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Top Three Luggage Sets

I can’t wait for my next holiday. I am itching to get away. I can picture the nice sandy beaches as I sit here tapping away at my desk. Sipping a nice cocktail, kids are in the pool, husbands at the bar…Aah finally, peace. My blissfulness is short lived. My mind switches to the dreaded nightmare of packing.

We all know how stressful packing can be, especially as a mum. Last year the wheels broke on my favourite suitcase so it was time to endure the gruelling task of getting a new one! With so many brands and products out there, and the constant advancing of the new trends and technologies, its impossible to know what to go for!

For me, I was looking for three main things, lightweight, durable and matching set of 3. Lightweight because between the amount of stuff we pack as a family of 4, we do not need the extra weight of a heavy-duty, weighty suitcase. Durable because I know what these cases go through in the haul! Never mind the kids sitting on them waiting in the airport. Finally a set of 3 firstly for my personal love of all things matching and co-ordinating, and so that our cases are easy to spot when they come out of the  baggage reclaim, and of course so my little family are always travelling in style and unison!

So, let’s take a look at these luggage lets and see how they fair against each other!

AmazonBasics Hardside Luggage – Our Number 1

This hard side spinner set was an exciting find. Amazon is a site we all know and trust so well, and I was new to their own brand of products, but willing to give it a try. It really fit in with what I was looking for for my family this summer. With three different sizes and a durable, hard, scratch resistant finish, I could tell that this set of cases would withstand the stress of my family holiday.

I loved the bright blue finish, it really stood out from the crowd so we could spot our kids wandering off, and no chance of confusing cases on the reclaim belt. The protective hard shell is made from extra thick ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) which is the latest in lightweight technology. Its super resistant, scratch proof and has no melting point, so really, its indestructible!

The fully lined and dividable interior made from 150D  polyester is perfect for organising our cases into each persons own little compartment, and also to secure our belongings in place. There are 3 different zippered pockets for the best satisfaction when it comes to being neat and tidy, so you can keep your valuables, jewellery, or any other little bits safe and separate. The suitcase is also expandable by up to 15%, so you don’t have to worry about doing a bit of shopping or bringing back souvenirs!

What I love about this set of suitcases is how strong and durable it feels. The zippers are so strong and solid, with loops so you can lock them for extra security.

The handle is soft-grip and telescopic, for ultimate comfort and ease when travelling. And it’s also securely mounted so feels very sturdy and strong when I use it.

The four double spinner wheels are amazing. They glide so smoothly and feel really strong. We wheeled them from the house, down the gravel path or our house, the tarmac or the carpark, and the cobbles of the sunny streets, and all three suitcases tackled them with ease.

  • Protective hard shell – scratch resistant finish and super strong and durable
  • Fully lined interior – with 3 zippered pockets for easy organising
  • Expandable – up to 15% for that little extra bit of room
  • Strong zippers – for security and they are also lockable
  • Telescopic handle – for easy transporting and comfort
  • 4 double spinner wheels – glides really smoothly and lets you run, or stroll at any speed and can keep up
  • Small – 56cm (regulation carry on size) Medium – 69cm Large – 79cm

Overall I would say that this is an excellent little set of cases. It really suited what I needed. Me and my husband shared the larger suitcases and my two kids shared two smaller suitcases which was absolutely perfect for our 2 week getaway and we had the carry on sized suitcase which we could hold everything we need. Its super durable and It lasted very well against the rough and tumble of family life. I would recommend this case to any traveler that wants to make the holiday a little bit easier. Very good value for money for three excellent suitcases and I feel it was worth every penny.


Features: – Hard durable shell – Fully lined interior – Expandable – 4 double spinner wheels – Set has 3 perfect sizes

Price: Low-Mid range



Merax Set of 3 Light Weight Hardshell – Number 2

When I found these gorgeous golden sets of suitcases I was so excited about the price. Unbeatable value for money, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I love the gold coloured metallic finish. On this particular trip I was only going to be using the carry-on size case. It was just a weekend away with my girlfriends so didn’t need to haul my entire wardrobe with me, (although I could have with the bigger one in the collection).

I was a little bit skeptical about how low the price was but having looked at everything I decided to go for it. It had the four wheels I was looking for, the hard shell case and obviously a very nice style.

The whole set actually comes in a 55cm, 65cm and 75cm sizes which is really good for all of your needs from carry on to actually hold luggage, so no matter if you like to travel light, or be prepared for every occasion, this set it for you. 

The embossed golden print is really beautiful and will be effective in hiding any scratches or scuffs that are inevitable from your journey. I love to travel in style and having a three piece it’s very important for me. And I can spot my kids when they’re trying to run away! 

The excellent four spinning wheels all very smooth and run without a bump. Although, for me they’re still functioning excellently, I feel that these wheels aren’t quite as strong as they could be. The three-level telescoping handle allows you to adjust the height to where you wanted it and provide you with effortless and easy movement. 

