Best Travel Pillows For Long Haul Flights 2017 – 2018

Product Name Features Price Point Rating Visit
Purely Travel Pillow Soft and Comfortable Materials – Quick to Deflate – Great Support for the Neck, Upper Back and Head – Easy to Store – Push to Inflate Button. Mid-Range
WENDSIM Pillow All around Support – Comfy Materials – Nicely Fitting – Long Lasting High End
J-Pillow Travel Pillow Malleable Materials – Easy to Carry – Machine Washable. Low End.

Travel Pillows

 Travelling long distance, either by train or by plane, could sometimes be a pain, especially when you wanted to sleep due to the long distance you were traveling. You could take a nap and that was all well and good, but because of the fact you had no real support for your neck meant waking up with it being stiff or sore. However, thanks to orthopaedic pillows, namely the neck or “Travel” pillow, being able to sleep long distances on transportation without waking up, and feeling like there was a vice on your neck, soon changed. This list covers, currently, the top three Travel Pillows available on the market today.


Purefly Travel Pillow Review – Our Number 1

Purefly Travel PillowThis product (CHECK PRICE!) from purefly was voted the best invention of 2014, and with the quality of the product, there is no doubt why it was obtained this award. The features it has are as followed.

  • Soft and comfortable materials so sleeping long distance even to places like Australia or Africa becomes a nicer experience. The material itself is comparable to an actual fabric pillow which was nice to find out.
  • Quick to deflate, it took about 5 seconds to deflate the pillow due to the quick release valve. It was handy little feature whenever I wanted or needed to make a quick departure from the plane or train I was on.
  • Great support for the for the neck and upper back. Thanks to the addition of the corners being extended it gave great support not only for my neck but for my upper back as well as my head. A definite plus for the Purefly Travel Pillow.Purefly Travel Pillow review
  • Easy to store. Once deflated thanks to the bag it came with as well as how well it deflated it was easy to put away into its bad and store in something like a travel bag or even just carrying it on its own.
  • It also has a push to inflate button on it. It takes a little while to inflate the product itself, but thanks to the quite clever push to inflate button it has, it makes things a little easier than other travel pillows.

The purely travel pillow it a top quality product and worthy of the praise it got back in 2014. Quick and easy to use as well as the easy on how to store it I would highly recommend it, and it is, in short, a product worth considering purchasing if not buying outright.


Features: Soft and Comfortable Materials – Quick to Deflate – Great Support for the Neck, Upper Back and Head – Easy to Store – Push to Inflate Button.

Pricing: Mid-Range



WENDSIM Pillow Review – Number 2

WENDSIM PillowThe WENDSIM name pillow is a multi-use travel pillow, acting not only as a travel but as a reading and office nap pillow when you need to take a quick nap at your desk during your break. This pillow comes with the following features.

  • All around support. Resting your head on any part of the pillow allows for full support, which is a very handy feature for this product since not everyone rests their heads in the same way, I tend to roll my head to try and get to the most comfortable position and could not find a point where my head was not completely supported.WENDSIM Pillow review
  • Comfy materials. It’s all well and good having something that can support you, but it is supposed to be a pillow as well, so the soft materials are a must. The WENDSIM, does not disappoint when it comes to the comfy nature of the materials it uses.
  • Fits nicely around your neck. A lot of travel pillows fall to one side, and do not give the needed support it is supposed to give, still leaving you with a sore neck. However, due to how nicely this pillow fits around your neck it does not fail when it comes to the needed support it is supposed to give.
  • Long lasting. The product has stood the test of time. The support and comfy nature of the pillow does not wear of over time, and lasts longer than other travel pillows on the market, giving it more value for what you are paying for.

Even though a little more expensive than other products out there, the long-lasting nature as well as the level of all around neck support it gives makes it worth paying those few extra pounds. Worth buying if you are a frequent traveler.


Features: All around Support – Comfy Materials – Nicely Fitting – Long Lasting

Pricing: High End



J-Pillow Travel Pillow Review – Number 3

J-pillow, Travel PillowThe J-Pillow is a great pillow for whilst you are sleeping in an elevated position such as sitting up. The features it has are as followed.

  • Malleable materials. With the ability to reshape and bend without the risk of breaking, in my experience, the J-Pillow can shape itself to you personally, so it can give you comfort as well as additional support.
  • Easy to carry. Thanks to the snap loop it has, whilst I was not using it, I just need to attach it to my suitcase, and it was not a problem after that. It was it easy to get on and off my luggage as well.
  • Machine washable. This little feature was most appreciated, since I have naturally oily hair, so being able to simply pop it into the washing machine and not need to go through the hassle or hand washing or even dry cleaning the thing was a great help.J-pillow, Travel Pillow review

One of the cheaper travel pillows on the market, but it is still a great quality travel pillow. However, thanks to the current headrests on planes, it can be tricky to use fully, especially since I’m not particularly tall. However, once I had got settled I had a great sleep on it and did not wake up with a stiff neck like I normally do. Would highly recommend, worth considering if not purchasing outright.


 Features: Malleable Materials – Easy to Carry – Machine Washable.

Pricing: Low End.




The travel pillow I would suggest out of the three of them is the purely travel pillow. All three of them are high quality pillows, and you would not go wrong with any of them. However, thanks to it being just as comfortable as either of the other two, plus granting that little extra support, alongside being easier to store than the other two, the purely travel pillow takes it above the WENDSIM Pillow and the J-Pillow Travel Pillow. It also does not hurt that it is not the most expensive out of the three of them either.