Candy Rules For Flights - All You Need To Know!

Can You Bring Candy on a Plane? 

There are many reasons why you might want to bring candy on a plane.

Maybe you want to surprise someone with a special treat, perhaps you want to bring home delicious candies you found locally on your trip, or maybe you have a really long flight, and you need a snack to get you by.

Whatever reason you might have for wanting to bring sweets on your flight, don't fret because you can definitely bring candies with you on your flight.

The real problems are what candy, which baggage, and how much is allowed. 

Types of Candy Allowed

Types of Candy Allowed

Let's get the most complicated one out of the way. 

Candies are a really versatile food; they can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, flavours, and packaging.

Sadly, not everything is allowed on board. 

You can put almost anything in your checked-in baggage as long as you're sure it won't get ruined or that it won't ruin the other contents of your baggage.

But, the 3-1-1 liquid rule for carry-on baggage will apply to some candies. 

  • Liquid-type candies such as those in spray bottles or squeezable candy tubes will be subject to the liquid rule. 
  • Gel candies or candies that contain gel-like components like jam or jelly will also be subject to the liquid rule.
  • Candies with gooey or spreadable ingredients like peanut butter or chocolate ganache will also be subject to the rule.

What is this 3-1-1 liquid rule exactly?

The 3-1-1 Liquids Rule:

3 oz or 100ml bottle limit per liquid product

1 transparent quart-sized plastic bag. 

1 quart-sized plastic bag per passenger.


  • You can only carry less than or equal to 3 oz or 100ml of any liquid.
  • You can carry as many 3 oz or 100ml containers that you can fit in a clear quart-sized plastic bag. 
  • Each passenger can only have one quart-sized plastic bag with their carry-on baggage. 

That said, spreadable ingredients like chocolate ganache, peanut butter, jelly, jam and other gooey sweets can generally pass the airport security as long as they're concealed within other solid forms of candy, like in Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, chocolate candy bars, or chocolate-covered candies. 

Can You Put Candy In Your Carry-On Baggage?

Yes, you can put candy in carry-on baggage. But, as we've established above, there will be restrictions depending on the type of candy you want to bring. 

If you're bringing hard or solid candies, you can bring as much as you want.

But if you're bringing candies that fall into the "liquid candy" category, they will be subjected to the liquid rule, and you can only bring up to 3 oz or 100ml of them.

As long as you abide by the rules, you can bring candy through security in your carry-on.

Can You Put Candy In Your Checked-In Baggage?

Absolutely! You can put candies in your checked-in baggage.

You can also pack any type of candy; there are no restrictions or limits on carrying candies in your checked-in baggage.

The only risk for carrying candies this way is if the candy melts and makes a sticky mess inside your baggage, so make sure to pack them properly!

How Much Candy Can You Bring On A Plane?

As long as they're solid, you can put as much candy as the airline's weight and size baggage restriction permits - in both your carry-on and checked-in bags.

There's no limit on the quantity of candy you can put in your checked-in bags, no matter the type of candy. So, yes, you can bring as many gooey candies as you want as long as they're in your checked-in bags.

Only the liquid, gel-like, or spreadable are limited for the carry-on baggage. So, you can technically bring as much candy as you want as long as they're solid. 

If you're carrying liquid, gel-like, or spreadable types of sweets, you're limited to less than or equal to 3.4oz or 100ml. 

Can You Bring Gummy Bears In Your Carry-On?

Can You Bring Gummy Bears In Your Carry-On?

Gummies are a bit confusing. They're a bit gel-like, but they hold their shape.

So, does the liquid rule apply to them?

Fortunately for gummy candy lovers, the liquids rule doesn't apply to gummies!

Gummies are not hard candies, but they're considered solid, so you can bring gummy bears, gummy worms and all kinds of gummy candies with you on board. 

Can You Eat Candy On A Plane?

Definitely! You can eat as much candy as you want on board.

If you've successfully brought your candy on board, you're free to eat them.

No one will stop you from eating candies on your flight - except if you are eating Durian candy or anything smelly.


Final Words

In conclusion, if you're flying somewhere and you have a sweet tooth, you may be able to bring candy onto the plane.

But remember, airlines reserve the right to refuse any items deemed dangerous or disruptive to flight safety, even candies. 

Just follow the airline's rules, and you'll never have a candy emergency on your flight.

See you in another article!

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