Best Time To Visit Lake Garda – When In The Year Should You Go?

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It would be hard to imagine a view more idyllic and tranquil than the Lake Garda, Italy’s largest Lake measuring approximately 910 square miles. This tourist hotspot has something to offer every one of its visitors. It has great diversity, with stunning landscapes, historic towns, and even action-packed activities for those adrenaline seekers amongst us.


The peak season in Lake Garda occurs during the months of July and August, when the majority of Europe’s schoolchildren are on their summer holidays. The climate during these months is at its warmest, due to it being the Italian summer, with a constant temperature of above 30 degrees Celsius.

The lake also remains at a lovely 25 degrees Celsius which is great for simply taking a dip to refresh yourself. With only around five rainy days per month this makes it the ideal time to kick back, relax, and perfect your tan on the beach.

Off Season

For those of you that want to stay away from the mass tourism and crowds of people lying on the sand, then the spring time is the best time. May, June, and September are considered the off season in Lake Garda, they remain pleasantly warm with temperatures of 25-30 degrees Celsius, while the lake ranges from 16-26 degrees in these months.

So if a peaceful roam around the lake and all its charismatic, surrounding towns was what you bargained for then you will definitely want to consider Lake Garda in the off season.

Below is an average of the climate for the rest of the off months of the year:

  • October: 21°C, 5hrs of sunshine, 13°C water temperature, 3 rainy days
  • November: 15°C, 4hrs of sunshine, 11°C water temperature, 5 rainy days
  • March: 16°C, 6hrs of sunshine, 10°C water temperature, 5 rainy days
  • April: 20°C, 7hrs of sunshine, 13°C water temperature, 6 rainy days


However, if you have a disinterest in sitting by the beach and instead would prefer to experience all the amazing culture Lake Garda has to offer then you may want to head over there in the summer time for the beginning of the authentic Italian festivals!

These include the Film Festival del Garda, which showcases the work of new and upcoming artists. Or perhaps the Night of Enchantment Desenzano; where in the last few weeks of the summer the sky turns into a shining sea with classical performances of theatre, dance, and music.

The entire spectacle takes place amongst glowing lanterns and sparkling boats, this enchanting festival is not to be missed.

Thrill Seekers

Lake Garda is not only a place of relaxation, stunning views, and gorgeous weather. It also serves as a place of adventure! Due to the surrounding Alps and foothills, it is popular with hikers, cyclists, sailors, divers, and wind-surfers. The ‘Ora’ and ‘Peler’ winds create perfect surfing conditions north of the lake.

The milder temperatures of the autumn season mean that at high altitudes the air is cool and clear, allowing one of the most spectacular views from the surrounding mountains. The outdoor activities really take off in the summer so July to September are the optimal times to go for thrill-seekers.


Mum wants to relax on the beach, dad wants to explore the towns, and the kids want to see some action, sound familiar? Well Lake Garda in the summertime has all of this to offer.

The popular town of Sirmione has warm waters, recreational facilities, and an abundance of environmental beauty. It is idyllic with its roman ruins, orchards, and quaint car-free streets.

Its surroundings can be explored by boat, and it also features the famed Jamaica Beach where you can pick up a margherita coffee. The theme park Gardaland is also open every day from April to September and is the 8th most popular amusement park in Europe. So, start sipping on that margherita coffee because everyone is guaranteed a great time.


Bardalino is the lovers’ paradise. It is picturesque any time of year but is definitely worth a visit in the spring time when the carnival of ‘Bacchus and Ariache’ comes to town. There are beautiful morainic hills covered with olive groves and vineyards. You can even enjoy a romantic dinner over the lake shore.


Lake Garda definitely has many more outdoor activities during the peak season in the summer and the temperature of the lake is best for swimming in. Most of Italy’s festivals also take place during the summer. On the other hand, the spring season is still a divine temperature without having to face all of the overcrowded beaches.




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