When it comes to traveling, one thing that you are always going to need is some high quality luggage. We have tried and tested many of the top luggage brands in the past and one that has provided consistently good results is Samsonite.

They are, without a doubt, one of the best luggage brands on the market. With the summer season fast approaching, we have decided to test and review the Samsonite X’Blade 3.0. If you are in the market for some new luggage for your holidays then please read on below for our thoughts.

Features: 134L Capacity – Polyester – Soft Shell – TSA Lock – 2 Wheels – Large Front Pocket – 38 x 48 x 77 cm – 3.80kg


  • Very large 134L capacity means that you are easily able to pack for 7 days.
  • There is room for expansion if you need a little extra space.
  • The TSA lock offers extra security.
  • The wheels feel very smooth when in motion.
  • The polyester material is very durable.


  • The telescopic handle feels like it could be strengthened a little.
  • It could feel a little more stable with 4 wheels.

The Review

First of all, we’d like to talk about the material of the Samsonite X’Blade 3.0. We have come to expect polyester from most premium luggage brands and the majority of the Samsonite soft shell cases are made from the same material. What really surprised us with this one is the durability of the polyester.

Just by feeling the outside of the case you can tell that it has been designed to withstand quite a lot of use. On the outside of the case you get a large zipped pocket which has plenty enough capacity to store things like your electrical items or anything that you require easy access to.

In terms of capacity, this Samsonite case really excels. The inside of the case offers 134L of internal capacity which we found was more than enough to pack for at least 7 days. If you happen to require a little extra space then the interior can be expanded a little too, though we doubt that will be necessary.

As we have come to expect with all of the Samsonite cases that we have tested in the past; this one is compliant with all EU airline regulations, so you will have no trouble with this. Something that we were very surprised by was how smooth the wheels on the case feel when in motion. However, we did feel that the case would perhaps feel a little more stable with 4 wheels instead of two but this is a minor niggle.

One thing that we did notice when moving the case is that the telescopic handle would perhaps benefit from being strengthened a little because it feels as though it is a little flimsy, in comparison with the quality of the rest of the case. However, it just means that you have to be a little more careful when moving the case around.

In terms of security, the Samsonite X’Blade 3.0 is perfect. It comes fitted with a TSA lock which is fantastic for the times when you are not in your hotel room and want to keep your personal items safe and secure because no thief is going to get through this.

Overall, we were really pleased with this case from Samsonite. There are certainly a couple of improvements that could be made but these are really minor and definitely don’t take away from the quality of the case overall. If you are looking for your next Samsonite case then this might be a contender to consider.