to do it than with the incredibly useful wash bag.

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