The cases are super light and extremely durable. Weighing in at only 2. 6 kg, 3.2kg and 4.2kg These are some of the lightest cases I have seen so far. 

There is a built in three digit combination lock so you can make sure all your valuables very secure and safe so you can travel in peace. 

Now onto the interior. It is fully lined complete with multi use pockets. The two sides of it zip into different compartments  and there are various zipper pockets to organise and tidy everything you’d have in your suitcase. Perfect for if when you need to organise things and keep things secure.

This case is made from the latest in luggage technology ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). It’s super resistant scratch proof and has no melting point so you can actually put the suitcase through anything. 

I really love this little set of trendy suitcases and I’m really excited to use the rest of them when I go on my next big holiday!  

  • Light weight and durable – for easy transport and no extra weight
  • 4 spinner wheels – for ease in manoeuvring and getting around
  • 3 level telescoping handles – for the ultimate comfort and effortless movement
  • Embossed hard shell – beautiful design and damage hardly shows
  • 3 digit safety lock included – to keep your belongings safe and give you peace of mind when you travel
  • Lined interior with multi-use organisational pockets
  • Dimensions – Height – 55cm Width – 37cm Depth 20cm Weight  -2.6kg Capacity – 33L

Height – 56cm Width – 44cm Depth 26cm Weight – 3.2kg Capacity – 61L

Height – 75cm Width – 50cm Depth 29cm Weight – 4.2kg Capacity – 95L

To sum things up these cases for me were perfect. The price was excellent and they functioned perfectly. I could barely notice the difference between this product and it’s much more expensive competitor. Again the colour and style were perfect for me. And I know I’m going to be getting amazing use out of these cases.


Features: Light weight and durable – 4 spinner wheels – Safety lock included – Fully lined interior
Price: Low range/ Budget



Aerolite Lightweight – Number 3

I stumbled upon these Aerolite suitcases while I was looking for a suitcase for my husband. He travels a lot with work and I wanted to find something lightweight durable but also smart enough to be appropriate for a businessman. I was drawn in by the very smart look and style of the suitcases in charcoal colour. 

With an excellently affordable price, I thought what have I got to lose?!

The lightweight hard shell is perfect for any traveler. No extra weight to carry around with you and I know it will withstand many trips, despite the sometimes heavy handed handling.

The interior features many compartments so you can organise and keep everything you have secured. The two halves are separate and one side has  packing straps for additional security. The little mesh zipper pocket is excellent for storing valuables such as your passport or money. My husband often has to travel with various documents so this feature was perfect for him. 

The four spinning wheels are perfect for easy transportation. They are strong and run very smoothly with barely a bump. They seem to withstand various terrains such as the gravel driveway and the smooth tarmac. 

I love sharp design of these cases. They’re made from ABS which is the latest in luggage technology. Super lightweight and super durable you really can’t go wrong. 

It also comes with a three digit combination padlock for additional security so you can fly with peace of mind plus a five year guarantee So you know that you’re in safe hands here.

    • Lightweight and durable – Easy to carry with no extra weight and will withstand the hardest of journeys
    • Comes with 3 digit combination lock – easy to use and provides you with an extra measure of security
    • Excellent interior compartments – easy organisation and keeps your belongings safe and secure
    • 4 spinning wheels – for easy transportation
    • 5 year guarantee – you’re covered for 5 years for any faults with the product
    • Dimensions – Height – 55cm – Width – 35cm – Depth – 20cm Weight – 2.5kg Capacity – 33L

  Height – 69cm – Width – 48cm – Depth – 27cm Weight – 3.85kg Capacity – 84L

   Height – 79cm – Width – 50cm – Depth – 31cm Weight – 4.58kg Capacity – 131L

This was an excellent set of cases. In terms of the price it is really excellent value for money. The capacity on the larger case is huge, which for me is a great thing because I love to go shopping and bring back loads of souvenirs. The five year guarantee is amazing, it means you know that this product is going to do well and if not the company have got you covered. My husband and I were incredibly impressed with the suitcases and they will be in regular use in the future. I assure you, you will not regret this buy.


Features: Lightweight and durable – Combination lock included – Zip compartments – 4 multiway spinning wheels – 5 year guarantee

Price: Low range/budget




For me my absolute favourite is going to have to be the Merax set of three in gold. I absolutely adored the gorgeous colour and pattern. They were very strong and durable set of cases and given the price I felt that that was no compromise on quality. The Aerolite suitcases were also amazing given the price but on personal preference I wouldn’t go with the black. We don’t want to have any confusion at baggage reclaim! All of these luggage sets are excellent value for money but I don’t feel that much difference between the lower-priced and the middle priced cases. I’m so pleased with my purchase and will be looking out for Merax luggage again in the future. 



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