Best Time To Visit Slovenia – When Should You Go?

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Slovenia might just be a secret gem of Europe. After being hidden for such a long time, it is quickly emerging as a holiday hotspot! It has many opportunities for outdoor adventure and cultural excursions. Read on to find out the best time of year to travel to Slovenia for unique experiences.


During the months of December to March, completely blanketed in snow, Slovenia becomes a skier’s paradise. While many of Slovenia’s attractions close for the winter season; the doors to tons of wonderful ski resorts open. These quaint and authentic ski resorts give even Europe’s most luxurious, and expensive, resorts a race down the slopes for their money!

Even if you are not a skier there is still opportunity for sledding, snowshoeing or ice skating as the daytime temperatures frequently go to freezing and the ground is covered in snow.

Slovenia’s caves are also not to be missed as even in the winter they keep a constant interior temperature. These magnificent underground worlds feature highly unusual rock formations, stalagmites, strange animals, and intriguing underground halls. The caves are open to the public all year round so a trip to Slovenia in winter means you won’t miss out on this spectacular experience.

Most importantly are the traditional Slovenian Christmas markets. Set in the fairytale city of Ljubljana, the Christmas village is a highlight of the festive season with a permanent nativity scene and a twinkling light display along the promenade.


From the months of June to August, Slovenia sees most of its tourists. The

city of Ljubljana truly comes to life with holiday makers swimming in the Lake Bled, adventuring amongst the waterfalls, or rafting along the emerald Soca River. The entire Soca Valley is perfect for extreme sports, such as ziplining and canyoning.

On the other hand, the hotels fill up fast during the summer season so booking well in advance is recommended. There are also occasional thunderstorms due to the increased humidity. However, the northern alpine region remains cooler, creating a scenic escape from the heat.

The temperature is Slovenia at this time of year averages at about 20 degrees celcius, with an average rainfall of 1400mm in central Slovenia.


While it is not yet warm enough to swim, and not cold enough to ski, Slovenia in the spring time is tranquil. This time of year is considered the off peak season and is perfect for avoiding the large crowds of tourists.

Early spring in Slovenia can be particularly rainy, however by May the weather is mild and ideal for outdoor activities. Activities, such as white-water rafting, are especially popular this time of year due to the snowmelt. You can even find peace on the hiking and biking trails as you journey through the majestic green vales, flowers in bloom, and alive with growth.

You can even catch attractions such as the caves beneath the Predjama Castle before the prices rise for the summer season.


Perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing time to visit Slovenia as the fall colours truly rival that of any other. Slovenia is densely covered in forests, the  crisp autumn air bringing a change in colour from the bright green to hues of orange, red, yellow, and purple.

Average prices of attractions start to go down in the fall as the hordes of tourists begin to lessen, so make sure you go and see the medieval castles without having to wait in all the queues. Early autumn is also the best time to go hiking in places such as the Triglav National Park, which is one of the most popular attractions in Slovenia.

You could even catch the Cow’s Ball; a quirky festival which marks the return of Slovenia’s cattle to the alpine Bohini valley. The cows are decorated and accompanied by cheese makers, milkmaids, and then paraded around the lake. During this unusual festival you can even shop for traditional cheeses and rural souvenirs, or even have a go at folk dancing, sling shooting, and log sawing!


Despite there being so much to do on a trip to Slovenia, the best time of year really depends on what activities you want to do and your weather preferences. Clearly if you are a skier you will want to hit up the slopes in the dead of winter when there is a great layer of snow.

However, to beat the crowds you need to travel there any time from April to October where many of the mountains passes are closed. On the other hand, Lake Bled tops most people’s list of must-see attractions, conveniently this is open all year. With Slovenia’s diverse climates and large amount of attractions you will enjoy your trip no matter how hot or cold,



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