Can You Bring A Lightsaber On A Plane?

Are Lightsabers Allowed On A Plane?

You can bring a toy lightsaber onto a plane if it meets certain requirements. According to TSA, you can bring a toy lightsaber on a flight provided that it does not exceed 12 inches long and only emits low light.

There are no specific regulations regarding the possession of weapons on planes, including toy lightsabers. If you are traveling with a toy lightsaber, you should keep it away from children under 12 years old.

Also, you must declare any items that may pose a threat to safety upon entering the security checkpoint.

can you bring a lightsaber on a plane

Lightsabers In Checked Luggage

You may think that carrying a lightsaber in your checked luggage is a bit extreme, but if you've ever flown internationally, you'll know that there are plenty of restrictions regarding what you can bring on board.

For instance, you can only bring certain types of weapons onto planes. These include guns, knives, swords, clubs, brass knuckles, explosives, fireworks, ammunition, poisons, corrosives, and anything else that might pose a threat to passengers or crew members.

However, you can bring a lightsaber on board as long as it meets the following requirements:

  • It must be no longer than 12 inches in length.
  • It must fit inside a hard case.
  • It must be carried in its original packaging.
  • It must remain unopened.
  • Lightsaber blades must not be sharpened or modified in any way.
  • It must never be used against another person.
  • It must stay within the confines of the passenger cabin.
  • It must comply with all federal regulations governing firearms.
  • It must meet international standards for safe transport.
  • It must pass through airport security checkpoints without incident.

Lightsabers In Carry-On Luggage

Travelers should bring a metal-hilted lightsaber in their carry-on luggage if they want to bring it through the security checkpoint. However, there are many factors to consider before bringing a lightsaber through the security checkpoint

  • You'll want to determine whether or not your airline allows passengers to bring a lightsaber through the security checkpoints.
  • Decide whether or not you want to pack the lightsaber in your carry-on luggage. Sometimes TSA officers have reported denying lightsabers as carry-ons due to their resemblance to a bludgeon or club-like object.
  • Check your individual airline's carry-on requirements and baggage policies in advance. If the TSA officer permits your lightsaber as a carry-on, the lightsaber is usually permitted to be stored up in your overhead bin as a personal property or carry-on item.
  • Travelers may separate out the lightsaber hilts from its blades, sometimes packing the hilts separately in checked luggage.
  • Be sure to pack the lightsaber securely in an opaque box or bag with extra cushioning because the bags inside the airplane overhead bins shift around during flights.
can you bring a lightsaber on a plane 2

How Do You Pack A Lightsaber For A Flight?

If you fly frequently, you may already know that you can bring a lightsaber onto a plane. However, there are certain rules regarding carrying a lightsaber on board.

  • First off, you must keep the lightsaber in its case during takeoff and landing.
  • Also, you cannot open the case unless you are asked to do so by a flight attendant.
  • Finally, you should not touch the blade itself.

Mostly, people take their lightsabers in separate bags, similar to how they would take a guitar or violin. If you carry the saber hilts with sharp edges, then separate the blades. It is preferable to wrap the blades separately with extra padding to protect the other items in the bag.

You should also keep the lightsaber in its original packaging until you reach your destination. Otherwise, you risk damaging the lightsaber if it falls out of the package.

Is It Permissible To Bring A Lightsaber On American Airlines?

You may not be able to carry a lightsaber on board an airplane if it exceeds the length limit. However, you can still travel with your lightsaber if it's disassembled. Just make sure that it doesn't exceed the length limit.

American airlines only permit lightsaber that has a 22-inch in size. If your saber is longer than the specified size, then you should unassemble it. Otherwise, you might run into trouble at security checkpoints.

Safety Precautions For Lightsabers With Lithium Batteries

Lightsabers are awesome. They're cool, they look really cool, and they can cut through pretty much anything. Unfortunately, they come with a lot of safety precautions. One of those is that they require lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are very dangerous, so you should never leave them unattended.

So, if you're planning to travel internationally, make sure to pack your legacy lightsaber in your checked baggage. Don't worry; it won't activate unless you accidentally touch it. Just keep it turned off until you reach your destination.


You might think that bringing a lightsaber on a plane isn't allowed, but there are actually no rules against it. However, you should keep in mind that most airlines prohibit any kind of dangerous personal items on board. So, if you decide to pack your lightsaber, make sure you check with your airline before flying.

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