Is Pressure Cooker Allowed On An International Flight? Find Out Here!

Can I Take A Pressure Cooker On A Plane? - Our Guide!

If you received a pressure cooker as a gift or maybe you're bringing one home with you, you might be wondering if these kitchen appliances are allowed in your luggage on an international flight?

Is Pressure Cooker Allowed On An International Flight?

A pressure cooker is allowed on an international flight as long as it fits within the dimensions of your luggage without any issues. It should be noted that your pressure cooker might be manually inspected, however.

We've composed a short guide below which will discuss why beloved pressure cookers can cause commotion at airport security, tips for packing your pressure cooker, other kitchen appliances you can/cannot take on flight and if taking one is worth it.

Why Can Pressure Cookers Cause Problems With Airport Security? 

You might not believe it, but a simple kitchen appliance like pressure cookers can cause some issues with airport security personnel as they pass through the x-ray system. Firstly, this is because the cookers are full of metal which can block security from seeing contents within the checked-in luggage. 

Second of all, pressure cooker bombs have been used in recent terrorist attacks within the 21st century so when seen can trigger a high alert when seen inside the luggage and require a second inspection when it passes through the x-ray.

Tips For Packing A Pressure Cooker In Your Luggage

If you've decided to travel with a pressure cooker in your check-in baggage or carry-on luggage, we have some helpful tips for a smooth travel experience below. 

  • Keep the lid in a separate case - Packing your pressure cookers with a lid in your luggage can cause issues with security and customs, we would therefore suggest putting the luggage in a separate bag or case.
  • Keep the cooker with non-priority items - It can happen that your pressure cookers in luggage will need to be inspected manually, if you have two suitcases we would suggest keeping your cooker with items you don't mind getting delayed. 
  • Check with the airline - Although pressure cookers are harmless items, there's nothing worse than packing them only to find out with your airline that they might not be allowed, to be on the safe side, call your airline beforehand.
  • Put it in your checked luggage - Keep your pressure cooker in your checked luggage, these are large devices therefore will take up a lot of space inside of your carry on luggage and make it exceed weight limits.
  • Check weight limits - Pressure cookers are heavy devices and large, make sure to check the weight limits and allowance for your luggage beforehand when flying to make sure you don't have to leave your cooker behind!
  • Wrap the cord around the cooker - Keeping your cord wrapped around your cooker keeps it tidy and easy to inspect if needed without it getting wrapped up in plenty of items.
Is Pressure Cooker Allowed On An International Flight?

What Other Kitchen Appliances Can I Take On An International Flight?

You can take a surprising amount of kitchen appliances on an international flight, but there are also some beloved kitchen appliances which you might have to leave at home due to airport regulations. 

We've listed some kitchen appliances you can and cannot take on board a plane below. 

  • Kitchen knife - There is no problem with taking kitchen knives in your checked luggage as long as they are packed well without their sharp tips showing which could injure airport officers. Do not pack knives in your carry on luggage since they will need to be removed.
  • Toaster - Toasters are fine to pack in your checked luggage without any issues, they can be taken in your hand luggage too.
  • Slow cooker - Slow cookers are fine to have as an item in carrying or in your hold luggage, they are however very big electrical appliances, so might be better off in your checked luggage.
  • Rice cooker - Rice cookers just like slow cookers are fine to pack in your checked luggage just like slow cookers and will cause no issues unless plugged in, once again, size might be a small issue.
  • Microwave - A microwave oven is more than okay to take on a plane but you will need to check the weight limits and dimensions of your suitcase, we would not suggest packing these devices into your carry on luggage. 
  • Blender - Blender can be packed into your carry on or suitcase but for your carry on luggage, you need to make sure you remove the blade since this can be used as a potential weapon. 
  • Kettle - Both in carry on and checked luggage a kettle can be carried, TSA might give it a second look but as long as it fits in your carry on there are no worries.

Is Taking A Pressure Cooker On A Plane Worth It? 

Electric pressure cookers might seem like a good idea to bring back with you, but are they worth it? 

You have to consider that pressure cookers are very large and often flag up security due to their big metal exterior, they can be a hassle to carry taking up your entire suitcase. 

It might be better to consider shipping your pressure cooker to your destination before you arrive or simply buying one when you get to your destination instead so you can save room in your luggage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pressure Cookers & International Flying

Why are airlines not keen on pressure cookers being on planes? 

Airlines are not keen on pressure cookers being taken on planes due to their involvement in terrorist attacks and explosions, you can still take them on a plane, but they might be more heavily checked by security.

Could I take a pressure cooker in hand luggage? 

You can take a pressure cooker in hand luggage but the size might be quite large and not fit within carry-on airline rules luggage sizes. The bag should be able to fit in overhead storage or under the seat in front of you.

How should I pack a pressure cooker in my luggage? 

To pack a pressure cooker in your luggage you should remove the lid and pack it separate, wrap the cord around the cooker and always check with your airline beforehand to make sure it's allowed.

Why do you need to take the lid off a pressure cooker when flying?

This makes it easier for security to scan the pressure cooker without too much metal for any dangerous items, pressure cookers which have been designed as bombs also have their lid on, so it's more likely to trigger a manual search.

Is Pressure Cooker Allowed On An International Flight?

Last Words 

To conclude, pressure cookers are allowed on most international flights but we always suggest checking with airlines beforehand to make sure it's okay.

When packing your pressure cooker we suggest checking the weight and size restrictions of your luggage and always packing it in your non-priority bag in case it gets delayed due to manual inspection.

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