Is Acrylic Paint Allowed In Checked Luggage?

Can I Pack Acrylic Paint In My Checked Luggage? - Our Guide

If you are looking to do some arts and crafts on holiday, or maybe you travelling for business as an artist, you might be wondering if you can take your acrylic paints in your checked luggage?

Is Acrylic Paint Allowed In Checked Luggage?

Acrylic paints are fine to take in your checked luggage without any restrictions, however, we would make sure you are packing them properly to avoid leakage when flying.

We've put together a guide below which will take you through how to pack acrylic paint in your checked luggage if you can pack it in your hand luggage, other artist items you can/cannot pack and restrictions for your checked baggage.

How Should I Pack Acrylic Paint In My Luggage?

If you're planning to bring your paints with you in your checked luggage, you should make sure you're packing them properly, in a leakproof bag to stop them from ruining the rest of your luggage, we've listed some tips for packing your paints down below. 

  • Go for a limited palette - Try not to bring all your paints with you, instead prioritise what you need and mix colours to make patterns. 
  • Avoid solvents - Solvents and flammables are not allowed to be packed in checked luggage or hand, instead, buy at your destination.
  • Put them in a sealed plastic bag - Make sure your paints are in a sealed plastic bag to avoid your art supplies leaking all over your suitcase, art paints are not easy to remove from clothes.
  • Keep them on top of your luggage - Having acrylic paints in your suitcase might mean an additional security check, to avoid them going through your whole luggage place them on top.
  • Have labels - Keeping the labels on your paints is a good way for security to be able to check what's inside oil paints or acrylic paints.

Can I Pack Acrylic Paint In My Hand Luggage? 

You can pack acrylic paints in your hand luggage, but we would suggest keeping them in your checked, this is because you are limited to 3.4-ounce containers in your carry-on luggage, so you wouldn't be able to bring much. 

You're also limited to non-flammables like your checked luggage, and palette knives have to be under 7 inches otherwise they could be classed as a weapon.

Artistic Items You Can/Cannot Pack In Luggage

Since you can pack acrylic paints in your luggage, you might be wondering about other art supplies and what you should/shouldn't be bringing for happy painting.

Artistic Items You Can/Cannot Pack In Luggage
  • Liquids of 100ml - Liquids of 100ml are okay to pack in your hand luggage, and unlimited in your checked luggage, however, this amount is restricted. Do not pack solvents since they are flammable.
  • Drawing pads and pencils - Paint brushes, drawing pencils and pads are all fine to pack in your hand luggage without restrictions. Most dry supplies are okay. 
  • Artist knives - Artist knives should be okay to pack in hand luggage as long as they are under 7 inches. Keep them in their painting boxes if they are sharp.
  • Oil paints - Oil paints are okay to put in checked luggage, but you might run into problems when packing these art supplies since they could be classed as flammable.
  • Pencil sharpener - A pencil sharpener is okay to pack in both hand luggage and checked luggage.
  • Water colours - Water colours can be packed in both your checked luggage and hand luggage with no issues, we recommend keeping them in their containers, you will be limited to 3.4 ounces in your hand luggage.

What Else Can I Pack/Not Pack In My Checked Luggage?

Most art supplies can be packed into checked luggage with no issues, however, there are lots of other items you can and cannot pack which we will list below. 

  • Electronic cigarettes - Electronic cigarettes and vaping devices are not allowed to be packed in your checked luggage and must be packed into your hand luggage.
  • Lithium batteries - Lithium batteries are okay to pack in your hand luggage but not checked luggage.
  • Medicine - Medicine should not be packed in your checked luggage in case the bag gets lost.
  • Flammable items - Any kind of flammable items as well as guns and ammunition are not allowed to be packed in your hand luggage, you might be able to pack guns in your checked luggage with special airline approval.
  • Film - We would not recommend packing film into your checked luggage due to the fact it can get wiped when you pass through the airport scanner.
  • Alcohol over 140 proof - Alcohol over 140 proof can be classed as flammable, therefore is not allowed in the luggage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Acrylic Paint In Checked Luggage

Which paint equipment is not allowed in hand luggage? 

Oil paints, paints over 3.4 ounces, painting knives over 7 inches and anything flammable like solvent.

Can I bring gouache paint on a plane? 

Yes, you can, but we would suggest packing them in your checked luggage so that you can be more comfortable with container sizes.

Can I take a painting on a plane? 

You can take a painting on a plane, but this does depend on the measurements, the final decision will likely be made by the airline otherwise you will have to pack it as checked. You might be able to take a painting as your personal item.

Final Words

Overall, you can take acrylic paints on a plane since they are not flammable, but they do have to be limited to 3.4 ounces, you can take an unlimited amount in your checked luggage with no restrictions. 

Is Acrylic Paint Allowed In Checked Luggage?

Avoid packing flammable paints in both checked and hand luggage, as well as solvent.

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