Is Pressure Cooker Allowed On An International Flight? Find Out Here!

Is Pressure Cooker Allowed On An International Flight?

Moving to another country and want to take your beloved pressure cooker with you?

Or maybe the pressure cooker of your dreams is cheaper to buy in another country than yours?

Whatever your reason may be for wanting to bring a pressure cooker with you on a flight, fret not. Pressure cookers are generally allowed on international flights.

Not only that, you can carry your pressure cooker both in carry-on and checked-in baggage. This goes not only for international travel but also for a domestic flight.

However, there are still some things to keep in mind in regards to bringing a pressure cooker on an international flight. 

Things To Keep In Mind

Pressure cookers are allowed on airplanes in both carry-on luggage and checked baggage. That said, they should still follow every rules and restriction there is about baggage. 

The first thing to keep in mind is that rules and restrictions vary per airline and per country. So, it's best to make it a habit to check with your airline or destination whether they allow certain items. Ask specifically about bringing appliances.

You can take your pressure cookers with you to the cabin as a carry-on. That is as long as they are in an appropriately sized cabin luggage that fits under the seat or overhead compartment. They must also be empty, and they must be packed properly.

Your pressure cookers are subject to checking by the airport security personnel. They could contain explosive material that is not allowed on the plane for safety purposes.

Terrorists use strange items to conceal weapons that can cause irreversible damage to properties and lives. This is why we should always be careful about what we carry around with us. It's also why airport security seriously checks even the most common items, such as a simple kitchen appliance and even toothpaste.

To make it easier for the airport security staff to check your package and for you to carry your pressure cookers, consider doing the following.

How To Pack A Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers should not be locked up and never be closed during transport. Instead, the lid and the pot should be packed separately. This prevents any problems when going through customs or any delays. Without any lid, you can easily show the security personnel that your cooker is empty, thus harmless.

Don't pack the cooker along with other things in your carry-on luggage. Packing your pressure cookers separately will make them easier to get in case the airport staff has to do an additional inspection on it. If you have to separate it from other items when asked for it, you may get delayed.

That's why it's best to pack your cooker separately from other items in your carry-on bag.

Pressure cookers are heavy, so it's also a great idea to pack your pressure cooker as check-in baggage. 

Both for carry-on and checked-in luggage, wrap cords tightly around the cooker and pack each piece neatly. 

You should wrap them up neatly and tie them together. Make sure you pack them properly in a sturdy container. Neatly packed bags make it easier for officers to inspect them if the need arises.

Pressure cookers can weigh up to 50 pounds. Again, they can be pretty heavy, so make sure not to exceed the luggage allowance weight limit. If not, you might have to pay additional luggage charges for exceeding the baggage allowance.

Aside from the weight limit, also check with your airline in advance how many pieces of luggage you're allowed to bring on the flight.

Alternative To Taking A Pressure Cooker on a Flight 

There are plenty of items that the airport security personnel may deem potentially dangerous. Even those that are actually harmless items. 

That said, if they inspect your pressure cooker and they confirm that it contains some potentially harmful chemical or material in its mechanism, it may not be allowed on the flight. Yes, even if you contacted the airline beforehand.0

Electric pressure cookers, for example, may contain batteries that are not allowed in any piece of luggage in the cabin.

There's a more hassle-free option to get your pressure cooker to your destination. It's by sending them through a box parcel.

You do have to pay extra, but you won't have to worry about carrying a piece of heavy baggage. You also don't have to worry about getting caught up in airport security, or if in an international airport, then also customs.

Prohibited Items In Flight

For more information, here's a list of generally prohibited items that you can refer to:

  • Corrosives
  • Non-rechargeable lithium batteries with more than 2 grams of lithium
  • Radioactive materials
  • Infectious substances
  • Flammable gasses and liquids
  • Heavily magnetized materials
  • Oxidizing materials
  • Harmful and toxic chemicals
  • Explosives of any kind, even replicas and toys
  • Sharp objects
  • Weapons
  • And other items deemed as security hazards 

Please note that different airlines and countries can have different rules, restrictions, and laws. May factors may affect what items they allow on flights. 

This is to lower or eliminate the risk of any terrorist attack that can jeopardize the safety of the aircraft.


You can take your pressure cooker on a plane as long as you:

  • Pack them neatly and separately from other items, so it is easily accessible in case an additional inspection is needed.
  • Make sure you don't exceed the maximum weight to avoid excess baggage fees.
  • Contact your airline in advance to learn their baggage policy. Check for their weight and size limit and luggage piece per person allowed. Also, check what they require for you to be able to bring your pressure cooker and follow them.

Following these simple general rules are ideal and may even be required. 

Keep in mind that the airline and destination airport has full discretion on allowing or denying any items.

They will deny any item they deem that can potentially jeopardize the safety of the aircraft, its crew, and passengers - which includes you.

It may sometimes seem like their measures are excessive and a bit too much hassle for the passengers. But, always remember that they are doing it with your safety in mind, so please cooperate with them as much as you can.

Here's to hoping you don't get inconvenienced by any delays. Have a nice flight!

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