Can You Bring Selfie Stick On Airplane?

Can I Bring My Selfie Stick On The Plane?

Selfie sticks are allowed on planes, but there are certain guidelines that you need to follow if you decide to bring one along. So, if you do decide to bring your selfie stick onto a flight, make sure that you comply with TSA regulations and airline policies. Otherwise, you risk being denied entry to the airplane.

However, keep in mind that the particular airport security agents who check you at the security checkpoint have the final say about whether something is allowed on the plane or not.

Security officers always have the final say in security concerns.

Flight Regulations In The USA

Selfie sticks are becoming increasingly popular among travelers in the USA. However, there are certain restrictions regarding the use of normal selfie sticks on airplanes.

You can bring these types of items in both checked and cabin baggage.

Rules For International Flights


China is known for its strict laws regarding photography. However, there are no specific restrictions on selfie sticks. As long as they are not dangerous, you can bring them onto planes and through security checkpoints.


There are certain rules for selfie sticks onto airplanes in India. Some airlines permit selfie sticks as carry-on items, while others forbid them altogether. You should check with your airline before traveling to determine if selfie sticks are permitted.

You may bring heavy selfie sticks on planes as checked luggage, but you'll need to confirm with the airport and your airline beforehand.

Europe and United Kingdom

This selfie stick is great for travelers who want to capture those special moments without worrying about losing their smartphone. It's compact enough to fit in your suitcase or backpack, making it ideal for long trips.

Fliers can store this product inside their checked luggage. They may also bring it in as a carry-on.


This selfie stick is banned in Australia due to safety concerns. However, if you travel there, you'll find that it's not restricted at all. Instead, it's allowed in checked luggage.

Can I Bring A Tripod As Hand Luggage?

You can bring a tripod as hand luggage if it fits inside your carry-on bag. However, there are certain limitations.

First, you must check with your airline to find out whether or not you can bring a tripod as carry-on luggage, and second, you must make sure that your selfies stick tripod size doesn't exceed the size limit for carry-on bags.

There are no restrictions regarding tripod sizes in carry-on baggage, so you can bring whatever size tripod you'd like. Just make sure that it fits inside your carry-on bag.

Do Tripods Qualify As Personal Items?

A tripod qualifies as a personal item. However, it's not allowed on every flight. Some airlines only allow certain types of personal items, such as laptops, purses, bags, etc. Others may require you to pay an additional fee to bring a tripod on board.

Check out the list above to find out whether your specific airline allows tripods as personal items or requires you to pay an additional charge.

What Is The Best Way To Travel With A Tripod?

There are two main ways to travel with a tripod. One option is to bring it in your checked luggage. Another option is to bring it as part of your carry-on luggage.

Bringing a tripod in your checked luggage is not recommended unless you are flying with a very small carry-on suitcase. Most airlines require that you check at least 50 pounds of luggage per person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lithium-powered Selfie Sticks Allowed On Airplanes As Well?

Lithium-powered selfie sticks are becoming increasingly popular. These devices are powered by lithium batteries, making them ideal for flying on airplanes. However, there are still some airlines that prohibit passengers from bringing these types of selfie sticks onto planes.

Are Tripods For Selfie Sticks Permitted On Airplanes?

Simply, yes, passengers are allowed to travel with selfie sticks alongside the tripod. However, you must check the guidelines and rules of your specific airline for more clarity.

On Airplanes, Is It Permitted To Bring Selfie Sticks With Built-in Gimbal Stabilizers?

Selfie sticks with built-in Gimbal stabilizers are generally permitted on airplanes in the U.S., though Transportation Security Administration does not specifically state whether or not they are allowed.

However, if you plan to travel internationally, you should check with your airline before flying.

Can I Bring A Selfie Stick On An Airplane?

If you're traveling internationally, you might be allowed to bring a selfie stick on the plane. Some countries require that you declare it upon entering the country, so make sure to ask your airline before you travel.

Is It Better To Store Selfie Sticks In Hand Luggage Or Checked Luggage?

There are pros and cons to storing selfie sticks in either hand luggage or checked luggage.

Hand luggage:

You can easily access your selfie stick without opening your suitcase. But your selfie stick may become damaged during travel due to its delicate nature.

Checked luggage:

You can protect your selfie stick from damage during travel. But you might have to pay extra fees to transport your selfie stick through security checkpoints.

So, there you have it! Now you know whether to store your selfie stick inside your hand luggage or checked luggage!

What Size Selfie Sticks Can You Pack In Hand Luggage?

The usual carry-on size standard for carry-on bags is 21 inches x 14inches x 8 inches. So, if you plan to travel with a selfie stick, you'll need to find out whether it fits within this space otherwise it will be considered the maximum carry-on size.

However, there are exceptions. Some airlines permit selfie sticks that are longer than 62 inches. So, if you find yourself flying with a larger selfie stick that exceeds the standard size, you may need to speak to the airline's representatives directly.

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